WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com Which one is better and their differences

Are you new to blogging and its available platforms? And you are wondering about WordPress.org vs WordPress.com? What are the differences and which one is better?

Today we will be discussing the difference in this post and we’ll let you know what you can choose depending upon your need.

Hence don’t skip and read till the end or you can use the table of content to skip on the relevant content you want.

Being a beginner there is always confusion between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org because of which most of the blogger ends up on the wrong blogging platform on which they are not supposed to be there. Though there are not many differences there is a significant difference between them.

To get successful it’s always crucial to choose the right platform. And hence we will be going through a detailed comparison of WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

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Difference Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com
WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

Comparison Between WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

Visually or looking on to the content of both the website can surely give you a little different and make you understand what is good for you. But getting the differences closely is the main step to deciding on the better platform.

WordPress.org: This is what we suggest to use

The real WordPress which all the bloggers and many other websites use all around the world is WordPress.org.

It provides you with all the freedom required for a blogger or web developer to customize the website as he wants.

Below are the Pros of choosing WordPress.org to build any website you want. And why GuideEarn recommends it.

  • The software WordPress.org provides i.e. the WordPress platform is completely free. And you are not required to pay any kind of the money to WordPress to use their platform.
  • All the data and content created on your website using WordPress is owned by you. No one except you can turn off or delete or remove the content from your website.
  • All the free or paid or custom WordPress plugins and WordPress Apps can be easily added on your website whenever you want. You can also remove them as per your convenience.
  • You will receive a lots of Customizations options and design control over your website. You can design the website even by editing the available themes to your likings.
  • You can always monetize your content with whatever ways you like. By running affiliate links or you own ads or any other advertising methods available.
  • You can use the website to customize it to sell items or digital products to your customer. WordPress allows you to accept online payment options by various trusted plugins for accepting payment online.
  • You can even create deals website or membership website which you can use to make money through it by providing valuable service to your clients whatever being the product.

WordPress.org Cons: Freedom always comes with Price

Yes, There are a few cons of WordPress.org but as we already know everything which provides larger freedom comes with a price.

  • First and foremost is you need a web hosting platform to which you will be paying somewhere around $3-$25 per month. For best hosting check this post or directly buy from here.
  • Upon traffic growth of your website, the hosting price will also increase over time. But you will start making enough money at that time.
  • Backups are the crucial part of your website and that comes with extra payment to the hosting sites generally. But this one comes with the cheapest web hosting with free backups.

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Which is Better WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

To answer that in one sentence it’s WordPress.org, because of the freedom and choices it provides to its users.

Though there is a business plan option available in WordPress.com for around $250 per month in which you get the same features as WordPress.org.

But why would you spend around $200 extra to get the features of WordPress.org when you can get the same features at a cheaper rate.

And this saving you made choosing WordPress.org can be used to invest in another part of your websites such as writing posts and advertising.

WordPress.com: Is what we don’t recommend unless you want to so.

I have one word for it. It is a hosting website. If you understand what a hosting website. Yes, it will host your website.

And if you choose free hosting, then WordPress.com will be in full control of your website instead of you. But WordPress.com provides you various hosting plans to choose from ranging from being Free to $5000 per month.

Pros of WordPress.com

As a free platform provided initially. WordPress.com is very useful for hobby writers. I mean the people who do not want much of the content read or people who write their own personal stuff as a hobby and they do not want to create much of the audience of it.

  • It provides free space of about 3GB. Once you have consumed that space you will be required to buy the paid plans for extra space.
  • All the updates, backups, and other security-related things will be taken care of by WordPress.com and you are not required to worry about it.

Cons of WordPress.com

It comes with lots of limitations which we will be listing now. And these are the reasons which differentiate it from WordPress.org. Below are the list of limitations that comes with WordPress.com.

  • WordPress.com puts a lot of ads on free websites. All the traffic comes to your website we’ll be able to see the ads but you will not receive a single penny from it unless you are on paid plans.
  • You are not allowed to monetize with whatever way suits you. You will be stuck with a single advertising platform to use which is WordAds and nothing else. But to get approval for WordAds you need traffic of more than 25000 per month which is difficult to get being a beginner.
  • You are not allowed to buy third-party plugins and upload them on your website. All you get as a free user is JetPack and nothing else. Even paid user gets the only a handful of plugins which can be installed which comes in the package of the plan you purchased.
  • You are not allowed to again buy third-party themes and upload them to customize your website as per your likings. You will be stuck with only a few theme options provided as free with free plans. Premium themes with Premium plans are junk and are of no use.
  • No use of Google analytics which plays an important role in the growth of your website. It does not allow you to install Google analytics.
  • No custom domain is provided to free users. Hence you will receive some weird URL such as https://www.yourwebsitename.wordpresss.com. And you can get custom domains such as yourwebsitename.com or something else once you jump to paid plans.
  • If any of the legal terms are breached by you. WordPress will immediately delete your website without your consent.
  • Your website will always show powered by the WordPress.com link. But it gets removed on premium plans.
  • No eCommerce features provided by WordPress.com unless you switch to eCommerce plans.


To conclude it is in one line for beginners as WordPress has created confusion for them by just putting Org and Com after the same domain name is used WordPress.org.

Or Else you can go with all other blogging platforms which are also available for free. In which case we have a post for the top 5 best blogging platform which contains both free and paid platforms for you to understand.

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