How Many Videos Are On YouTube

YouTube is the world’s most popular video streaming platform. And you might be wondering how many videos are on YouTube, or how many videos are published on YouTube every day. Let’s see how many videos are currently available on YouTube.

YouTube has been around for more than a decade now, making it one of the oldest websites on the internet. YouTube has remained relevant despite the passage of time, which could render some technologies obsolete.

Since its inception, this visual social media platform has kept pace and only gotten faster and better. Because of this, it’s been able to build up a substantial user and content database.

The subject of this article is how many videos there are on YouTube, and we will provide an answer to that question here. You’ve been thinking about starting your own video content empire on YouTube, haven’t you? It would be helpful if you had this information at hand.

How Many Videos Are On YouTube Right Now?

How Many Videos Are On YouTube Right Now?

According to data from 2022, YouTube hosts more than 694 hours of video content, which is spread across more than 800 million videos on the platform’s 37 million channels. Daily video views on YouTube total 1 billion thanks to the site’s more than 2 billion active users.

122 million people are considered to be daily active users, and the typical amount of time that people spend watching videos is 19 minutes. Statistics from 2021 indicate that YouTube receives more than 14 billion unique visitors each month, placing it in second place among the most popular websites in the world. It is only surpassed in prominence by its own parent company, Google.

How Many Monthly Active Users Does YouTube Have?

How Many Monthly Active Users Does YouTube Have?

In 2021, YouTube will have 2.3 billion global users, according to the most recent statistics (Statista, 2021). Second, only to Facebook in popularity, YouTube has more active users than any other social media platform.

There are approximately 2.3 billion people who visit the site at least once a month. Given that YouTube videos can be viewed without a Google account, such as through WhatsApp’s autoplay feature, YouTube’s reach is actually greater than that of Google’s.

In the year 2021, this YouTube user data will be extremely valuable to marketers. With over two billion people logging into YouTube every month, marketers have the opportunity to tap into a massive and active market. In addition, YouTube has a much larger audience, making it an excellent platform for your digital marketing campaigns.

How Many Gaming Videos Are On YouTube?

How Many Gaming Videos Are On YouTube?

Gaming videos are a popular type of video on YouTube, so we’ll look at some statistics about gaming videos. More than 100 billion hours of gaming videos will be viewed on the platform in 2020. It’s true that YouTube is a haven for gamers to post their video game-related creations.

By the end of 2022, an estimated 2.9 billion people are expected to play video games. This top-ranked gaming channel has 44.3 million subscribers and is run by Fernanfloo, Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado aka Fernanfloo.

With 32.6 million subscribers, Spanish gamer Samual de Luque Batuecas, aka Vegetta777, is second only to Fernanfloo. Before he switched his channel from gaming to entertainment, PewDiePie, Felix Kjellberg, a Swedish YouTuber, and gamer, had the most subscribers.

For gamers, video game reviews and gameplay footage can be found in the form of gaming-related videos. It’s not just video games that have live events, fundraisers, and tournaments.

Wrap Up

Over 800 million videos were found to be the answer to our question of “how many there are on YouTube”. Take a moment to consider the complexity of the technology required to accommodate all of those videos.

You’re probably also aware that YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users and 694 hours of video content. YouTube’s most popular types of videos and the channels that host them are also covered in this article.

There is a direct correlation between the number of unique and high-quality video uploads you make and the number of people who subscribe and watch your videos.

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