How to block someone on LinkedIn in 2021

LinkedIn is a great social media platform for professionals to communicate with each other for various jobs, company and other professional related topics. Most of the time we add people on LinkedIn to get some referrals or connections to gain information but not all of them are good profiles to connect. So we think of block someone on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn allows members (both workers and employers) to create profiles and connections to each other in an online social network which may represent real-world professional relationships. Members can invite anyone to become a connection.

There can be instances when people send you annoying promotional strategy message or inappropriate message on LinkedIn which you do not like to get. Then it’s better to block that person on LinkedIn. And today we are going to learn to that how can we block someone on LinkedIn.

So let get to know the steps to follow on how to block someone on LinkedIn or block any company on LinkedIn. Or how can we block anyone on LinkedIn?

Steps: How to Block some on LinkedIn

Step 1:

Go to LinkedIn Page from here. Then log in to your Profile. Once you are logged into your account go to the person you want to block. Once you are on the person’s profile whom you want to block and then you will get to know to block someone on LinkedIn.

Step 2:

After you are on the person’s profile page whom you want to block. You can see a button near his profile photo on right side named “More”. Click on the “More” as displayed in the below image. Once you have clicked on More Button you can see a list of options such as Share profile via Message, Save to PDF, Give Kudos, Request a Recommendation, Recommend, Un-follow, Remove Connection, Report/Block.

How to block someone on LinkedIn
More Options on LinkedIn

Step 3:

Click on Report/Block Button on More Menu option. Select Block XXXX (Person’s Name). You will see the message below that you will no longer be connected and will not be able to message each other or see each other’s profile and updates.

How to block someone on LinkedIn
Select Block Option on the Pop Up

Step 4:

Finally, you will get a final message box with two-button as Go Back and Block. Select Block and finally the person is completely blocked and he or you will no longer to be able to contact each other.

How to block someone on LinkedIn
Finally select Block to completely block someone.

And nor you guys can message each other in future. It’s always good to block and report profile’s looks fake or doing wrong things on LinkedIn.

Above steps can be performed to block groups on LinkedIn. Also, you can block a company similarly by opening the company profile page and selection all the options as taught above.

Steps: How to Unblock someone LinkedIn

Now you don’t want to visit the person’s profile and yet you want to unblock him. Then you can follow the below steps to get a person unblocked on LinkedIn without opening profile. Let’s start.

Step 1:

Again Go to LinkedIn Page and log in to your account. Once you are logged into your account. Select your profile photo on the top to get the drop-down list. Select Account and Privacy Settings.

How to block someone on LinkedIn
Settings and Privacy

Step 2:

Scroll down, you can see that Blocking and Hiding heading is written. Select Blocking on the options. There you can see the list of profiles you have blocked. Select unblock.

How to block someone on LinkedIn
Option where List of Blocked Person will be Displayed

Then that profile is unblocked and now you can start communicating with the person again. This scenario can occur when you mistakenly block someone whom you do not want to block.

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