5 Best Keyword Research Tool To Grow Your Traffic

Keyword research is a really important task if you are planning to start a blog or post quality content on your blog. It’s always advisable to do keyword research before you go on and put any type of content over the internet.

So in today’s guide, I will be sharing the 5 best Keyword research Tool you can use to grow your website or social media pages or your YouTube Channel. So let’s dig into it.


1. Semrush – Free for 14 Days Trial Full Access

The first one from the list of the 5 best keyword research tools is Semrush. Semrush is a very useful and powerful tool that gives you great insights into the keyword you are looking for.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool
Keyword Volume

Suppose you are looking to Keto Diet on Semrush then you can see a dashboard with various data such as the volume of a keyword, keyword difficulty, Average cost advertiser pay for that keyword.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool
Global Volume

Then you will see the total global volume of that keyword in our case it’s 2.8 million searches per month with the top 5 countries which are searching for it the most. So you see that the keto diet is searched most in the US.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool
The trend of the Keyword

Then you will see the trend of the keyword over time. So it’s very good if you are writing on the topic which is always or most of the time is on-trend. It should not be a sudden trend that vanishes within a few days or months.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool
Keyword Variation

The second tab in the dashboard displays the keyword variations of the term keto diet which we used in our example and you can see there is 108,890 variation with the volume of search for those keywords.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool
Keyword Questions

Besides that, you will get the questions related to that topic or keywords which people are looking for an answer to over the internet with the volume. And hence its really to good to target the long tail question keywords most of the time as because of low competition.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool
Related Keyword

And after that, you will see the related keywords for the keto diet which we entered so there are total of 10,849 keywords with volume which you can target. So total related keywords volume 3.7 million which you can target to get the traffic to your website or channel wherever you want.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool
SERP Analysis

And in the last, you can see the SERP data for the keyword keto diet. This basically means that what are the top 10 websites ranking on Google for the keyword keto diet. Get the free course on Keyword research from Semrush for Free.


So if you look into Semrush for keyword research tools it’s really useful. And it’s great to get the paid version of the Semrush which will provide you with too many features with more in-depth analysis on the keyword you are looking for.

So, in my opinion, this is the currently best keyword research tool you can find over the internet. So you can sign up for the 14 days trial here and if you found it useful then you can go ahead with the paid version or simply leave look for below tools.

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2. KWFinder – 10 Days Free Trial for Complete Features

Second, the best keyword exploring tool on this list is KWFinder. It’s really a very good and comprehensive tool for finding the perfect keyword for your blog to explore and use in your blog or YouTube channel.

KWFinder lets you search for keywords independently and also if you want to explore any domain that is the website to see for what keywords are they ranking and if you can rank for those keywords or not.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool
Find by Keyword or By Domain

KWFinder provides the same fashioned keyword analysis and details like how hard it is to rank for the particular keyword, number of backlinks required to get ranked for those keywords.

And it’s very useful to go behind low competition keywords. Being a beginner you should always target more easy keywords.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool

As you can see in the above image for keyword search of SEO we got a bunch of SEO-related keywords and in that affordable SEO Services are marked at 29 and in the difficulty section, you can see that it’s still easy.

So relatively it’s easier for this keyword to rank and hence having a post or article on that topic can lead you to the top page of Google Search.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool

The best feature of KWFinder which I liked most was the search volume with historical data. So, in this graph, you can see the search volume over time and should really target these keywords or not.

In our above example, we can see that a particular keyword has a search volume of 1300 and it’s consistent over months with an average of the same volume.

Start finding your keyword by entering the keyword in the above keyword finder tool now to see the result. It’s really easy to use and if you liked the Trial period of this tool you can go for the paid version.

As currently, they are running an offer of 40% off i.e you will get 5 months of free access if you buy annual plans.

3. Ahref Keyword Explorer – 7 Day Trial with $7

Ahref Keyword explorer is not free you need to pay $7 for 7 days trial period. But Ahrefs search data is very accurate and it gives a lot of features to filter the keywords upon performing the search for the particular keywords.

So let’s understand this with example and today we will be searching for the keyword iPhone in the tool.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool

You can see the list of related keywords with keyword difficulty, volume for the keywords, a number of clicks performed on a search engine for those keywords, current CPC people are paying to rank for that keyword.

And once you will click on the SERP then you can see the top 10 results appearing for that keyword on Google.

Now if you want to filter the generic iPhone and want to dig deeper to find a superfine niche then we will be looking for a keyword difficulty level of less than 10 and a monthly search volume of more than 1000.

Then we can see that there are a large number of such keywords that appear that can be targeted by a new blogger.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool
Brilliant Filter Features

You can also analyze the competitors by clicking on the SERP of that particular keyword which will list not only the top 10 websites appearing for that search on Google but also their Alexa Rank and backlinks.

Alex Rank and the number of backlinks give you a basic idea if you are new will you able to rank for that keyword or not. You can also see the SEO metrics for the keyword which you have searched for.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool

4. UberSuggest – 10 Days Free Trial for Full Features

Next in this race of the top 5 keyword research tools is UberSuggest. This tool is developed by very popular digital marketer Neil Patel.

Again in UberSuggest also you can enter either keyword or domain name to analyze the keywords with their volume and difficulty level. Let’s take an example keyword as cat food keyword and search it in the keyword explorer.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool

First, you will get the Keyword Overview of the keyword you have entered like its search volume, SEO difficulty, PAID difficulty and how much it’s gonna cost you for add of that particular keyword. So in our case, the cat food keyword has a search volume of 60,500 per month in the US only.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool

Next, you will see the graph of volume divided in terms of mobile and desktop searches volume over time. And you can see that mobile searches are more than desktop searches. Hence your website should always be mobile optimized to load faster than others.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool

After that, you will see the keyword ideas related to cat food which we entered and if this keyword is really hard for you to get ranked on Google then you can search for SD lower than 20 which will be in green colour. For those keyword chances of getting ranked on Google Search becomes higher.

As you already saw UberSuggest also provides various information related to keywords to explore a website or SERP results all you need to do is you it very carefully during the trial period.

You can also use UberSuggest after the expiration of the Trial period but it will be limited to some top 10 results and ideas for anything you want.

5. Google Keyword Planner – Free Completely

The last in this section of the Top 5 best keyword research tools is Google Keyword Planner. It is a completely free tool provided by Google to research your keyword competition and plan which keyword you want to target for Google Ads.

This tool is basically provided by Google Ads to target the keyword for the search result with ads.

Once you will enter the keyword in Google Keyword Planner it will provided the search volume globally and other related keywords within range volume of that particular keyword. As you can see Google will not provide you with exact numbers of searches or clicks.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool

But you will see whether the competition for that keyword is high or medium or low. So basically keyword competition marked low can be easily ranked on Google or if you want to run ads on Google targeting those keywords you will have to spend very less amount.

5 Best Keyword Research Tool

Also, Google Keywords does not provide any extra features as of those keyword research tools mentioned above. Hence you can use this as just an information purpose and a little exploration of keywords can be helpful.

The Best feature which is provided by Google is the Keyword Idea and Keyword Idea suggestions. This is much better to explore are various keywords around your niche or keywords which you should target.

That’s it for the Top 5 Keyword Research Tool you can use today to grow your traffic or if you are planning to start a blog or YouTube Channel and want to explore keyword ideas first. If you liked my post please follow us on social media by liking our Facebook Page, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram. And it will be great if you subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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