How To Get Free Spotify Trial Without Credit Card

Are you looking for Free Spotify Trial and you do not own any credit card? You will learn how to get Free Spotify trial without Credit card.

Spotify is the leading music streaming service in the world. It has a few unique features such as discovering music related to your music taste and playing your favorite singer songs. This has led to an increase in the subscription to Spotify.

You are looking to try the Spotify Premium service before subscribing or you just want to try premium but you do not own a credit card or any credit to let verify Spotify that once your subscription ends you will be able to pay them the first-month subscriptions.

How To Get Free Spotify Trial Without Credit Card

If you have already created the free account and then you can follow the below steps on your Spotify Free account and you can get the Spotify Premium from 7 days to up to 3 months depending upon Spotify how many months of free service they want to provide you.

  1. To begin, use a mobile device and a username and password that have never been used to access Premium features before.
  2. Make sure you’re in Settings and then Account.
  3. A button that says “Try Premium for Free” should appear.
  4. To activate Premium for seven days, all you have to do is tap it.
How To Get Free Spotify Trial Without Credit Card

If you are not getting that option means that you have already taken the seven days or other free premium trial and to get another free trial you will require to add the credit card.

Is it Possible to Get Fake Credit Card or You Should Try For It?

No, Stricly not recommended and most probably you can get scammed either your data will be hacked or stolen or your computer or mobile can get malware installed that can lead to providing all the data to the hacker.

How To Get Free Spotify Trial Without Credit Card

Hence you should not try to generate any kind of Fake Credit Card to get Spotify Premium. There is no other way apart from having any credit card or debit card of your own. Using this Spotify does not charge anything all they do is confirm your Country and the Plans that you should get.

Method 2: How To Get Free Spotify Trial Without Credit Card – Use Debit Card

This method is applicable if you are having a debit card. All you are required is to open a Bank account with around a $5 balance and then get a debit card from the bank. And that debit card you can use to activate the premium Subscription of Spotify.

And to make sure once the subscription ends and money is not deducted you need to make sure that your Bank account balance is less than the monthly subscription charge of Spotify. With this method, you will be secure from any unwanted charges and unless you really want to pay Spotify cannot automatically charge you for a premium subscription.

But once your Free trial date expires your account will become a free account and now you will need to listen to ads to get free 30 minutes of audio streaming.

Method 3: Create A Free Virtual Credit Card Account

The third method that you can use to get the premium subscription is to get a free virtual credit card account created. There are lots of companies that let you create the free virtual credit card and you can use these credit cards without any worries on the websites like NetFlix, Spotify, Prime, etc.

But the catch is still you will require to have a Bank account with some major banks and then these virtual credit card companies can link your account to generate the virtual credit card number for you to use.

One such company to create the virtual credit card is donotpay. This website lets you create a virtual credit card by linking your bank account and then you can use this card to get free trials on any website. If by any chance you get charged on your card these people also help you get the refund for all the subscriptions.

Wrap Up

I hope you were able to get the Spotify Premium subscription using the above methods that I have discussed. You can use either a Debit Card with almost no balance or you can create a virtual credit card from a legitimate source.

Note you should not try creating any fake credit cards as those are illegal and if caught you can be punished under various sections. And hence you should stay away from this kind of tactics.

Let me know in the comments section if you have any better ideas than the ones discussed above. I will be happy to add it here.

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