How to Hide Featured Image in Post WordPress

Are you in a scenario where all you want is to hide featured Image in Post in WordPress? Today in this post I will be discussing how to hide featured image in Post in WordPress.

As most of the time, you want to hide your featured image and you don’t want to completely delete it from your WordPress Site.

Let me guide you step by step to hide the featured image in the post. Note that you cannot do it without having any plugin installed.

How to Hide Featured Image

First, you need to install a plugin named as Hide Featured image. So, you can find this plugin from your add new plugin page as well.

Step 1: Go to Add new plugin page and install hide featured image.

How to Hide Featured Image in Post WordPress

Step 2: After you have installed the above mentioned plugin. Go to the post you want to remove the featured image from.

How to Hide Featured Image in Post WordPress

Step 3: Below the Featured image tab you will see that hide featured image is displayed. Select the hide feature image checkbox and then update the post.

Following above steps, will ensure that your featured image is hidden from the current post. You can also use this plugin to hide all the featured image from your WordPress site if you want to.

Note that the above plugin does not delete or unset the featured image. It allows or edits the frontend of your theme to hide the featured image only.

And if you ever want your hidden featured image to be displayed back again all you need to do is go to that specific post and untick the checkbox along the hide featured image. And then your featured image will again start appearing on the post.

The Benefit of Using WordPress Featured Image

You should always use high-quality pictures and feature images on your WordPress website. Using unique high-quality pictures always keeps your reader engaged.

Moreover, image presentations leave positive impressions on the readers. It also increases their engagement. As soon as they see enticing images from your website, they might want to read further and scroll throughout your pages.

However, sometimes not all the images are worth showing on your website, and hiding those images will make more sense than displaying them.

Why and When to Use Featured Image or Hide it?

Featured Images are post thumbnails that you keep on your blog to indicate what your post is all about before your user even clicks on the blog post completely.

There are many themes which provide you access and feature to not to show the featured images in the single post.

So, If I would show you my theme used here for a single post I have the feature to hide the featured image from all the blog posts.

How to Hide Featured Image in Post WordPress

As you can see in the above image, I can switch off all the featured images from a single post. But what if you want to hide the featured image only from few posts and not from all.

Then in that case above step-by-step guide can be used by installing the hide featured image plugin.

There are many themes that users have installed which uses the first image used in the post as a featured image. This is annoying most of the time and it may not add any value to your readers and post.

There are also few plugins where you can install them and which will set your featured images for the post automatically.

If you are a new blogger or started using WordPress for the first time, you may find it difficult to remove the featured image and this guide can help you resolve that problem.

I hope I was able to resolve your problem to hide the featured image on the post. Please keep visiting my website for such content.

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