Earn Money Online Doing Survey US/CAN/AUS [Legit]

You heard it right you can earn up to $5 per day doing a survey from home. Let’s see legit ways to Earn Money Online Doing Survey. There are various survey sites that pay money for doing surveys online. But most of them are fraud websites like they do not really pay you money most of the time.

But here we are going to discuss a survey website that actually pays to this consumer for successfully completing the surveys online.

Since the limit to get earning from this website is unlimited but there are certain conditions that you need to comply with first. Since it is really easy to earn money from working from home.

As for any survey you need to qualify first to get the survey started. Also note that the survey sites mentioned here work only for the USA, Canada, and Australia. All the other countries people are not eligible for into this survey program which we are talking about. So the website we are talking about is Survey Junkie.

Register at Survey Junkie

The first step is to register on Survey Junkie using the links provided here as when you register using the link on this website then you will receive extra 25 points, and upon completing the registration, you will receive a total of 100points. Note each point corresponds to 1 cent. Also, the payout is minimal that is only $5.

So once you have reached the $5 threshold you can reimburse the money using Paypal. Paypal is the only way to get the money in your account. Here is a complete guide to getting your Paypal account set up here.

image 8
The dashboard is something like this

You can see the history of your survey completion on the history page. As there you can see the list of the surveys completed on the Survey Junkie page.

So you will see Current points and Lifetime Points. Current points in total points you haven’t redeemed and Lifetime points is total points you have earned on the Survey Junkie website. As shown in the below image.

Confirm your Email Address

Confirming your email address is another most important task to complete. As once you have confirmed your email address you will receive a 25 points bonus. It will be added to the total current and lifetime points instantly. Confirming your email address actually tells the company that you are a legit person willing to invest time in doing surveys on the various topics on survey junkie.


Complete All the Profiles to Earn 60 Points

As you will see on the dashboard of Survey Junkie on the Left side as well there are various profiles open up. You need to complete those profiles in order to qualify for the Survey which will be provided to you to complete. All for each profile, you complete you will receive 10 points each.

Complete the Above Profiles First

As you can see in the above image there are various profiles such as General Profile, Technology Profile, Shopping Profile, Health Profile, and Household Profile. Once you will complete these profile chances of you getting higher earning or points survey on the dashboard which looks something like this as in the below image.

Earn Money Online Doing Survey
Survey Dashboard

As you can see that you need to spend around 12 minutes to gain 90 points from the Survey. So basically if you spend around 1 hour per day on this website doing surveys online you can easily earn $5 or more than that depending upon the points mentioned in the surveys. Hence earning more than $5 per is quite easy on this website with 1 hour of visit.

You can make it a hobby for passive income by coming on this site and doing some surveys just to gain some points so that you can redeem it in cash or an e-gift card.

Yes you heard it right you can redeem the points for gift cards also that will be an e-gift card that will be redeemable on a popular website such as Walmart, Amazon or eBay, etc.

Update your Payment Page and Earn Money Online Doing Survey

You need to update your payment email address that is you are required to enter your Paypal Email Address to receive the money.

So all you need to do is go to the setting tab by clicking on the profile picture on top of the right corner. Once you reached there you will see the Paypal email and e-gift card email.

Enter your Paypal email address or enter your normal running email address in the e-gift card email address to receive the e-gift card in that email address account. So upon redemption, if you chose the e-gift card then you can see an email from Survey Junkie with a coupon or gift card code.

Get Rewarded Always

That’s all required you to do initially to complete the profile and start earning money from Survey Junkie and it will really pay you off.

So since currently most of us are working from home we can easily invest a few minutes daily to gain a few bucks and redeem them as cash or gift card whichever suits you best. Earn Money Online Doing Survey using all the tips as above.

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