How to delete a page in Google Docs

Google docs are becoming more popular each and every day, because of which questions related to google docs are also increasing every day. So today we are going to learn how to delete a page in Google Docs accounts. In our previous post, we discussed deleting or deactivating a Facebook account.

So, before we go through directly showing you the method to how to delete the page on Google Docs. We will go through little history about Google Docs and why you should use Google Docs online instead of any other platform.

Arguably, Microsoft Office is a paid service to use and you can get or do almost the same type of work on Google Docs. Hence it is quite wise to use Google Docs nowadays and all your files will be saved on cloud hence that provides a sense of security to its user instead of Microsoft office.

Step on how to delete page in Google Docs

Step 1: Go to Google Docs home page. If you do not have Google Docs account Sign up here.

Step 2: Once you are on Google Docs home page you can go to Recent Documents. On Right Side in drop box menu select documents owned by me. So that you remove files only which are owned by you since removing files owned by other people will lead to error. And you will not be allowed to do so.

Recent Document on how to delete a page in google docs
Recent Document Owned by Me

Step 3: Now as you can see all the recent documents listed as in the above image. There you can see after every title there presents three dots : .

Select it which will pop up with options such as Rename, Remove, Open in New Tab, Available for offline. Now since you want to remove the file or files from your directory. Select Remove Option.

You will see a pop message telling that Moved to trash. If you want to Undo your action you need to immediately select UNDO Button as below so that your documents get restored.

Documents delete or removed pop up
Documents Deleted

But After Few Seconds you can see that document is completely removed and move to the trash folder and it cannot be retrieved anymore.

Finally, this ends our guide to on How to delete a page in google docs. But there is another question that if you want to delete a particular page of the document on Google Docs.

Step to how to remove a page on Google Docs – part 2

Step 1: Open a document you want to edit. Now suppose you have 3 pages on the document. And you want to delete the content of page 2 and page 2 itself.

Step 2: Select all the text and elements present on page 2 and press the backspace button on the keyboard. This will get page 2 removed from your document. If you still didn’t understand this method then see the next step.

Step 3: So this is basically a bonus tip to do this. I have compiled the YouTube video for this embedded below. Watch it for more information and also please do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more content like this.

How to Delete A Page in Google Docs

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