$3.50 Sub Of The Day – Subway Deal 2021

$3.50 sub of the day deals is back on the Subway restaurant. You can get different subs on all 7 days of the week. As you already know Subway offers various deals such as a $3.50 sub which is only 6 inches long.

You can get a Footlong deal as well. Currently, there is Buy one and get Another at 50 % can be redeemed with Coupon Code: BOGO50.

$3.50 Subway Sub

Below is the list of the days with a $3.50 meal of the day offer from Subway. Check out our previous page as well for detailed information on foot-long subway offers.

Saturday – Black Forest Ham

Sunday – Meatball Marinara

Monday – Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

Tuesday – Oven-Roasted Chicken

Wednesday – Turkey Breast

Thursday – Italian BMT

Friday – Tuna

3.50 Sub Of The Day
Pic Courtesy: Subway

$5 Footlong Subway

When Subway started selling $5 footlong into its restaurant it business really started to boom after that. Customers were able to purchase a $9-$10 footlong at a discounted price of $5. This offer though was recently blocked because of a coronavirus pandemic. It was available for few years though but they have started it again after the restaurant started to operate and have a dine-in.

Meanwhile they offered during COVID times buy two footlongs at $10. So, basically any footlong was getting priced at $5. And this offer was only there for online and mobile app orders.

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