Complete Guide To Transfer Data With Hard Drive Reader

Do you have an old hard drive and you want to transfer all the data from the old hard drive to the new hard drive? You can do that using Hard Drive Reader and it does not require a PC to be connected.

There are a lot of times if you are the owner of a laptop or desktop pc, you find a need to exchange the hard drive of your PC. The need for replacement may be because your hard drive is full, or your hard drive became slow and you considering purchasing SSDs.

Then in that case transferring data from one hard drive to a new hard drive or solid-state drive becomes a tedious job. And if you do not have a hard drive reader then you will find it more difficult.

Without a hard drive reader, you need to connect your hard drive or solid-state drive to a PC and then do copy-paste from one drive to other which is also very time-consuming.

So, let’s discuss how can you transfer data from an old hard drive to a new hard drive or solid-state drive without connecting it to a PC.

Find a External Hard Drive Reader or Adapter

There are various ways you can connect two different hard drives to transfer data easily without connecting it with a PC. One such gadget which can help you complete the transfer of data is an external hard drive reader or external dock or adapter.

So, you can find docks that will work as hard drive readers on Amazon as low as $30-40 like Sabrient USB 3.0 USB Dock. What this dock does is, allows you to just put the old hard drive on slot 1 and then put the new hard drive or solid-state drive in slot 2, and then if you want you can continue using it as the single hard drive.

You have two options, if you want to use the old hard drive just like that occasionally as a kind of external hard drive then you are better to use a hard drive adapter. But using adapters on the older hard drives can lead to hard drive crashes sometimes as noted by few users and you may not be able to use hard drives ever.

But still, there is a reasonable adapter that will do the work, and based on current updates and improvements in the adapter it usually held up pretty well. You can use this adapter which is a better value than any other one and does the work.

hard drive reader adapter

For this purpose, we are using a Sabrent USB 3.0 hard drive adapter. This one is having all the required connectors for the latest hard drives to the oldest hard drives which were SATA. It comes with a power supply cable as well hence you need not worry about finding power for your hard drive.

It supports up to 10TB hard drives. It has an on-off button that indicated if the hard drive is ready to use or not. It lets you connect your SATA / IDE device to your computer through a USB port. And it is compatible with Windows and Mac. And provides plug-and-play features without restarting the device.

Using Hard Drive Reader Dock

If you do not want to use an adapter and use your old hard drive as an external hard drive. And all you want is to transfer data from the old hard drive to the new hard drive then we will be using this dock for that purpose.

It provides you two slots in which you can put your new and old hard drive and you can easily transfer data from slot 1 to slot 2 without connecting to a PC. It takes few minutes only to clone the hard drive and then you are all set to use your new hard drive.

hard drive reader dock

All you need to do is just plug in the new hard drive after cloning and you are good to go. If your old hard drive is having Windows or Mac same will be replicated to the new hard drive. None of your data will be ever erased in this process from the old hard drive.

Reading and Accessing Data From Hard Drive Dock

You got the dock or adapter and now you need to go through the hassle of connecting it with a new or old hard drive and then connect it to a PC. As already directed connect the adapter to either of the hard drives and connect it to the PC to start using it.

If you are using the dock then it’s completely easy, just plug in the new or old external hard drive to one of the slots and connect it to the PC and start the dock on.

If you’re using an adapter, you’ll need to use the appropriate side of the adapter. As there are different slots such as SATA, IDE, and USB. Plug the adapter into a USB port on your computer, plug in the power via the molex adapter unit, and then turn on the switch on the power cable to provide power to the drive. Below, you can see how the adapter looks when correctly hooked up to an IDE drive.

hard drive reader adapter

After you have connected the dock or adapter to your computer and switched it on. Then your windows or mac will automatically detect that a new hard drive has been connected and the required drivers to display files and folder will be installed.

Once installation is completed you will be displayed with an option to explore the hard drive the way you want. Then you can see all the required files are present or not including the older windows folder and files.

If you are getting a permission-related warning upon opening any system folder then all you need to do is select continue and you will be able to see all the files and folders inside that folder.

What if Hard Drive is not detected using Dock?

If your hard drive is not detected after you have connected it to the dock or adapter and plugged in the USB and power cable as well. Then you can follow the below steps to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Disconnect all the wires and reconnect them.
  • Disconnect power cables and ensure that the power button is on.
  • Re-connect everything and ensure that all the cables are tightly coupled and the power plug is connected.

Even after the above troubleshoot you are not able to get your hard drive detected, then try restarting your computer once. If now also, it did not work then there can be below problem with your dock or adapter or hard drive.

  • Jumpers are not properly attached or the Older hard drive is completely dead
  • Hard drive files and folders are encrypted with viruses and it’s not letting you access them. [Google, Ransomware].
  • Hard Drive is completely damaged or Dock is not working. For dock, you can connect any working hard drive and check.

Remember that older hard drives are very much prone to power failures and crashes. So, if there will be any power fluctuations then the hard drive can become completely dead and unusable. So, in this case, you should take extreme precautions.

If you run into a problem then try taking a screenshot of the problem if it is related to the dock or adapter and letting the seller know that you need a refund or replacement for the defective product.

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