Articoolo Review: Does it Solves the Problem?

Are you looking for a place where you can get the article written for a subject automatically within seconds? Articoolo is the place where you go for that matter.

Today we are going to check the product and services provided by Articoolo to generate an article on any topic. Let us do the Articoolo review completely to understand more about its product and services.

We tried using the Articoolo service for a week. And in our testing, we found that Articoolo does provide a great number of unique articles for any subject to put as input into.

But it is always good to try it for yourself and if you haven’t registered there enjoy the unique offer we have for you.

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What is Articoolo?

Articoolo is a company that came together taking a group of mathematicians, computer scientists, content writers, and marketing experts with a vision of changing the future of content creation. The whole goal is to totally make content creation handled by AI.

Articoolo offers a great feature is to automate the article writing feature for any topic. And there are no other companies currently targetting the same services as Articoolo is providing currently.

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Articoolo is using natural language processing techniques and artificial intelligence methodologies using which developed an algorithm that imitates the human mind’s way of thinking when writing textual content and enables real automated content creation from scratch.

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Different Services provided by Articoolo:

Articoolo provides lots of services which are explained below in bullet points. All the services hover around writing articles, rewriting, generating Titles and summarizing, etc.

1. Create Article:

In this service as already discussed Articoolo will create a unique article of around 500 words for a single word input topic given to its software.

Once you have entered the subject it will start using its natural language processing and machine learning algorithm to write a completely unique article around it that will be plagiarism-free.

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You also have an option to select the language you want to write the article. Currently, there are only 5 languages are as options though these are the most used language in the world. The supported language is English, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, and German.

So, for example, I have given an input topic as History of Body Building in the text box area. And selected to generate the article.

And Wallah, I got the article in a few minutes and that to of around 500 words which are quite interesting if you ask me.

Hence this website generally solves a lot of problems that you might be facing currently or in the future with your blog.

As coming up with ideas after which generating content around that idea and above that finding related information for those ideas takes a lot of time and might be very very expensive.

In our testing for the above article, we found that it took around 5-8 minutes to generate this article.

If you think as a blogger then it’s quite quick because you are not doing any research for the subject and everything is done by AI itself.

2. Rewrite Article:

Now if you have an article about any topic already written and you are still not satisfied with the content you came up with, then you can also use the rewrite article service of Articoolo.

It will rewrite your article at a flash speed using its artificial intelligence techniques. Note that all the articles written by Articoolo are limited to 500 words.

Articoolo vs Article Forge

If you want a step-by-step guide to register and how to use Articoolo you can read it here.

3. Generate Title:

Generate Title is the new feature added by Articoolo recently. It’s always important to have a unique article for your post.

As the article title is the first thing your reader is going to read and it should be as compelling and exciting as the article so that you can get the first click from them.

Unique titles also help your SEO, and you may get ranked for some keywords which are not used by the general public.

To generate any title you need to be registered first on the website. Also, note that registration on Articoolo is completely free and you can always go and register to try their services before you want to pay for it.

4. Summarize Article:

If you are a blogger or someone who writes informational post or articles then its always important to summarize your article so, that your reader can understand the final thought you are about to put into your article and what you as other think about your research.

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For that Articoolo has a feature in which it lets you summarize the article and it provides the conclusion for your writing you can later read and if you are satisfied with it you can put that summary in your post to garner better viewership.

5. Find Images:

This is particularly a new feature that Articoolo has introduced on their website. In find images, you can find better images and free watermarks which you can use directly without any courtesy or source tag.

Though there are many other websites as well where you can create images for your blog or website free of cost. We recommend using Canva if you want.

Canva is one of the best sites which we are using for our images and it’s free for most of the part which lets you complete your work. For very good images you may need to pay.

6. Writer’s Helper:

Writer’s helper is a feature in which you will be able to get few context about the topic you want, you can get brief idea about a topic and it lets you rephrase those part of idea so that you can use it without any copyright issues.

It is not that useful part but if you are blogging about a topic for which you are completely unaware of then you should try it. You get a lot of information related to the topic to start writing about it.

Articoolo vs Article Forge

Since if you are looking for an alternative to Articoolo then it’s ArticleForge. ArticleForge provides the same product as Articoolo but at a bit higher pricing.

Both of them use the same technology and methodologies to write an article about a subject.

But Articoolo provides a large number of other features apart from writing an article as ArticleForge, as those unique features are listed above.

ArticleForge on other hand provides only writing an article for a given subject.

The only benefit which I see in ArticleForge is that it automatically publishes the article in blogs.

But this feature is not present in Articoolo, if that is a groundbreaking feature for you then you can consider Article Forge else Articoolo is far better in features with cheaper pricing.

If you want to pay higher and get more features and streamlined products only for writing articles then ArticleForge is the place to go for sure as they are also highly regarded in this space and they have a better landing page to attract customers. Hence if you are looking for software like Articoolo then it’s Article Forge.

Articoolo FAQ:

1. What is Articoolo?

Articoolo is a content writing company that provides automated articles about the subject provided to them within a few minutes. They use natural language processing and artificial intelligence algorithm to achieve such a feat.

2. What resources do you use?

Articoolo’s algorithm uses varied resources from academic databases to the open World Wide Web, but no matter what resource it uses, the result will always be as unique as a piece of original content.

3. How come the articles are unique?

Their rewrite method employs an innovative approach to rephrasing where the system works to make decisions for any specific context.

They have developed a global classifier that takes a pattern or phrase, its context (the sentence this pattern/phrase appears in), as well as candidate patterns, and can determine whether or not it is possible to replace the new pattern with the original one within the given sentence while keeping the original meaning.

4. How unique is it?

Once the process is complete they provide article uniqueness using Copyscape. If the process tells that the accuracy of 100% is achieved when you have received a completely unique article about that topic, but if the process tells that accuracy is less than 100% means it’s not completely unique and few parts of the article are copied from previous sources.

5. How much does it cost?

It costs less than you could possibly imagine. Basically, you have to pay as low as $1 for an article of 500 words on any topic in the current space.


So I think it’s a great website and provides great services at a very cheap price. If you want to grow your blog and want to post unique content on the topics you like you should use its service now.

But if you are still not satisfied and want to try first and then you want to pay further then we suggest you register first and then after using your free trial if you are satisfied then you should go ahead with the paid services of this website.

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