How To Bypass ZIP Code On Credit Card or Debit Card

Did you just receive your new credit card or debit card and you are unable to perform the transaction as it is asking for a zipcode? Learn how to bypass zip code on Credit Card.

Using your credit or debit card to make cashless purchases may be convenient, but do you really understand or know all the details related to your card? You’ll be requested to enter the zip code whenever you are trying to swipe your card on the counter or want to make an online payment.

Zipcode verification is an added security kept from the bank for the consumer so that they do not get scammed or no theft transaction can be made easily. Hence sometimes instead of Credit Card or Debit Card pin, you will be asked to enter the Zip Code to complete the transaction.

What is a ZIP Code on Credit or Debit Card?

Every place is identified with a postal code. The majority of them have a five-digit number based on a small segment, with an additional four digits that span a larger area.

Such information is useful for sorting mail and determining the amount of postage that must be paid for parcels. A major city may have numerous postal codes, each of which corresponds to a different section of the city as a whole.

How To Bypass ZIP Code On Credit Card

It is not uncommon for a small town to have a single zip code that serves all of its population. Now the same ZipCode is used for transaction confirmation from many banks to complete the transactions.

How To Find The ZIP Code For Credit Card or Debit Card?

If you are the real owner of the credit card or debit card then the zip code can be the zip code of the bank from where you got the credit or debit card.

Otherwise, usually, the zip code is set to the address where the card was issued for. Suppose you have provided your driver’s license the address in your driver’s license must have a zip code and that will be your zipcode which you need to enter to complete the transactions.

Or else you can directly contact your issuing bank and ask them the zip code that you need to enter to complete the transactions. Usually, after verification, they provide the zip code that you may require to enter.

How To Bypass ZIP Code on Credit Card or Debit Card?

If you do not know the zip code and want to bypass the zip code then you need to press the skip button on the credit or debit card transaction machine. You will usually get the skip option when you are asked to enter the zip.

And once you have skipped the ZIP requirement most of the time transactions get completed on their own or else you may be asked for the PIN of the credit card or debit card.

And if you are unable to Bypass the ZIP code on your transaction window then you need to enter the ZIP Code that is required and it is usually the location of the Credit Card where it was first issued.

For example, if you are living in Deer Valley Arizona with ZIP code 85027 and your Drivers license has the same address as Deer Valley then you are required to enter the ZIP as 85027.


I hope you understood how you can bypass the zip code on your credit card or debit card. And also what other steps you can take if you are unable to bypass the zip code.

Make sure that you are the only owner of the card you are trying to complete the transactions. Else you will be easily caught doing any fraudulent transaction on someone’s else card.

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