Getting Started with Webmaster Tools: Full Guide 2020

Webmaster Tools is a very important tool which is required for your website to get ranked on the search engines. Since Google is a major search engine website which is used by most of the people around the world has its webmaster tool. So, in this post, I will guide you to step by step how you can set your website being found on the Internet as well as on Search Engines.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t started a blog or want to start a blog you can start reading my guide on How to start a blog here. Now your website is ready so let’s get ready and start putting your website on webmaster tools for your website. Note this guide is related to WordPress website.

Step 1: Go to Google and Search Webmaster Tools

The first step is to go to Google and search for webmaster tools. Where you can see the first option popping out is Google Webmaster Tool. Select the first option as shown in below image and sing up to the Webmaster Account using your Gmail account and if you want you can signup with other email address also.

Webmaster Tools

Step 2: Add the Property on Google Webmaster Tools

Next step is to add the property on webmaster tool. You can see the option popping up once you have signed in the webmaster tool. There you need to go and your domain name, for example, and then click Continue. Check the below image for reference.

Google Webmaster Tool

In the above yellow marked circle enter your domain name there and then select continue. As this will lead you to the next page. Where you will be asked to verify your website whether you actually own that or not.

Copy the Code and Paste in your DNS

Step 3: Copy the Code to your DNS of your Website

To copy the code on DNS you need to login to your hosting provider and go to the CPanel. There you can see DNS Text or DNS option on CPanel. Click that and enter the details mentioned above and save. Once you have added that to your DNS you need to wait some time around 24 hours to get it updated and come back to Google Webmaster Tool and Click Verify.

Once your website is verified you need to add a text to get the sitemap added to your website. Now you need to add HTML Tag of your webmaster tool into SEO Plugins such as RankMath or Yoast. Hence the next step is to add the HTML tag into your SEO Plugin and complete the setup of your webmaster almost.

Step 4: Add HTML Tag in SEO Plugin Provided by Google Webmaster Tool

Go to RankMath or Yoast and select Webmaster Tools Tab in RankMath in General Settings. There you can see Google Webmaster Tool and a link to get the HTML Tag which you can add to SEO plugin and get it verified to.

Html Tags

The First hidden blue mark shown in the picture is the name of your website and the Code in front of content which you need to copy and paste it in RankMath Plugin. Once you have done it i.e. pasted the code on RankMath save it and refresh your website. After that Click Verify on Google Webmaster Tool.

This verification process completes within seconds and you need not wait for it. Once you are done with this one the next and final step you need to do is add SiteMap in Google Webmaster Tool.

Step 5: Add SiteMap in Google Webmaster Tool

To know the sitemaps available for your website once you have installed RankMath or Yoast Plugin. Go to In this link, you need to replace your website name and then go to this link where you will get two HTML tags to add to your sitemap tab of Google Webmaster. In My case, it is something like this.

Sitemap List

Copy both the Links and Go to Google Webmaster Tools. Select Sitemaps and then add the above sitemap URL one by one. Once you have added the URL successfully then you are done with the process.

Select Sitemaps

You need to add the Sitemap URLs in below tabs as shown in below images on by one. Once you have added the sitemap URL Google will start Crawling your website and once it has crawled all your pages it will then start ranking your website on its search engine.

A normal timeframe to crawl all pages on your website can be somewhere from 2-4 weeks. And you will start seeing performance data after that. And if any error will be there on your website Google will notify you through mail to fix those issues as soon as possible.

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