How to Create a Custom E-Learning App for the UAE

With the rise of e-Learning or electronic learning approaches, we have been able to expand the scope of education beyond the physical boundaries of a classroom. 


The market for developing educational apps in the UAE 

The previous educational paradigm was very clear, with students seated in a classroom and a teacher guiding the process. Since the advent of the Internet, some of the most significant advances in education have occurred. 

With the rise of e-Learning or electronic learning approaches, we have been able to broaden the scope of education beyond the physical boundaries of a classroom. 

While the term “e-Learning” was coined in 1999, the underlying concept has a long history. Evidence suggests that early forms of e-Learning existed as far back as the nineteenth century. The timeline below depicts the development of e-Learning. 

The late-twentieth-century computer revolution, as well as the rise of cell phones, altered the learning landscape dramatically. It has turned traditional learning methodologies on their heads, revealing new avenues for personal development and learning. The timeline below depicts the development of e-Learning. 

Users can now access massive amounts of data via the internet at any time and from any location, removing time and space constraints.

Various colleges and institutions provide individuals with access to programs that allow them to obtain online degrees and broaden their skill sets. These figures show that the eLearning industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. 

The primary drivers driving the e-Learning market are as follows: 

  • Low cost 
  • Easy accessibility 
  • A preference for more adaptable educational solutions 
  • Animated learning increases efficiency. 
  • Increased internet adoption 
  • Increase in smartphone ownership 

Despite the obvious advantages, certain challenges are impeding the growth of the eLearning industry. To function properly, e-learning and online education apps require a constant internet connection. 

Areas with limited or slow internet connectivity pose a threat to the growth of the eLearning market. Furthermore, the development of this technology necessitates expertise, and people with no prior knowledge of the technology are hesitant to transition from traditional to online learning. 

How can you start an online educational business in Dubai?

The following are the steps to starting an online education company in Dubai: 

  • Find a business setup partner. 

Setting up a business in Dubai is usually much easier if you use the services of a company formation partner who can guide you through the entire process and ensure that all documents are correctly filled out.

A company formation partner will have helped many other businesses with this procedure in the past, so your license will be approved much faster. 

  • Select the type of company. 

You must decide whether your company will be a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company, a branch of a foreign corporation (such as a foreign institution opening a branch in Dubai), or something else. 

  • Choose a company name. 

Your company name must adhere to both KHDA and Dubai government regulations. It must explain your business while avoiding inappropriate terminology and abbreviations. 

  • Make the company. 

After that, you must register the company with the appropriate authorities, in this case, the KHDA. 

  • Apply for an online teaching license. 

To become an online education provider in Dubai, you must now complete all of the necessary paperwork. 

Important E-learning App Features 

End-user functionality should, without a doubt, include the ability to customize the app’s design and personal preferences. 

Let’s take a look at the most important factors to consider when creating personalized eLearning. 

  • Signup/Registration 

The first and most important screen that your user will see is the registration page. As a result, you should encourage your partnered eLearning App Development Companies in Dubai to include this functionality in your app.

Furthermore, you can request user credentials such as phone number and email address on this page, and if they are hesitant to create a profile, give them the option of signing in with Facebook or Google. 

  • Choose a Platform 

As a result, this key component is linked to my recommendation that if you want to choose a medium of communication for the lecture or any online course, consider a combination of video and audio.

Additionally, ensure that your customized e-Learning solution provides customers with an exceptional user experience and engaging lectures. 

  • Personalized Profile 

Allow users to create profiles on your personalized eLearning platform. Allow them to enter their login information, configure their notification preferences, and schedule their lessons. 

This function eventually gives your audience the benefit of staying up to date on the chosen course and completion percentage. 

  • Custom eLearning Course Development 

The learning curve and the audience’s benefit are the original concepts behind developing an eLearning app. As a result, you must determine the ultimate purpose of your bespoke eLearning development platform at this critical stage. 

  • Searching Made Easy 

To provide consumers with complete comfort in discovering information, any custom eLearning program must include a dynamic searching feature.

However, it is recommended that you go beyond simple search functionality and provide your customers with something more involved. 

I recommend that you create a library and group similar courses together so that users can easily access courses related to a specific sector, topic, or even authors. 

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  • There are chats and feedback options available. 

We’ve all heard the expression “communication is key,” and it’s certainly true for mobile app development in the UAE and around the world. As a result, by incorporating a talking and feedback function into your app, you improve audience communication. 

All of these integrated communication options will help your audience better understand each other, whether it’s a student to a teacher, a teacher to a class, or a student to another student. 

  • Reports and Progress Analytics 

Analytics for progress and reporting allows your users to monitor their productivity and rate of learning. This technique persuades your users to perform even better in order to outperform their competitors, increasing your interaction factor. 

  • Notifications via Push 

Push notifications are an excellent way to keep customers coming back to your eLearning software for more. Simply put, push notifications will inform your users of what they are missing while not using your app.

As a result, it is recommended that you approach your Dubai-based app developers to add this function in order to increase your engagement level. 

How much does it cost to develop an e-learning mobile app?

Several factors influence the cost of developing a mobile application, including features, functionality, app requirements, design complexity level, and development platform/operating system. Based on these parameters, mobile app development companies in Dubai will estimate the app development cost. 

The Last Wise Words 

We have just discussed the scope of developing an educational app in Dubai and how app development firms, especially those specializing in IoT App Development in UAE, can assist in ensuring the success of the educational app. 

By following the above recommendations, developing an educational app can be a fun and profitable venture for both the educational institute promoting the app and the students who will use it for learning purposes.

The involvement of an IoT App Development Company in UAE can further enhance its functionality and effectiveness, making it a valuable tool for students in their educational journey. 

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