Plagiarism is the biggest enemy of content. They cannot live aside together. Plagiarism in a
piece of content is similar to dirt on a white shirt.

Moreover, plagiarism will never let your content index or rank on search engine result
pages. As search engines hate plagiarism the most, you need to remove it for getting some

There are several methods used for the removal of plagiarism from the content. Among
them, paraphrasing is the most effective. Rephrasing the old content into a new and
updated format can remove plagiarism from it.

The content requirement has gone up very high in this decade. As many people are writing
content on similar topics, the chances of plagiarism are increasing.


You can also face plagiarism even after writing the whole content yourself because the
quantity of content on the Internet is crossing the heights of Everest.

In this scenario, AI paraphrasing tools can help a lot. They can be beneficial in removing
plagiarism from the content as well as in writing plagiarism free content by revamping
already existing content on the internet.

What are AI Paraphrasing tools?

A paraphrasing tool is used to rephrase the already written content in a new way without
making it plagiarized. It also does not change the intent and tone of content while
rephrasing it.

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We can say that a good paraphrasing tool is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence
and natural language processing programs that enable them to read, understand, and
paraphrase humanly. Their algorithms are smart enough to detect and retain the content
tone and delivery.

Ways a Paraphrasing Tool Can Help in Plagiarism Free Content Writing

Here are a few ways a paraphrasing tool can help to write content without plagiarism.

Altering the Words

A paraphrasing tool uses AI and NLP to change the wording of sentences. By adding
synonyms in place of existing words and removing unnecessary words, a paraphraser can
help in content writing. Word changing also helps in eliminating plagiarism.

Changing the Voice

Changing the voice of sentences from already written content can also help in writing
plagiarism free content. Changing the voice means changing the active to passive voice and
vice versa. It will also make content more fluent.

Improving the Sentence Structure

A paraphrasing tool also helps in improving the sentence structure when rephrasing the
old content. chopping off long sentences and cutting off unnecessary words also helps in
reducing the plagiarism level.

Switching Content Tone

There are paraphrasing tools available that can correct the content according to the
requirement. Moreover, in a few paraphrasing tools, tone-changing options are also
available. Switching the tone of content can also eliminate plagiarism from it.

Benefits of A Paraphrasing Tool Other Than Plagiarism Removal

We have seen, how paraphrasing tools can help write content without plagiarism. But there
are also other benefits of using a paraphrasing tool in content writing. Some of them are
mentioned below.

Vocabulary Enhancement

A rephrasing tool adds modern and suitable synonyms to the content which enhances its
vocabulary. Paraphrasers are now smart enough to detect the requirement of content.
Hence, they change the synonyms accordingly.

Grammar Enhancement

If there are any small grammatical mistakes in the content, they can be removed by
paraphrasing the content. Because paraphrasing tools do take care of grammar omissions
while rephrasing.

Improve Conciseness

A paraphraser sets the length of sentences to normal. It chops off long sentences and
increases the length of short ones by removing the unnecessary words and adding adverbs
and adjectives respectively.

Increase Readability

Enhancement in tone, changing the passive to active voice, and adjusting the sentence
length will increase the content readability. Therefore, a paraphrasing tool can also make
your content more readable.


An AI paraphrasing tool can help you a lot in writing plagiarism-free content if you know,
how to use it effectively. Paraphrasing is not illegal nor unethical in fact, it saves you from

Therefore, paraphrasing for plagiarism removal should be supported and encouraged.
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