Enacfire Wireless Earbud Review: Is it Worth?

There are various wireless earbuds found on Amazon.com in the budget section. Today we will be reviewing the Enacfire Wireless Earbuds models such as E60, and GEEK.

Though Enacfire offers a wide variety of earbuds these two are currently my favorite for the price and specification they offer at that price.

Enacfire earbuds offer an extended two years of warranty as well, via scanning of the barcode they offer in the box. Also, if you buy it on Amazon.com it comes with a replacement of more than 30 days.

It means if you do not like the product you can replace it after 30 days as well. Hence, in my opinion, if you are short on budget but cannot compromise with the quality you should give it a try.

Enacfire E60: The Fit and Comfort

Let’s talk about the fit and the comfort of Enacfire E60 earbuds. Enacfire E60 comes with 5 different types of earbuds sizes to provide you great comfort and fit your ears. I have tried it with different sizes and I think from those 5 sizes one of them will complete your comfort fit of the ear.

Enacfire Wireless Earbud Review

I kept it on for more than 2 hours and haven’t noticed any discomfort in my ears. No pains, nothing everything was working smoothingly and there was no discomfort noted at all over 2 hours of listening to different genres of music.

Hence overall in terms of comfort and fit it’s a great earbud. Also, I tried it during my workout sessions, tried nodding my head but these earbuds were intact with my head and never came out of it.

So, on Pros side the fit and comfort for Enacfire E60 is great. Its much better for gym and workout if you are looking for one on budget price.

Enacfire E60: Features

E60 provides a variety of features in a very budget category as currently, it is priced at $29.98 on Amazon.com if you buy it today with a 20% DISCOUNT. Click here for the latest pricing. Below are the features provide in the Enacfire E60.

Enacfire Earbuds Review
  • Qualcomm aptX Technology: Yes, this budget earbud comes with the latest Qualcomm aptX Technology. aptX will help reduce the latency in the earbud and music you are listening to from whatever device supports aptX. Hence, with help of this, you can expect very little latency and higher music quality. It provides the lossless audio experience required during workouts and all.
  • Wireless Charging Case: Enacfire provides a charging case and this charging case has lots of additional features such as wireless charging, you can charge it using your wireless charging pad or keeping on the back of your phone if it supports reverse wireless charging. This makes charging a lot easier and simpler. It also comes as type-c wired charging if you do not have wireless charging yet.
Enacfire Wireless Earbud Review
Wireless Charging
  • Touch Control: It comes with touch controls on the earbuds. Touch control provides access to your music to pause, play and increase the volume, decrease the volume, play the next song, and play the prev song. All these can be achieved with the use of touch controls provided on the earbuds.
  • More than 48hr of Playtime in Single Charge: The most important and best feature of this earbud is that it provides best in class playtime of 48hr on paper. Though on my review I was able to get up to 45hr on 80% volume. Which is also great considering the price point. So, only the earbuds can play around 7-8hr of music on its own without charging but on it is discharged you can put them back in the charging case to get it charged, and again you can use it for another 7-8hrs. Hence, this way you can charge your earbuds using the case around 6 times giving you a playtime of more than 45hr, which is very impressive in my opinion.
  • IPX8 Waterproof: This earbud comes with a certified IPX8 rating. Which is the highest waterproof rating and nano-coating material, it can prevent any penetration from splash and water. It is very good for people who sweat a lot. It acts as a sweat resistance and your earbuds life becomes longer than ever.
Enacfire Wireless Earbud Review
Charging Case

Sound Quality and Conclusion:

Let’s talk about the major thing which we look into the earbuds. For me, the sound quality of this earbud is impressive at around 80% volume.

But I hear little distortion when the volume is full. Keeping the price in mind I think these earbuds as very decent bass and it will be liked by the bass lover.

I mean to say it is not having a very heavy bass sound if you are into one. But it has a good amount of bass required and it does not disappoint in mids as well.

Overall, sound quality is above average and far better than any $150 earbuds currently available in the market.

Though you cannot compare the sound quality like bose and sony. But given the price point of less than $29, it will surely not disappoint your need for the music.

Its comfort and fit are also great and provides a variety of other features such as aptX for lossless audio. Note that aptX also adds to the sound quality of this earbud.

Hence, in my opinion, if you are looking for an earbud under $30 and do not want to compromise with sound quality, comfort, and fit then you should definitely go with this earbud without any second thoughts.

That’s all for today’s review of Enacfire E60 earbuds. I would also, recommend other Enacfire products as they provide value for money and great customer service, extended free 2 years of warranty and whatnot.

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