Amazon Prime Discount Get Now at 50% OFF

Amazon Prime is Premium Membership provided by Amazon for faster and free delivery. So in this post, I will tell you about Amazon Prime Discount and how you can get 50% off on New account Prime Membership. Also, with Prime Membership you will get a lot of other benefits such as PrimeVideo access and Amazon Music access.

Let get straight to the point if you know what is Amazon Prime Membership and you want the discounted offer just click on the below banner or Click Here to Register or buy the membership. It’s Always better and cheaper options to get Yearly version than the monthly version on Amazon Prime.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Membership is a premium membership provided by Amazon. The major services or offers which comes after being a Prime member are Free Premium Fast Delivery on any product bought at website. As these delivery are generally ranges from $6-8 per delivery.

Whereas with this offer you will get Prime Membership just at $5.99/month. Hence, if you made two orders on Amazon then you already counted out the offer price. And every other service will be free if we think in that manner. So, it’s always beneficial as we all need something today or tomorrow from Amazon to buy.

Another offer provided is that you get to access for free. Let talk in details what is and what benefits will it follow below.

What is PrimeVideo by Amazon?

PrimeVideo is online Streaming service provided by Amazon same as Netflix but at the much lower price point. So if you buy the Prime Membership you have access of thousands of movies, shows for Free to stream directly on your TV, Mobile and Tablets.

Also, Amazon produces its original contents on Primevideo which is very amazing which are generally shows and movies. The interface looks something like this as in below image it is shown.

Amazon Prime Discount
Primevideo Home Page

As you can see there are various options such as TV Shows, Movies and Kids. So there are a variety of options to pass time and watch quality content in 4K or HD. You can also watch the new movies released recently on OTT platform. It also provides an option to look in foreign content such as Bollywood and Korea movies.

Hence Prime Membership really paid offs the price which you pay which is very less if compared to Netflix or HBO if compared. Another very good product premium service you will get is Amazon Music. So let talk about what is Amazon Music.

What is Amazon Music?

Amazon Music is an online music streaming service which offers both free service but limited availability and premium service which comes with Prime Membership. In this, you will get access to all the quality songs through the online stream without any ads.

There is also another service provided by Amazon which is Amazon Music Unlimited in which they provide a greater library of music stream on monthly prices. If you want just to stream music and do not want any other Amazon Service then click here to buy the Amazon Music Subscription also at 50% off.

Amazon Music Page

Above is the homepage of Amazon music service. So you can see there are various options as albums, songs, genres etc. Hence there is unlimited opportunity to stream music online. Also, the Price for Unlimited Amazon Music is very reasonable as compared to Spotify or Apple music.

So these are the Major benefits of Joining Amazon Prime Membership in the US. And as an avid user and already being Prime member for almost a year. I would heavily suggest being the Prime Member of Amazon as it cost pennies and provides awesome services and support on the tip.

Don’t think much just go ahead and register for new Prime Membership and let us know your thoughts on this in comments sections. Also, let us know if you liked the 50% off deal. Please like our Facebook Page, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram. And subscribe to our YouTube channel and Pinterest page.

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