How To Fix Retrieving Data Wait Few Seconds and…

On a daily basis, Microsoft Excel[1] is one of the most often used pieces of software on a computer. Excel Web App is also available online through Excel Online, Office 365, and other similar services.

It is possible to get this Retrieving Data, Please Wait a Few Seconds problem while working with the Microsoft Excel program and attempting to copy and paste significant amounts of data from it into another file.

Quick Fix: Retrieving Data Wait a Few Seconds and Try to Cut or Copy Again

We have demonstrated several approaches for resolving Retrieving Data. Wait a Few Seconds and Try Again techniques are listed below this text. Consider them all and choose the one that is most appropriate for you.

How To Fix Retrieving Data Wait Few Seconds

However, if none of these worked for you, we have another option. Scanning the complete computer system with Reimage may reveal some malicious components or software that are creating the issue and assist you in automatically resolving the Retrieving data, waiting a few seconds, then attempting to cut or copy again error.

1. Open Excel in the Another Browser apart from one Currently in Use

The two most commonly used browsers for retrieving data are Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, according to IT experts. Error message: “Retrieving data, please wait a few seconds before cutting or copying again.” If you’re having issues with one of these web browsers, you may want to try a different one. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, for example, are two options.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Check to see that your PC / laptop is connected to a working internet connection before proceeding. If you are experiencing problems with your internet connection, attempt to resolve them before opening the excel file.

3. Download Document and Edit it Offline and Upload it Again

Open a new window and select File > Save As > Download. It’ll save a copy of the file to your hard drive after you click “Download.” After that, you’ll be able to modify the document and copy and paste content from it as needed.

Offline writing in Microsoft Office programs is possible with an Office 365 subscription. Use the exact same Microsoft account each time.

It’s important to know that you don’t need an Office 365 subscription to use Excel on your mobile device. To read and copy data from the file, you can use this program. Alternatively, you can open the spreadsheet in Google Docs and then copy the data.

4. Close The Browser and Only Open Excel with One Tab

Any changes you make are immediately reflected in the online version, excluding an error message.

Close the tab under which the file was open if you already have saved your file. Then go back to the file’s original place and reopen it. If it doesn’t work, try a different browser.

There are numerous ways to open files in today’s computer era. If all you want to do is open files, there are also plenty of options. Download a different one if the first one doesn’t work so you can finish your project.

5. Try Copying and Pasting the Text Again to Fix the Retrieving Data Error

This is a quick and easy fix for the “Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again” problem when retrieving data. Just doing the same thing over and over again is all it takes. However, it’s worth a go since who knows? It just might work wonders for you.

  • Select the fields you want to copy/paste and then deselect them.
  • What’s going on here? (around a minute should be enough)
  • Try copying and pasting again after selecting the desired fields.


With the above methods, you should be able to solve your issues. It is possible to fix an error in Microsoft Excel by downloading and opening the Excel file in the desktop version of Microsoft office.

If the problem remains, temporarily deselect the data and try again. Changing your current web browser may also be an option to help you fix the problem.

In last if you are still not able to fix the above issue then please write it down in the comment section we will be happy to help you and provide you with the resolution as soon as possible.

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