How To Get PUK Code Without Calling Customer Service

Is your mobile got PUK locked? And you do not know how to get PUK Code? In this article, I will discuss how you can get the PUK Code without calling Customer Care.

Everyone ignores the PUK code while buying. However, once your SIM card is locked and you’ve tried three times without success, it’s locked and can only be unlocked by a PUK code.

If you still have your SIM Card cover that you got while buying the SIM card then you can easily enter the PUK code as the PUK code is present on the SIM Card and you are not required to call customer service if you have your SIM Card cover with you.

What Is PUK on SIM Cards?

This is referred to as the PUK code (Personal Unlocking Key/Code), and it is a one-time code that is generated for each SIM card.

How To Get PUK Code Without Calling Customer Service

This feature is useful for protecting your personal information that is stored on your SIM card, contact list, financial information, and other devices. As a result, in some extreme instances, you may want to lock it.

How to Get PUK Without Calling Customer Service

Let me list down the methods below by which you can get the PUK Number without calling customer service.

Method 1: Using the SIM Card Cover / Packaging.

When you purchase a SIM card, it is delivered in a small packet. The PUK code, of course, will be included in this document.

Simply looking for the plastic card that the SIM card was snapped out of will suffice if you still have your Sim card packaging in your possession.

The SIM card PIN code and the PUK code are both printed on the back of the SIM card, along with an eight-digit PUK code. If you are unable to view the PUK code on the back, it is likely that you will need to reveal it.

For the time being, please seek a scratchable region on the reverse of the plastic card. In order to disclose your PUK code, you will need to use a coin or a key to carefully scrape away the area around the PUK code.

Finally, you are able to obtain your PUK code without having to contact customer care.

Method 2: Visit the Phone or Mobile Carrier Website To Get the PUK

To obtain your PUK code in this second method, you do not need to contact customer care; instead, you only need to login into the website of your mobile service provider.

Customer online accounts are provided by most mobile service providers, according to research.

For those of you who find yourself in this situation, you can quickly access the official website of your mobile carrier. In order to proceed, you must sign in using your credentials.

In your personal profile, you will find the PUK code stated. You are currently able to look for an option to obtain your PUK code and then unlock the SIM card on your Android device.

Method 3: Visit the Retailer From Where You Bought the SIM

You are not required to Call Customer service if you know the place from where you bought that SIM Card.

Since most of the retailers know the PUK numbers for the SIM Cards that they have sold recently maybe if your retailer maintains the data then he can provide you with the PUK Number.

But if you bought it from a very small retailer then chances are less that he will know the PUK number for your SIM Card.

In this case, you may need to ask the retailer to check with the Carrier itself and get the PUK number to get your SIM Card unblocked.

How To Get PUK By Calling the Customer Care?

If you haven’t been able to get the PUK number by the above-listed number then you need to call customer care and you have no options left. Some of you may want to obtain the PUK code by calling customer support.

How To Get PUK Code Without Calling Customer Service

Your mobile provider knows your PUK code because it created your SIM card and set the PUK code initially.

But to make sure your carrier helps you, you are required to obtain the SIM card number that is printed on the SIM, and hence you need to call the carrier with a different number and explain your problem properly to get the resolution quickly.

Where To Find the PUK Number On The Recently Purchased SIM Card?

If you have recently purchased a SIM card, glance or look at the packaging to see what it says. It is possible that the PUK card has been printed on it.

Take a look at the box that your SIM card arrived in. The PUK code should be printed on the box or on a label on the box or label.

You can visit the retailer of the SIM Card if you are not able to locate the SIM Card PUK that you bought recently. The retailer can be helpful in locating the PUK Number on your SIM Card.

Wrap Up

I hope you received your PUK number for your SIM using any one of the methods listed above. Usually, after getting the PUK once you enter that on your phone you will ask to reset the PIN Code again on your phone.

This feature lets you reset the PIN code so that you can remember the PIN Code now and you should rarely use the PUK code since it is a sensitive SIM Card data number and should not be shared or used very frequently.

Let me know in the comment section if you are still not able to unblock your phone using the above methods and also if you know any better method than the one discussed above I will be happy to add it here and help you as well.

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