Blue Java Banana Best things You need to Know 2021

When you first listen about blue java banana, the question arises that is it real? Does banana which is called blue java banana look like this? Does blue colour banana is real?

Well to answer these questions, yes it’s is a tree which gives blue coloured bananas as fruit. And it’s a mixed bread of bananas Musa balbisiana and Musa acuminate. So basically it’s a hybrid banana made using three different types of seeds as mentioned above.

Blue Java Banana

Blue Java Banana Seeds

Blue Java Banana seeds are made up of three different types of seeds, hybrid through different types such as banana Musa, balbisiana, and Musa acuminate.

These Banana seeds and roots can be found in Fiji and Hawaii where these are really popular. These are also called as Ice Cream banana most of the places. And people recognize it as Ice cream banana. Its also called as Ney Mannan or Krie or Cenizo in many places of the world.


Blue Java Banana Trees

Blue Java Banana trees cannot be found in many places in united states of America but are majorly found in Hawaii. Most of the time Blue Java Bananas trees are available online retail stores such as Amazon.

It can be eaten fresh or cooked. It has a very good sweet aromatic taste which people die to checkout or taste. it’s with its ice cream like consistency and flavour reminiscent of vanilla makes it a perfect food to have.

You can eat blue java banana any time day or night. They are also popular as ornamentals and shade plants for their unusual blue colouration, large size, and tolerance to temperate climates. So blue java banana plant can only survive better in cold weather as heat can damage the aromatic flavour quickly.

Where to buy Blue Java Banana?

If you want to know where you can get this ice cream flavoured banana. You can easily get it on Amazon as provided the link below. It starts at $39.99 which is quite reasonable as the amount of fruit you are going to get from it worth every penny.

As it always provides the great Ice Cream Vanilla flavour. Keep following my blog for more post like this. If you want to read more content on this site please check our last post on the sub of the day. Also please follow our social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.




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