Apex Hosting: Best Minecraft Hosting Ever 2021

I was looking to host Minecraft on server which provides better speed and at a reasonable price. I found Apex Hosting to be providing great service and hosting with great selection of server location available to speed up the Minecraft hosting without providing any hiccups.

Let’s get into detailed review for Apex Hosting and see what feature do it provides in there subscriptions availability.

Features provided by Apex Hosting

1. One-Click Modpacks

Apex Hosting allows you one-click modpacks to install and play best modpacks only with one click button. Also allows you to change the Minecraft version multiple times. I think very effective feature provided.

2. DDoS Protection

Anytime there can be attached on your Minecraft Server which can put your server down because of extra load using bots. Hence, Apex Hosting by default provides DDoS Protection to each hosting subscriptions which will detect and prevent the DDoS attacks done by Bots. Hence keeping your server on 24/7.

3. Instant Setup

Once you have purchased the hosting. It automatically setups the server and all you need to do is provide the username and password to start your server and start playing you game. And you can start building in seconds.

4. Ultra-Low Latency

Apex Hosting provides ultra-low latency. Which means that they have a lot of datacenters all over the world. Hence they will provide you with the best and closest datacenter while setup. And you can select your closest data centre to get started with almost no latency.

I haven’t any noticed latency while playing Minecraft. Hence I would like to provide good numbers to them for giving such great options related to data centres.

5. Free Subdomain

Once you subscribe to Apex Hosting. You will get Free Subdomain to select free of cost. Hence you can choose whatever best domain name you have thought of for hosting Minecraft. My suggestions are always using the sort domain name as it is quite easy to remember and hence you can get more traffic because of the small domain name. Note here small domain name means domain name length should be less probably less than 15 words.

6. Powerful Panel

Apex Hosting provided very powerful Panel to control your game server with simplicity and easy to understand. They have a custom web-based multicraft 2.0 panel which you can access from anywhere either from mobile or desktop. While using I found that it’s very easy to use and they have lots of video guide to guide you through the process easier to understand things.

7. Automated Backup

Apex Hosting provides automated backup for all the serves on all the subscriptions based service provided. The Backups are basically daily hence ensuring that no data is lost because of bad configuration or because of any malware attack. I have used this and It has really awesome backup setup which happens automatically. Though till now I haven’t found any major glitch or loss of data till now.

8. 24/7 Servers & Support

Apex hosting has the best customer service team in the industry featuring 24/7 live chat assistance from experienced server administrators for your always online server. Whenever I contacted the team I got an immediate response. So basically they have a really good support team to help in any kind of query or problem we come up with. Also, the resolution provided is prompt and within a few minutes. So there is the very less waiting time.

When I first decided to purchase a dedicated server, I will admit that with the number of options available the task seemed daunting. Apex hosting popped up and through that partnership, I got my server for 25% off. I figured that such a deal was not something I could afford to pass up, especially if I decided that having a server was as nice as I thought it would be. It is, and Apex makes it easy to edit my server in numerous ways through easy to use FTP and other services.

I’ve changed the modpack a lot, and something that would usually take anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour was done within five minutes, perfectly. The server’s always up and it never has lag issues, and I’d recommend Apex to anyone I know for those same reasons.

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