6 Best Themes For WordPress Based On PageSpeed Free and Premium

Are you looking for themes for WordPress which provide the best page speed? There are almost 6 best themes for WordPress which you can use to get the best speed and SEO for your website.

We have tested as many as 50 themes including the free and premium versions of a few themes and we curated the 6 best free and premium themes you should go for.

Since 2010 for desktop and 2018 for mobile, Google has used page speed as a ranking factor. It also has an impact on how long visitors stay on your site, whether they convert, and how they view your brand.

In short, the speed of your website has a significant impact on both your search engine rankings and the experience of your visitors.

You should choose your WordPress theme carefully to reduce load time. The ideal theme will be SEO-friendly, lightweight, and coded to the highest standards.

We’ve compiled a list of the fastest loading WordPress themes available in the WordPress directory and third-party marketplaces to assist you in making this decision.

What Factors make WordPress Theme Fast?

While cache plugins and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) might make a WordPress site load faster, the theme is ultimately the foundation. If yours is slow to load, your web pages will almost certainly be as well.

What, on the other hand, makes a WordPress theme quick? Typically, it comes down to the code’s quality. Its styles and scripts should be simple and straightforward. A lightweight WordPress theme is, in essence, a quick theme.

10 Best Paid and Free Themes based on PageSpeed

Below is the list of the top 10 best WordPress themes you can install right now to get the best page speed experience for a better SEO experience and to get great page rank.

1. Kadence Theme – Free/Paid

Among the many free themes available, Kadence stands out as one of the best. It’s not only a lightweight theme that speeds up your site’s loading time, but it also has far more design and customization options than most free themes. In reality, Kadence’s customization options are what set it apart.

6 Best Themes For WordPress Based On PageSpeed Free and Premium

You’d think that because Kadence comes in both free and paid versions, the free version would be severely constrained, but that’s not the case. The free theme is quite capable and will satisfy the requirements of a large number of users.

Total Page SizePagespeedYSlowFully LoadedRequests
39.0KBA (100%)A (100%)949ms12

Kadence is on par with GeneratePress in terms of its theme performance. But Kadence leads in the department of features. As Kadence theme is the most featured rich free theme you can find after Blocksy.

It allows lots of customization in the free version of the theme and you can easily create a complete website with a free theme and have a great page speed.

2. Generate Press – Free/Premium

GeneratePress takes pride in being both light and easy to use. It is dependable and secure due to its high coding standards. It’s also SEO-friendly, so you’ll have a jump start on optimizing your Google rankings before you ever start writing your content.

6 Best Themes For WordPress Based On PageSpeed Free and Premium

This theme also includes advanced customization options. You’ll be able to customize any layout aspects, as well as install demo sites. It’s also compatible with Elementor, allowing you to change your website’s desktop and mobile versions.

Total Page SizePagespeedYSlowFully LoadedRequests
39.8KBA (99%)A (94%)1.1s10

It comes in both versions free as well as premium. If you are new then you can continue with the free version initially and once you start growing your website you can get the premium version of the GeneratePress for only $59/year for one website.

3. Neve – Free/Premium

Our cutting-edge theme is lightning quick and light on your server’s resources. Neve is also mobile-friendly, providing you an additional SEO boost. Best of all, by installing one of its pre-built designs, you can begin modifying it nearly instantly without having to go into the code.

All popular page builders are compatible with Neve. You may quickly adjust different aspects of your website and witness real-time changes as you make changes. Overall, this theme is extremely adaptable and user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for both novices and advanced users looking to improve their productivity.

Total Page SizePagespeedYSlowFully LoadedRequests
56KBA (99%)A (93%)1s13

Neve theme is another really fast and feature-rich theme with a high customization option in the free version. You can use Neve for any website it is lightweight and easy to use with lots of options to choose from to create an awesome website.

4. Astra – Free/Premium

One of the most popular WordPress themes is Astra. It’s optimized for speed by removing jQuery dependencies, which are notorious for causing delays. It also allows you to pick and choose which modules to include on your site, making it easier to edit your content.

This theme has a real-time customizer, so you can watch your design take shape right before your eyes. It’s compatible with page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder. It also includes a large demo library and several adjustable aspects, such as header style options.

Total Page SizePagespeedYSlowFully LoadedRequests
105KBA (99%)A (90%)0.9s17

Astra is the most popular theme on the WordPress platform you can find. It used to be the fastest theme previously but after the arrival of Kadence, they are a little behind.

But if you are someone who loves to get a premium theme with great features and also at an affordable price then Astra is the theme you need to select.

5. Blocksy – Free/Premium

Another fantastic multipurpose theme is Blocksy. With its drag-and-drop feature, you can effortlessly build your pages. It’s compatible with popular page builders such as Elementor, too. Individual parts of your website can also be customized using a variety of color and style options.

6 Best Themes For WordPress Based On PageSpeed Free and Premium

Blocksy is a great theme for online retailers because it works well with WooCommerce. It’s also SEO-friendly and extremely responsive, which should help you increase conversions.

Total Page SizePagespeedYSlowFully LoadedRequests
280KBA (99%)A (90%)0.9s22

Blocksy is the new and most featured rich free theme in the market for WordPress. If you are looking for creating a great website freely with great support then Blocksy is the theme for you.

The best feature is that even being a free theme(not completely) they provide great support to their users. You can get answers within few hours once you raise a support ticket.

If you are the one who loves great customer support then Blocksy is your go-to Theme.

6. Customify – Free/Premium

The primary focus of this theme, as its name suggests, is sophisticated customization. You can start with one of the many starting sites or demos and customize it to your specifications. With Customify’s specialized builder, you can even customize the footer and header. Last but not least, it’s Elementor-compatible.

Customify is a lightweight, quick, and responsive app. Because of its SEO-friendly design, you should be able to get high search engine ranks. This theme is also compatible with well-known plugins like WooCommerce.

Total Page SizePagespeedYSlowFully LoadedRequests
380KBA (97%)A (90%)1.3s19

Customify is another great option if you are looking for starting a website with full customization enabled in the free version. Though it is a little slow as compared to its competitors it is not as slow as told.

Which is the Best and Fastest Theme for WordPress?

A speed-optimized theme might help you get top search engine rankings. It can also assist you in increasing traffic and, more crucially, converting visitors into customers or subscribers. However, with thousands of free and paid WordPress themes available, choose which one to use might be difficult.

We picked ten of the quickest WordPress themes and put them to the test in this article. Kadence and GeneratePress are two of our favorites, but as the performance testing results show, any of these themes will work effectively for you.

However, your theme is only one part of designing a fast-loading WordPress site. You’ll also need to choose high-performing WordPress hosting and implement performance best practices to make your site load as quickly as possible.

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