How To Book Tatkal Ticket Today [2021]

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is run by Indian Railways which is used to book tickets online on Train. Let learn how to book Tatkal Ticket and get a confirmed ticket.

The first thing to learn is Tatkal Booking Opening happens at 10:15 am for Online A/C Coaches Booking and 11:15 am for Non-A/C Coaches Booking. Now I have been booking tickets from years. But most of the time I fail to book the ticket online and I always get either WAITING Ticket or RAC.

Today I will tell you tips and tricks to get a confirmed Tatkal ticket booking procedure. So let start and follow below steps and guidelines to get your ticket confirmed with 100% guarantee (Note: sometime it may result in WAITING or RAC).

1. Create an IRCTC Account: Required to Book Tatkal

The first step you need to perform is creating an IRCTC account. If you want to create an IRCTC Account Click Here. Then Enter your username for example ravi9358930. Then enter the password you want to keep.

After that re-enter the same password and answer the security questions which you have selected. Preferred Language option is either English or Hindi. So select whatever suits you better.

Then Enter your Personal details such as name, gender, date of birth, occupation, marital status, country, email address and mobile number, address. Once all the input are entered select I am not robot captcha.

Select the terms and condition tick box and then select register. Once you are registered you will get an email to activate your email, so go to your email inbox and click on the link received from the IRCTC to activate the account.

2. Create MakeMyTrip Account

Now once you have the IRCTC Account. Remember your IRCTC username and password. Then Download the MakeMyTrip App or Go to MakeMyTrip website. And then register there with the link provided.

On MakeMyTrip Account, you can register easily using your Gmail account. Also, you can get a lot of coupons for MakeMyTrip for Train Ticket Bookings including Tickets.

How To Book Tatkal Ticket
MakeMyTrip Booking Page

Now Once you are registered for MakeMyTrip and IRCTC you are good to go and book Tatkal Ticket. So Around 10:15 am or 11:15 am based upon your choice of the option of A/C or Non-A/C then login to MakeMyTrip and select Book Trains.

Enter your destination and arrival with today’s date. Then Press Search, which will search the available trains and also immediately you can see the available seats on the trains.

If you can see the seats are available on the train. Then immediately click the book and Enter your traveller’s name and age. And then you will be re-directed to IRCTC to enter your IRCTC login details such as username and password. Enter your username and password and it will be redirected to MakeMyTrip.

Once you are back on MakeMyTrip Page select your payment type and you can make the payment from credit card, debit card, Paytm, Freecharge and UPI. I would suggest that you make payment using UPI and its very quick for a refund and easy payment method.

Once your tickets are booked you will get the email and what’app message of the ticket pdf. You can also apply various coupons for a discount on the ticket booking.

So this is my guide on how to book Tatkal with high probability for confirmation. I have seen whenever I booked ticket from MakeMyTrip its always confirmed most of the time. It’s quite easy and fast to do the bookings. It also holds your booking for 10 minutes.

So it’s all for the guide. I will be updating this post after quarantine ends. As I am unable to post the pictures as the website is blocked. So stay tuned and I would apologize for the less image post made today.

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