Free Bitcoin: Earn it Now Doing This Simple Stuff

Since the time Bitcoin prices have hit rocket high everyone wants to know a free Bitcoin hack to earn and make money out of it. In this post, I will be discussing one such method through which you can earn free Bitcoin by just watching ads and surfing the internet.

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Yes, you heard it right. All you have to do is see 2-4 ads which will take around 5 minutes daily to earn Bitcoin. This is a very easy free Bitcoin hack that you can do as a normal user to earn some Bitcoins.

Since you already know what Bitcoin is a very secure and anonymous way of having or saving money, hacking Bitcoin is also nearly impossible unless you trick someone to transfer their Bitcoin into your wallet.

So, what is it that you give you Bitcoin to surf or watch ads over the internet? Note that even if you will make a minimal amount of Bitcoin in terms of Satoshi but that will grow without you doing anything as Bitcoin prices are increasing every day now n then. So, without any wait let’s continue.

Free Bitcoin Hack: Register on [DEAD LINK].

Yes, this website name is basically a URL shortening website. Where you can also short the URL and share it with the world to earn money.

But is there another website where they give you Bitcoin to see ads and do surveys. I will guide you to step-by-step info on what you need to do in order to earn Bitcoin for free.

Step: Go to the website to Register

Once you are on the website. You will see the screen something like the below image. Then you need to sign in using your Google Email account. If you do not have a Gmail account create one to get going.

Once you will click on the link of Sign in even if you are not signed up, you will get signed up on the website automatically.

image 36

Once you are registered you are good to go. You will see something like the below image as a dashboard. In which you can see that it is asking you to set up the Bitcoin address.

A bitcoin address is an address given by companies who give you the option of a Bitcoin wallet one such company is Coinbase.

You can see this article for more information on Coinbase and how can you earn money using Coinbase for Free. Now once you have registered on Coinbase you have to create your BTC address. To create the BTC address you need to login to Coinbase.

Once you are logged into Coinbase click on your profile photo on the top right corner of the website. Then click on the settings and you will be redirected to the settings page on the website. From there you have to move to the Crypto address tab. Once you are on that tab from Drop Down select Bitcoin (BTC) and click on the Create new Address.

image 37

After you have clicked on “create a new address” you will see a new address is generated and it will be something like as shown below image. Copy that address and update it on the Adshrink website on the wallet tab.

image 38

How to Surf to Earn Free Bitcoin

Once you have successfully registered. You will see on the top right corner of the Adshrink website a Surf button is displayed with a number. The number suggests that you can that many numbers of ads to view. So once you have seen those ads Satoshis will be added to your account.

image 39

As you can see in the image. You need that amount of Satoshi to get 1 Bitcoin. So if you do it regularly and also if you refer to many people you can earn more Bitcoin easily on that website. And once you have reached 50000 Satoshi you can transfer the money to your Coinbase wallet.

So to start surfing ads click on the Surf button and then a new tab will be opened with the ad being displayed. And in the previous tab, you will see a Timer of 30 seconds will start.

You have to wait 30 Seconds to close all the ad tabs and then click on the Captcha to confirm the submission. Once it is completed you will see that Satoshi is added to your account.

image 42

I think that’s it from my side. This is the most simple way I was able to come up with a Free Bitcoin hack. So I thought of sharing it with the public so that people who want to earn Bitcoin can also earn.

Note that your income can significantly increase if you refer more people. So, if you have referred more than 7 people you will earn double what you are earning right now.

You can also make passive incoming doing blogging for a complete guide. Also, if you are a visitor from the USA, Canada, or Australia you can earn money doing Surveys if you want you can register there.

You watch the video here related to Survey Junkie. You can also read the article on my website if you want how to earn money doing survey online.

That’s it from one more post for earning money online. If you have any suggestions or queries feel free to put them in the comment section.

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