How To Get Cloudways Hosting For Free [Review & Giveaway]

Cloudways Hosting Review is here for a detailed guide on whether you should choose it or not. Looking for high quality yet economical WordPress managed host? Cloudways provide your WordPress website with maximum performance and unparalleled security.

Cloudways is one of the few firms that offer outstanding value for money and great functionality in cloud-based, managed WordPress hosting.

Cloudways provides managed hosting and promises no delayed loading of WordPress sites anymore, and no more troubles from WordPress.

Their cloud servers as a platform have amazing features, and as your website expands, you may scale hosting resources.

Their infrastructure is speed, performance and safety optimized.
If your WordPress host is still on the fence to use Cloudways, then register for a free 3-day trial offered by Cloudways to test their platform.

The lowest WordPress hosting package handled by Cloudways is $10.00 per month.

What is Cloudways? An Overview about the Company

Cloudways is a managed provider of hosting that stresses performance and simplicity. Cloudways removes all server management concerns from the easy launch of servers and applications to continuous server maintenance so you can continue to focus on expanding your business.

You get a range of powerful tools and services to run your e-commerce storefronts and company websites when you join Cloudways.

Cloudways’ main USP is the choice – to select cloud providers, to host nearly every PHP-powered application, to utilize a premium or free SSL, and to choose a developer and agency-based workflows.

The concepts of choice and free emphasis on what is important for users begin directly after the introduction of the server & application.

Cloudways Hosting Review Is it The Best Hosting?

Users can customize the Cloudways platform to suit their business needs and operations by choosing five IaaS-providers (AWS, GCE, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode) and various versions of popular apps (including four WordPress flavors and two Magento varieties).

The concept continues on the entire platform where users can deploy about 50+ servers and application management in a few clicks.

Whether you’re an online shop, an agency, or a freelance developer with multiple customers, Cloudways offers the appropriate combination of tools to help you get better out of your managed Hosting Solution.

Cloud-based web hosting is popular, however, Cloudways accomplishes several innovative things in a growing sector with its cloud hosting.

It allows you to choose from one of five platforms, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, providing wallet-friendly pay-as-you-go plans and even enabling you to register for a trial run without credit card blasting.

The shine is somewhat distressed by its lack of facilities, such as domain registration and e-mail. However, it is worth investigating this fantastic cloud hosting service.

How To Get Cloudways Free

I am providing Giveaways for my website users. Initially, you will receive around 4 months of Free Hosting to whichever plan you want to select. And once your initial 4 months are over you can upgrade to paid plans or if you didn’t like the service you can switch the hosting provider as per your liking.

To get the 4 months of Free Hosting on Cloudways Select the below button and you will be taken to the registration form. Register there and you will be receiving 4 months of Free hosting.

If it is not working then please let me know in the comment section I will be happy to help you in getting Cloudways for Free.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting services for WordPress sites on a cloud server that replicate multiple copies of your content throughout the data center.

The data switching is managed using a complicated algorithm, and a copy of your website is sent from the next available server if the server falls.

This enables the quick deployment of computer resources, great performance, and dependability of service.

Cloudways Hosting Plans

Flywheel offers a choice of scalable WordPress-managed hosting schemes. You can select to host your WordPress website on a cloud server from DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud Platform.

Here is an overview of their plans (using cloud servers from DigitalOcean) and the current price list. Visit the Cloudways website for the newest and most up-to-date rates.

The monthly web hosting plans start at $10 (1 TB of monthly transfer, 1 GB of RAM, and one-core processor for 25 GB of storage) and up to $1,035 (for 3840GB of storage, 12TB of month data transfers, 192GB of RAM, and a 32-core processor.)

The high-end package includes the most powerful server options of various web hosting companies. Indeed, Cloudways’ top-level specs are more similar to the SMB-friendly Liquid Web, which lets you equip a wild 512GB RAM server. If you wish to bill hourly, the above-mentioned plans begin at just over $0.01 and extend to just over $1.43.

DigitalOcean Plan at Cloudways Hosting

Let me show you below the image of the hosting plan available on Cloudways for its partner DigitalOcean. It generally starts at $10 and ends at your choice of specs you want for your hosting.

Cloudways Hosting Review Is it The Best Hosting?

Linode Plan at Cloudways Hosting

Let me show you below the image of the hosting plan available on Cloudways for its partner Linode. It generally starts at $12 and ends at your choice of specs you want for your hosting.

Cloudways Hosting Review Is it The Best Hosting?

Vultr Plan at Cloudways Hosting

Let me show you below the image of the hosting plan available on Cloudways for its partner VULTR. It generally starts at $11 and ends at your choice of specs you want for your hosting.

Cloudways Hosting Review Is it The Best Hosting?

Rest of the plan you can exp[loer on the Cloudways website. But apart from the above three partners’ plans, there are AWS and Google Cloud Hosting that is very costly.

Is Cloudways Provide Domain Registration?

No, Cloudways does not provide a domain registration service and you need to register a domain from another service provider. We Recommend NameCheap Domain Registration.

Another negative of domain-related things at Cloudways is that its uniquely formed rear end makes it a challenge to point out that your hosting arrangement has purchased a URL.

I didn’t have much trouble connecting the dots when I explored the internet material, but novices might find the procedure complex.

In addition, unless they are dead in the Cloudways, I surely can never see users return if they only have to go to another place to get started.

Does Cloudways Provide Email Offering?

Sadly No, Cloudways does not provide the email service as well. For having your domain-related email you need to signup on RackSpace.

But RackSpace is not a free email service provider. And you get the email service from them you need to pay $1 per month.

This can be expensive, depending on your needs. Most other web hosting services give free email even with the most basic level of Managed Hosting Plans.

Key Features of CloudWays Hosting

Cloudways servers, like any other hosting business, offer varying levels of processing power, memory, bandwidth, and storage space.

A cloud server with 10 GB RAM, 25 GB storage, 1 Core Processor, and 1 TB bandwidth is included in the most basic hosting plan.

Cloudways ensures your WordPress site is secure, quick, and simple to maintain in the following ways:

  • Cloudways will handle your site migration if you’re switching hosts.
  • Two-factor authentication adds an additional degree of protection against hackers.
  • The Cloudways CDN boosts server performance. For online retailers, faster site speeds are very vital.
  • Because WordPress is the most used content management system on the planet, it is a favorite target for hackers. Cloudways protects your website with a dedicated firewall.
  • Let’s Encrypt support built-in SSL encrypts data sent between your website and your clients.
  • The auto-healing technology automatically addresses any problems, reducing the likelihood of your site crashing.
  • Apps may be installed with a single click.
  • Simple site setup — create a new site on your server with a single click.
  • Expert assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Features of Cloudways Console

Under the “Server Management” tab in the Cloudways panel, you’ll find a slew of different options. More functions are revealed as you scroll down that page, which you can control as needed.

When you use Cloudways to host a managed WordPress site, the following are some of the server’s features you’ll get:


You may set up automatic backups of your cloud server images using Cloudways. You can arrange for the server to backup itself once a day, twice a day, three times a day, and so on, with a maximum backup frequency of one week. You may also back up your server manually at any time by pressing a button.


This security feature maintains track of the IP addresses on your “white list” that you use to access your server.


One of the most outstanding things that Cloudways offers with their cloud hosting options is server monitoring. This section includes a graph that you may use to keep track of the load on your cloud server. Over 15 variables may be monitored using a simple drop-down menu, including inbound traffic, idle CPU, and reads per second.

Handle Traffic Surges with Ease

Nothing beats paying for an ad, getting a flood of traffic, and then having your site crash because it can’t handle all those people at once.

With vertical scaling, you can change the number of server resources provided to you at any time with only a few clicks. When there is a traffic jam, this is a fantastic function.

If you’re only scaling for a short time, Cloudways has a “Pay as you go” mechanism so you don’t have to pay for server resources you won’t use.

Other Features and Options

Aside from the technologies described above, Cloudways offers a variety of other services. For example, you can configure MySQL, Apache, and cache memory under the “Manage Services” option.

Cloudways provides a WordPress Migrator tool under the “Migrator Tools” option to assist you in migrating an existing WordPress site to their cloud hosting platform.

You can install DNS management, transactional email services, and other application-specific add-ons in the “Application Add-on” area. The Cloudways panel also includes other features like backup restoration, SSL certificate installation, and GIT integration, to name a few.

Does Cloudways Provide Good Uptime and Performance?

Cloudways has worked with some of the industry’s best cloud providers. As a result, when you host your website on their WordPress cloud servers, you can expect over 99 percent uptime.

The load times of WordPress sites hosted on Cloudways are 40-50 percent faster. Cloudways’ unique VMAN technology, which uses Varnish, Memcached, Apache, and Nginx to maximize site speed, makes this feasible.

Does Cloudways Hosting Improves PageSpeed?

In short Yes, since Cloudways partners are cloud hosting companies and they provide you VPS hosting that guarantees your higher speed and page load times than any other hosting company.

Can CloudFlare CDN be Used with Cloudways Hosting?

Yes, you certainly can. Cloudways explains how to achieve it in straightforward, step-by-step steps. Cloudflare has 152 data centers throughout the world.

Cloudflare has announced the addition of 22 new facilities in mainland China. However, keep in mind that access to the additional mainland China locations necessitates an Enterprise account. (The Enterprise plan’s price isn’t displayed on their website; you’ll have to call customer care to find out.)

It will almost certainly be more than $200 a month, as that is the cost of the next lowest tier plan, the Business Plan.)

Other popular caching mechanisms Varnish and Redis are also supported, but Cloudways recommends not to use both.

Increase your Website Speed with Few Additional Improvement

A number of page speed elements are influenced by your website and everyday habits and thus fall under your control. “How to Instantly Improve WordPress Website Speed and Performance“. Many of their suggestions will be things that only programmers can do.

Check out Google’s Page Performance Insights tool, which examines your company’s web page for speed and suggests ways to improve it.

Does Cloudways Hosting Provide DDos Protection from Hacking?

Cloudways takes server security seriously, which is why the new WordPress Managed Hosting Click and Go platform protects cloud servers with advanced firewalls.

To protect servers from hacking attempts, Cloudways’ technical professionals use “security hardening measures.”

Cloudways, as previously noted, provides automatic site backups, and you can choose how frequently you want your server to back up your data.

Security services that are invoked at the application level rather than at the network level are referred to as application-level security. It adds an extra layer of protection against external dangers to your online business.


  • It’s quite simple to set up.
  • Exceptional uptime.
  • Supports a wide range of apps.
  • There are several account tiers to choose from.
  • Plans that are pay-as-you-go.
  • Before signing up, you can experience the service for free.
  • Website Migration and Cloning Support.


  • No domain registration option.
  • Email Service costs extra.
  • Customer Support becomes tricky sometimes.


Cloudways has a lot going for it. Flexible cloud hosting options, quick setup times, exceptional uptime, and top-notch web-based customer service are all features of this service.

It’s a company you can trust to maintain your website up and running, as well as to provide services that provide those products.

Furthermore, some individuals will be put off by the unusual method of contacting customer assistance. Give Cloudways a go if those limitations aren’t a deal-breaker. It might just have everything you need to get and keep your website up and running.

Best Hosting Provider That You Can Use Right Now.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I would like to give a five-star rating to Cloudways Hosting. The hosting service is world-class and they also provide great support.

Definitely a recommended WordPress Managed Hosting Service.

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