10 Signs Of A Valid American Express Card

However, American Express is best known for its travel cards, such as The Platinum Card® from American Express, and premium “experiential” offerings like concierge service, but it also offers cards with non-travel benefits and lower annual fees.

Excellent customer service and numerous travel cards make Amex one of the most popular credit card companies in the world.

Some of the security features on American Express cards set them apart from other credit cards. In this post, I’ll go over these features and explain how to tell if they’re legit.

Everything About American Express Card Number and Features

10 Signs Of A Valid American Express Card

If you have an American Express card, you’ll see the security features listed below on most of them, but not all. In addition, the format of the American Express card number will not change. The following are the signs that an AmEx card is legitimate.

What Number Does American Express Start With? (Amex Card)

All American Express card account numbers are embossed and begin with the letters “37” or “34.” This rule applies to all American Express credit and debit cards. In contrast, Visa card numbers begin with “4”, MasterCard card numbers begin with “5”, and Discover card numbers begin with “6.”

What Is AmEx Card Identification Number?

For American Express cards, the Card Identification Number (CID) is the security code that replaces the CVV2 on Visa and the CVC2 on MasterCard, as well as Discover’s CID. When compared to other credit card companies, AmEx’s CID is four digits long and is printed on the card’s face above the embossed card number on either the right or left side, rather than on the back, either in or immediately to the right of the signature panel.

What Is AmEx Card Identification Number?

Where Is Card Holder Name Located On Credit Card?

The name of the cardholder is printed in the lower-left corner of American Express cards, just as it is on cards issued by rival payment networks.

What Is The American Express Card Number Length? (Digits On AmEx Card)

“3XXX XXXXXX XXXXX” is the AmEx account number formatted as a 15-digit number that is embossed and arranged in three blocks of 4, 6, and 5 digits. Additionally, only AmEx offers this level of security. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, on the other hand, all have 16-digit numbers with four groups of four digits between each group of numbers.

With the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) entrusted with allocating IINs to the card networks, AmEx’s number format is in accordance with these rules. The first six digits of the card number are always used as the IIN for all networks, as shown in the image to the right.

Where is the AmEx account opening date located?

Immediately above and to the right of the expiration date is an embossed date that says “Member Since.” The “Member Since” date is located to the left of the expiration date on the Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards.

Where Is The Security Code On An American Express Platinum Card?

The security code for American Express credit cards is four digits in length. Your card account number is located on the front of your card, usually to the upper right of the card number.

What Does The AmEx Card Number Look Like If Printed Within The MagStripe?

Account numbers are also printed in signature fields on most AmEx cards and must match the embossed number on the card’s front and the transaction receipt, making this a unique feature as well. The competitors, on the other hand, only include the last four digits of their card numbers in the signature area.

Where Is The Signature Stripe Located?

When using a credit or debit card with a magnetic stripe, the signature field is located directly below the stripe. Underneath it is the words “Cardmember Signature.”

Please note that not all of the aforementioned security features are visible on all AmEx cards. American Express Blue cards, for example, do not feature the Centurion logo, and there may be other missing features. Security features must, however, meet the above requirements.

How To Find American Express Account Number and Routing Number?

How To Find American Express Account Number and Routing Number

By logging into your Savings account and selecting the “Show Account Numbers” button on the account summary page for all of your accounts, or by clicking on the “Show” button that appears next to the last four digits of your account number on the individual account detail pages, you can view your full account number in full.

The routing number for your Savings account at American Express National Bank is 124085066. A transaction that uses a different routing number may be delayed or rejected depending on the circumstances.

Please keep in mind that when you use your bank account and routing number to receive electronic deposits, the deposits must be for personal use only and cannot be used for business or commercial activities.

Wrap Up

As you can see, AmEx cards are clearly distinguishable from those of the other major credit card companies. In addition, you can check the validity of each card with the help of their security features. If you’re paying attention, that is.

While you are waiting for the authorization to go through, you should thoroughly inspect each card that is presented. Keep an eye out for any fuzziness in the alphanumeric digits, which could indicate that the card has been tampered with.

The same goes for cards that don’t have phosphorescent Centurions or hologram images that change as your gaze moves over them. Yes, the signature must be identical to what is found on a customer’s receipt.

Any external account linked to your Savings account must also be a personal account with the same ownership as your Savings account in order for them to be linked (business accounts are not eligible to be linked). If a Savings account is being used for business or commercial purposes, we may close it without prior notification.

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