Cox Cable Remote Not Working: How to Fix it

Is your Cox Cable Remote not working or does it stop working sometimes? In this article, I will let you know how to fix cox cable not working and how to troubleshoot the remote.

How can you fix a Cox Contour remote control that’s frozen and won’t work? When things go wrong with your Cox TV equipment, you wish you could fix them yourself instead of having to call customer service.

Even if customer service representatives are slow to reply, fixing the problem yourself might save you a lot of time. For me, Saturday night live is the perfect way to unwind after working all day and doing home tasks on my day off.

I discovered I couldn’t change the channel with my Cox remote a few moments after turning on my TV and receiver. He tried to move it, but it would not budge.

In addition to being a set-top box, the Contour HD Box has a fantastic voice remote that lets you control your streaming video. Why bother if you can’t take advantage of the voice remote’s features? Fortunately, I’d read elsewhere that resetting the remote usually fixes the problem.

There was only one snag: I didn’t know how to reset the TV remote control. As a result, I went online to get answers. If your remote isn’t working, there are a few things you should look into to see if you can fix the issue.

As a result, I suspected many of you could have needed to reset your Cox remote at some point but weren’t sure how. As a result, I came up with the idea of creating this comprehensive resource to aid others experiencing the same problem.

Contour Voice Remote Control XR15 | Cox Business. How to Fix or Reset The Cox Remote Quickly
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Different remote models require a different approach to reset, so be sure to review the guide’s specifics before making a decision. When you use COX’s internet service, you also get a ton of other benefits.

In addition to phone and TV services, they provide a wide range of audio streaming devices. The best thing is that a single remote can be used to manage both a TV receiver and an audio device, saving you from having to buy several remotes.

Troubleshooting and Fixing Cox Cable remote

Don’t be concerned any longer! This article introduces you to quick fixes for common problems with your Cox remote control system. Simply follow the steps outlined below:

1. Check Cox Remote Batteries

Sometimes, all that’s needed are fresh batteries in your remote control. However, batteries come to mind first when the remote isn’t working. When using the remote control, there are times when it malfunctions.

The problem is most likely to occur if your batteries are low or empty. Check your batteries first before attempting any other solutions. Check to see if the remote works again after replacing the batteries.

How to Fix or Reset The Cox Remote Quickly

If your contour remote has rechargeable batteries, make sure they are fully charged before using it. If that doesn’t work, replace the batteries and see if it starts working again. You’ll have to re-program your cox remote to your TV after replacing the batteries.

2. Reprogram the Cox Remote

It’s worth noting that the remote will only operate with one device at a time. This implies that if you pair it with the television, you cannot use it to control another audio device.

To operate, it must be paired with an audio device. Resetting the Cox remote is a rather straightforward task, so let’s have a look at the specifics.

The methods differ according to the type of remote you’re using, but the goal is to get your remote’s red LED light to turn green, indicating a successful reset.

To operate the New Contour Voice Remote model XR15, simultaneously press and hold the Info and Contour buttons to see the LED light change from red to green.

Additionally, with the Contour Vice Remote model XR11 or the Contour Remote model XR5, press and hold the Setup button on the remote until the red light changes to green.

  • Press the TV button on the remote while pointing the remote in the direction of the receiver.
  • The pairing option will appear on the screen as soon as the receiver recognizes your remote.
  • Manually type in the key.
  • This remote’s user name contains the key.
  • You can also do an internet search for the key.

3. Ensure your Cox Remote Compatibility

Another factor to think about when purchasing a new remote or making use of an existing one is whether or not it is model compatible with the receiver. Purchasing your remote from a third-party store raises the likelihood that it will not work with your receiver.

However, the possibilities are quite slim. If you’re unsure about whether your remote is compatible with the receiver, get in touch with COX.

The best course of action is to provide them with your remote’s model number, because while it may appear to be identical on the surface, there may be compatibility concerns that prevent it from working properly.

It’s also a good idea to make sure your model is compatible with the software. Obviously, the remote will work with your receiver if you obtained the gear through the Cox channel system.

A third-party store remote, on the other hand, is unlikely to be compatible if you bought it there. In order to get the Cox-recommended remote from a third-party retailer, make sure you have the model number handy. By doing this, any compatibility concerns will be eliminated.

4. Re-Pairing your Cox Remote

As soon as you’ve done that, you’re ready to start using the Voice Command feature on your remote. The Cox remote’s functionality differs from model to model after that. New Contour Voice Remote XR15 may be operated by holding down the Info + Contour buttons together for a few seconds.

The remote’s red light turns green, indicating that pairing has begun successfully. In order to use the Vice Remote model XR11, the instructions are significantly different from those for the Contour Remote model XR5.

Hold down the Setup button on the remote control for a few seconds until you see the red LED turn green. Press the Contour button again, and you’ll see a blinking light indicating that you’re ready to begin pairing.

Once you’ve completed the first stage of pairing, you’ll see a screen with instructions leading you to the pairing. A three-digit code will be requested from you. Given that the remote will couple with any detectable devices within 50 feet of it, there’s a chance there will be an issue.

So each time you want to pair the remote with your device, click the Contour button on the remote and follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll be able to pair the remote with the receiver this way.

The procedure for unpairing your devices may differ according to the sort of remote control you’re using. Try pushing and holding the A and D buttons on the remote control together if you have the New Contour Voice Remote.

Once the red light next to the LED turns green, release the buttons. The red LED light becomes green when you push and hold the Setup button on the Contour Vice Remote model XR11 or the Contour Vice Remote model XR5.

As soon as prompted, enter the three-digit code 9-8-1 and watch for the green LED to blink twice. Your devices are no longer connected if you see this message. It is necessary to manually point the remote control at the receiver after unpairing it, as the voice control option will no longer operate.

5. Make Sure to Maintain the Range of Remote

When utilizing an infrared (IR) remote control, cable TV companies recommend being aware of the distance and direction from the TV. Use them within a reasonable range, which is usually quite close.

Other than that, you’ll need to aim the remote at a specific angle towards the receiver. Remotes stop working completely or stop working correctly after 50 feet of distance.

The disadvantage of using an IR remote is that you must utilize it within a very short distance. Not only that but they must be aimed at an angle towards the receiver.

6. Replace Your Remote if Dead

If none of the above alternatives work, COX will need to replace or repair your remote. It is best to bring your remote to an authorized COX service facility where they can check it and provide a solution.

You may need to replace it, but getting one from a third-party retailer is not as efficient as getting one straight from COX. If the remote doesn’t work with new batteries or is damaged and no longer works, it’s time for a new one. Take the damaged remote to the Cox service center. If it can be corrected, they will. If not, they will quickly replace it.

Wrap Up

Fortunately, these cures are easy to administer. But hey, some of us aren’t tech-savvy, and Cox understands. That’s why they have Cox cable support. When you can’t figure out what’s wrong, have tried everything, and your remote isn’t broken, only a specialist can help.

Ask for help from support. Because resetting your Cox remote can fix a variety of issues, here is some additional information to help you along the path.

While pushing and holding the Setup button is the most common way, New Contour Voice Remote has somewhat different processes.

Remember that unpaired remotes do not work with voice commands and that paired remotes work with voice commands. To use the remote again, you must re-program the Cox Remote to the TV.

Also, the Cox remote has an app. If you need to replace your remote, this is an excellent interim option. If you need assistance at any time during the procedure, please contact Cox support.

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