How to Easily Customize WordPress Design and Create Custom Design Without Writing Any Code?

Are you new to WordPress and you do not know how to easily customize WordPress design without writing any code? Then you are in right place.

Today, I will be discussing various ways in which you can design a custom design in WordPress without writing any code. Or are you new to blogging if yes then let’s start?

Customize WordPress Easily using Themes or Plugins.

The best thing which you can use is, have a premium theme installed or themes that let you modify the header and footer as you want to modify.

There are various themes which provide you an immense number of design for your website and other services if you buy their premium membership. One such theme is Genesis. Genesis theme provides you all the tools and required widgets to customize the website the way you want.

Genesis comes with a theme and a framework. So, it is important that you select both of them since Framework is the main tool that will let you design the pages as you wish and like to do.

How to Easily Customize WordPress Design and Create Custom Design Without Writing Any Code and Genesis theme pro

Genesis comes with tools and widgets that let you quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. It does not matter who you are a novice or advanced developer, Genesis provides you everything from security and SEO as well.

But if you are someone who has already installed the premium theme and does not want to change the complete look and feel of your website. And all you want is customization option for yourself for the WordPress pages then you need to install plugins to solve the problem.

One such plugin which provides you feature and power to develop and design the WordPress website the way you want is Elementor. Elementor is a freemium tool. So, you can always install the free version, start using it.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a plugin in WordPress which is used as a drag and drop page builder. This plugin helps you to create beautiful pages without any hassle and just by using the visual editor it provides. It aims at designing dynamic websites quickly.

This plugin present in WordPress is an all-in-one solution that lets you control every part of your website design on WordPress. It allows you to customize your website as you wish to do to meet your requirement and design values.

Why Use Elementor?

Elementor plugin is easy to install and works with any theme even if you are using free or premium. It provides you with more than 90 widgets to create content such as buttons, cards, star ratings, blog post styles, progress bars.

If you are the one who is not going to save or store and modify a huge amount of your user data then this is just the right tool for you.

It is the most popular choice among people who are using WordPress with script optimization, custom attributes, and rollback versions.

Elementor is a very effective tool that lets you build whatever you want, from the entire website to specific landing pages or blog posts, contact pages. You can design creative sales funnels and pages using Elementor and it even lets you create custom forms.

To give you more idea this website contact us page custom form is created using Elementor, Go check it out.

Pricing of Elementor

Elementor is a freemium tool. This means that this plugin is free to install and use for limited features. If you are new to WordPress and do not want to invest right away I would suggest you go with Elementor free version.

Once you have installed the free version of the plugin. Then you can go ahead and start using the free widgets to design the pages and posts of your website. If you feel that you are not able to design the website as per your wish and you want a premium version then you can buy one.

Or simply buy a one-month premium feature and try it for one month and see if it is solving your purpose then you can go ahead and continue the service else you can go back to the free plugin always.

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So, if you want advanced functionality, such as the ability to add advanced forms and custom CSS then you need to upgrade to the pro version. Below is the pricing of the premium version of the plugin.

  • $49/year for 1 site.
  • $99/year for 3 sites.
  • $199/year for 1,000 sites.


Genesis theme and Elementor plugin both solves the problem of the user by providing intuitive feature like drag and drop and various other advanced features to edit each widget differently as wished by its users.

Hence you cannot go wrong with any one of them. If you are someone who already has a different premium theme installed on WordPress I would suggest you go with the Elementor Plugin but if you are someone who hasn’t done anything yet, then surely investing in Genesis Pro will help you a lot to achieve.

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