Best 5 Online Business Idea As Passive Income in 2021

Here we are to let you know what are the top 5 online business ideas which you can explore to get started and earn no less than $1000/day.

As initially, it looks a little overwhelming but if you follow the correct guidance and steps mentioned in this tutorial you can set up any business mentioned here and start earning passive income.

Online Business Ideas
5 Business Ideas to Make Millions

It’s always a good idea to have a passive income source. And I know we never think of having a passive income source as maybe we do not want to explore or not get time to explore from everyday nine to five work hours. So let get started with the first one on the list.

Sell Digital Product on Etsy.Com

Yes, you heard it right, Digital Products. is a marketplace where you can sell any product of various varieties of ranges and start earning money.

I will dig in deep to tell you what are those things which you can think of selling on to earn a good amount of money. is a huge marketplace where almost a 35million buyer visits every year. So, it is always really easy to sell products here once you gain mastery of it.

Initially, it can take some time but over a period of time you will see the gain in traffic and your product sales will increase.

So what are those Digital Products which we can sell on Esty.Com?

As you already know Digital Products are that items in which we do not need to have any physical dependency and everything is available online and over a click.

So the product which will be sold will be completely online.

Let’s Take an Example: Get Started and Sign Up Here to start your online business idea

The Digital product that I have been discussing upon which anyone can start learning and making is mock-up photos.

Mock-up photos are the photos or pictures of mock-up which will be printed on T-shirts, Mugs, and Rugs. And If your Mock-Ups are absolutely trendy you can earn a lot of money from them.

The earning estimates are unlimited and it all depends on what type of mock-up you are able to come up with.

Let’s search on the Esty.Com search bar and see what are products being displayed. So we searched Mockups on Esty.Com and got the below results.

Esty Online
Mock-Ups on Esty.Com

As you can see the listing on for mockups. Here we can see the mockups for T-Shirts, Mugs, Photo Frames, pillows, Nursey, and whatnot.

And these are just Digital images that people have created on photoshop or paint wherever they like and are told on the average price of $3 as displayed in the picture.

So if you are able to sell 10000 pictures in a year you are making $30000/year. That’s a huge amount of money which you will be able to earn in your in a year selling just a few mock-ups products for mugs, T-shirts, and other items.

So, It’s a great time to come up with a few trendy mockups which are available in the market and start selling on Etsy.Com.

Just to note one thing is that listing on is not free it required $0.20/listing for four months. But it’s like peanuts 20 cents are not a lot of money and hence if you put 10 listing all you have to pay $2.0 for four months.

And once you got a single sale also in four months which is more likely to happen then you will be able to recover your small investment.

Sell T-Shirts, Mobile Case, Bags Online with Your Design:

Let’s discuss the possibility of selling T-Shirts, Mobile cases, Bags online. You can design and sell a T-Shirt, Mobile Case, Bags online without even manufacturing it.

So, All you can do that start designing T-Shirts, Mobile Cases, Bags with Text, or Designs that are currently trending in the market you are targeting.


Let’s discuss the platform available to do such business Free of Cost. And all you have to spend time is marketing and designing the T-Shirts, Mobile cases, Bags.

Hence the platform we are discussing is Printfy. Let’s discuss how can we effectively use Printify so that we can earn $1000/day.


As you already know that these are such products which are never going to get old or out of demand. And with an accurate marketing strategy, you can achieve great passive earning from this kind of source.

Start your own Print On Demand Store

A third online business that you can consider starting is the Print On Demand Store. As we discussed above Print on Demand Store work the same as what we want to achieve in the above businesses.

But this business will require more effort and capital investment to see any profit in this business.

First, you need to set up a website where you provide the platform same as Printly. You can also contact the local T-Shirt makers to get T-Shirts created when you get the order and parcel it to the customer address.


Though it becomes a huge investment for this kind of business I will not discuss much it as most of the work goes physical instead of digital.

But in case you are interested in this business and want a detailed guide for this business I can guide it. Just comment below and let me know if you want a post regarding it. I will write it If I get 10 comments related to it.

Become an Amazon Seller

The fourth Business which you can think of this year is to become a seller on Amazon. Create Amazon Business Account for free here. Once your account is created you can start selling the same digital products which you are selling on Etsy.

But bear in mind that Amazon is a huge marketplace and competition is very high.

Also, the rules and regulations of Amazon are very strict and you need to maintain certain ratings with your customer in order to be on Amazon every time.

You can sell anything on Amazon and everything is being bought there. So, at least you will get some buyers most of the time on Amazon, and that is also free of cost.

I will not go detailed into the product. As any kind of product can be sold. Suppose you want to sell iPhone on Amazon then all you have to do is contact the distributor of the iPhone locally and then add your commission to it and start selling on Amazon with the Price tag you want.

I have written a detailed article about Is Amazon Business Account Worth? Where I discussed all the possibilities pros and cons of Amazon and why you should start a business there as soon as possible.

Start a Blog and Promote Products

Last in this online business article is Starting your own Blog or Website. But this is a super competitive market as there are billions of blog posts are published daily on the web.

And you need to learn a lot of techniques such as SEO, Writing posts, Finding a proper niche.

The only downside of Blogging is that you need to be in a specific niche. So if there is no niche then growing your website will become difficult.

Read the Article to Know Step by Step Guide to Setup a Blog and Start Earning Money. Blogging can let you earn money from various streams depending upon your niche and its popularity.

How to Start a Blog for Passive Income
How to Start a Blog for Passive Income

So it’s always advisable to select a niche which is unique and as well as little popular so that you can make some sale through it.

Otherwise, you will be dependent completely on advertising earnings which will be not much unless you start getting millions of page views daily.

And growing a blog takes time. You cannot just start writing an article on your blog and you will start making money.

It’s a patience game that can take years to get recognized in this market. But still, if hard work is done it will be paid off over time.


I have given a brief idea about starting an online business idea this year. So you can pick whatever business suits you more and you think you can excel in it.

Just let me know in the comment section what online business idea you will be thinking to start. Also, I will be writing a detailed guide for all the above-mentioned businesses above so that you get complete guidance.

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