Get 6 Month Trial of Amazon Prime Completely Free

You want to Get 6 Month Trial of Amazon Prime completely free for now. Amazon is offering 6 Months of Free Amazon Prime service to all the peoples who are associated with Medicare or EBT.

And even if you are a student and new to the USA you still can get 6 months of Amazon Prime Completely Free.

Once you have signed up. You will receive the 6 months Free Trial of Amazon Prime Service completely Free.

And I will discuss what are the other benefits you will get from the Amazon Prime service of 6 months which you will be receiving upon signup. Note this offer is specifically for US customers of Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime
Free 6 Month Prime Subscription

Benefits of Free Amazon Prime Subscription for 6 Months

There are various benefits if you choosing to go for Amazon Prime Subscription and I think 6 months of the time frame is really very good. So the let discusses all the premium services you will receive upon subscribing to the Prime Service.

1. Free Delivery For All Products

The First and most important feature of the Amazon Prime Subscription is that you will get Free Delivery on any products you select on the Amazon website. Also, note that this free delivery is will also come with fast and convenient delivery options.

So the major advantage is 1 day or 2-day delivery which Amazon offers only to Prime Members or to the people who pay more for delivery which is equivalent to 1 month Prime Subscription.

Free Amazon Prime
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Feature of Amazon Prime Services

2. Exclusive Deals Just for Prime Members

Being a Prime Member you will receive exclusive deals from Amazon. So brief it out supposes there is Black Friday Deal going on Amazon then Prime member will receive early access to the Deals so that you can buy the product before it goes out of stock. You will also receive various 30 minutes early access and also premium access to Lighting Deals available on the Amazon website.

3. Get 5% OFF on All the Product in Grocery

Yes, you heard it right, you will save 5% on all the orders which are made on Amazon Grocery Store. Being a Prime member you will receive exclusive deals at Whole Foods Market and 5% back with Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card.

You should note that getting Prime Rewards Card is subject to approval and unless you have an approved Card you will not be able to receive the 5% cashback. But All I know is their approval rate is very good and case on a case basis you might receive a card.

Free Amazon Prime
Save on Grocery

4. Six Month Free Access to PrimeVideo Service

As you all know that similar to Netflix, Amazon has its own video streaming service name PrimeVideo where you can watch all the movies, TV shows, and podcasts.

So with Amazon Prime Membership, you will be available to watch what you love with award-winning Amazon Originals, movies, and TV shows, included in your membership.

Here you can see all the titles either foreign or Hollywood. Hence this feature really jumps out of all others as it really pays off being free.

5. Free Games and Loot with Twitch Prime

With the very good service of Amazon Prime Video, you will also receive Free games and loot with Twitch Prime. As you all know Twitch is the world-leading live streaming platform for gamers and all other things like chat n all.

You will receive a free Twitch channel subscription every month and more premium features with Twitch Prime. If you like to separately subscribe to Twitch Prime then you can follow the below link using the banner and you can go ahead and sign up to receive 30 days trial.

6. Amazon Music Without Ads

Amazon Music is an online music streaming service that offers both free service but limited availability and premium service which comes with Prime Membership. In this, you will get access to all the quality songs through the online stream without any ads.

There is also another service provided by Amazon which is Amazon Music Unlimited in which they provide a greater library of music streams at monthly prices.

If you want just to stream music and do not want any other Amazon Service then follow this link to buy the Amazon Music Subscription also at 50% off.

These are some amazing benefits that you will receive when you will subscribe to Free Amazon Prime 6 month Subscription.

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