Best Screen Time Apps to Monitor and Limit Screen Time of Kids 

Parents have always struggled with how much screen time is appropriate for their children. And with the advent of smartphones, iPads, and laptops, it can be hard to know where to draw the line. Screen time has been linked with ADHD, obesity, and sleep problems in kids, so it’s important for parents to find a healthy balance. 

Keeping your kids away from digital devices is almost impossible. With lots of learning opportunities and entertainment, kids tend to spend most of their time on screens. This might lead to screen addiction, which can prove to be quite harmful to health.  

Kids mostly like to socialize online instead of in real life. Parents need to pay attention in order to cut off their addiction. From laptops to smartphones and tablets to video games, the child is surrounded by an endless world of the internet.

While we understand the internet is an absolute necessity these days, thanks to internet companies like Spectrum for providing high-speed internet, we shouldn’t overlook the demerits of its overuse either.

If you are looking forward to managing screen time among your kids, make sure to follow the tips given below. 

Here are the two most important tips for managing screen time among kids: 

  • Set rules and limits on screen time. 
  • Don’t allow screens in the bedroom.

Be Aware of the Risks of Too Much Screen Time

Too much screen time comes with hazardous output. For instance, the child may suffer from anxiety, depression, less productivity, and deprive of having enough sleep. It is impossible to determine the right amount of screen time for your kid.

Best Screen Time Apps to Monitor and Limit Screen Time of Kids

But it is possible to know the negative impact on a child such as lack of social development skills, direct interaction with scammers and predators, along with exposure to inappropriate content. Make sure to install Screen Limit App to control and monitor their device usage. The benefits of installing a screen limit app are: 

  •  Set Screen Time Limit on Android and iOS Devices.
  • SMS Tracking
  •  App Blocking
  • Location Tracking
  • Web Filters

You can block apps and set time limits whenever appropriate. Especially, when your kid is going for sleep, make sure to activate the screen time limit through your device and stop your kid from using a digital device. 

Set Rules

If you want to restrict your child from the screen, make sure to set rules and guidelines for using digital devices. You can set specific hours to allow kids to use the device.

Moreover, you should also clearly state where your child will be allowed to use devices, what type of technology they are allowed to use and what channels and games your kid should play or watch. Setting rules will surely help your child stay away from the screen, leading to good health. 

Control Technology as a Parent

Control Technology as a Parent

As a parent, you are in charge of the house and have complete control over everything including technology. For instance, you can change the password of the WIFI or turn it off to allow your kid to sleep well at night without the device.

Moreover, you can set passwords on apps by installing parental monitoring app. It would help you to restrict the usage of social media apps all the time. 

Engage them in Offline Activities

Don’t restrict your kid at home, rather allow them to play outside. Give them everything they need to pursue their passion for sports. For instance, if your child is interested in playing soccer, buy him/her a ball and spend some time with them to allow the practice.

In addition, you can also devise a plan for family activities and indoor games to restrict screen time among kids. Ask your child what interests them most like board games, hide and seek, hangman, painting, writing, reading, arts and crafts, and any other activity.

Wrap Up

This article offers some tips for managing screen time among kids. Managing screen time is important to ensure that kids are getting the right amount of physical activity and are not spending too much time in front of a screen. Follow these tips to help your kids have a healthy screen time balance. 

By setting limits and providing alternatives to screen time, parents can help their children get the most out of technology while still maintaining healthy screen habits.

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