How to Cut Or Trim Videos Using VLC Player 2021

Are you struggling to find a tool or software where you can cut or trim the videos you have? You can do that using the free tool available on the market.

VLC Media player can be used to edit, cut, and trim videos. And as a fact, this player is freely available and you can download it here.

VLC Media player is the most famous video and audio player available for both macOS and Windows. It is a free video player, though it’s not a very powerful video editor. But still, it let you cut the videos and audio using its interface.

It provides various other features as well, such as recording a portion of the video and saving it. It also makes sure that the quality of the video remains intact. If you are only into playing videos and audio using this tool, then it can play any extension videos of your choice.

In this article, I will be discussing the method using which you can trim and cut videos in VLC Media Player. So, let’s start and see the tutorials.

Cut or Trim Videos in VLC

To use the Trim or Cut features in VLC you need to enable Advance Controls. To enable Advance Controls to go to the View Menu and then Select Advance Control. Or Make sure that Advance Controls are enabled.

How to Cut Or Trim Videos Using VLC Media Player

Once you have activated or enabled the advanced controls. You will be able to see 4 new buttons below the video timeline. These are marked as Recording Button, Snapshot button, Loop button, and Frame Button.

How to Cut Or Trim Videos Using VLC Media Player
Advanced Controls

Here we are going to use the Recording and Frame button to achieve the desired results. So, now follow the below steps to record and then trim or cut the videos.

Step 1: Start the video

Start the video which you want to cut in the VLC media player. Once you have started playing and enabled the required controls as mentioned above.

How to Cut Or Trim Videos Using VLC Media Player

Step 2: Select the recording point

Now you need to go to the time from where you want your video to start. For Example: Suppose you have a video of length 60 min. And you want to crop video between 5-10min. Then move to 5 minutes timeline of the video and hit the recording button.

How to Cut Or Trim Videos Using VLC Media Player

Step 3: Select the End of Recording Point

So, Once you have started the recording, then you can start watching the video forward to the required timeline.

If you want to cut the video to a certain frame then you can proceed ahead in the video using the Frame by Frame button which is the last button on the advance control.

How to Cut Or Trim Videos Using VLC Media Player

Step 4: Stop the Recording and Save

Once you have reached the Frame or timeline where you want to end the video. Select the Record button again and this will save the video of the timeline you selected.

Using this method you will be able to cut or trim short videos from the long videos in VLC Media Player. Note that you cannot fast forward the videos to the required timeline. And hence in this case you may be required to watch the video.

How to Cut Or Trim Videos Using VLC Media Player

So, Suppose you want to record 10 minutes of video then you need to wait for 10 minutes of recording to pass. Once 10 minutes are over you can stop the video and the trimmed video will be saved.

Accessing the Cut Or Trimmed Video

Once you have performed all the above steps, the trimmed video can be found in the video folder of your user’s folders. For Example: “C:\Users\jack9\Videos”, where jack9 is the username of my computer.

How to Cut Or Trim Videos Using VLC Media Player

Alternatives to Trim Videos

You can use hotkeys and shortcut buttons to record the videos.

  • Select Shift + R, to Start the recording.
  • Select Shift + R again, to Stop the recording.

Once you will press the above hotkeys, a message will be displayed telling you that the recording is started and once you press it again it will say recording done.


As you saw it’s easy to trim or cut videos on the VLC Media player. But it’s not as intuitive or feature-rich as other costly video trimming software. But it gets the work done.

If you are someone who wants to cut short videos out of long videos then surely you should use VLC, and if you are someone who wants to cut and edit the video or apply some filter then you have to look for alternative video editing software.

You can also use advanced controls to take snapshots from the videos and alternatively you can use and windows 10 features to take screenshots then crop them as per your convenience.

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