How to Start a Blog for Passive Income: Complete Guide in 2020

Starting a blog in India or anywhere in the world is a very big decision. As blogging is very dedicated work and takes a lot to time to write an article which actually solves the problem of the audience which you are about to build. Since being new to blogging a lot of questions comes in mind like where to start and how to start a blog for passive income.

Hence today in this post I will be discussing how to start a blog in India or anywhere in the world with the least amount of investment. Blogging is basically sometimes meant as starting a business. Hence business always requires a little investment for better result. But in Blogging, you have all the options open like how you want to start and where. So let’s jump into the details directly.

First Step: Find Your Niche

Finding a Niche is the most important task in starting any blog. As you can start a blog with a huge subject then but again you can get lost in the ocean of topics and then you can become bore over a period of time. Hence it’s a really good idea always to start with a small subject of niche such as Indian Food Blog.

Let’s talk about a blog suppose if we start blogging on the subject such as Indian Food Blog where we only want to cover Non-Veg Indian Recipe. Since this blog will become super Niche and you can write hundreds of Indian Non-Veg Recipe which are available and popular.

And over a period of time, you can see your blog growing. Once you have grown enough you blog such as thousand of visitors per day then you can start exploring or expanding your niche may be from Non-Veg to also including the Veg Topics and Recipe in your blog.

Finding the Perfect Niche

And currently, I think Indian Blogging Industry is still new and you can get a lot of articles on the subject in regional language or if you want to go worldwide then you can start with English. The main purpose of Niche is to target a specific amount of people who will follow you every time if your contents are awesome or very good.

Another example can be starting a blog which topic such as Health-related to bodybuilding. So if you start a blog with a specific topic of Body Building which has immense potential to post a lot of articles and guides. And once your blog grows you can start selling some affiliate products to earn money from your blogging.

So once you have found your Niche, One thing you must note that the topic or niche which you select. You must be passionate about that subject and should not lose interest over time. And you can pursue it as a hobby in starting, later if you grow big you can start it full time and think of expanding.

Second Step: Get a Domain with Your Target Niche Keyword

Second Step is to get a perfect domain name. It’s always good if your domain name consists of your Niche Keyword such as we have taken the example above of bodybuilding. So maybe you can come up with something very similar if this is not available.

Note that you should not keep your domain name very strange such as or too long as as these are the bad choices to make you are about to choose a domain name for your website. It’s always beneficial if you go with a shorter and easy rememberable to name such as is a great name and easy to remember.

Bulletproof your Domain for $4.88 a year

Anything you do in starting related to your blog you need to keep in mind of your future audiences as what they want and how you can make things easy for them over time and keep growing with fewer hassles.

If I would have to recommend a domain registering site which is cheap and best to start with is And I have written an article which has 80% OFF Coupon on Domain Name registering on NameCheap so you can click here and visit that post and register a domain which you like. You can go for alternate domain registration sites also but NameCheap is best of all of them.

Once you have got your perfect domain name. We can go to the next step that is finding the perfect hosting network. So let’s get into the details. But in Meanwhile if you are a gamer and want to host Minecraft on it we can a awesome article on it to host on Apex Hosting Here.

Third Step: Finding a Perfect hosting site

Finding a Hosting site can be very stressful if you ask me. Because initially, we have lot’s of questions to ask but limited visibility as lots of sites referring different website for hosting a website. Let me discuss with bullets points what actually is required for a perfect hosting site.

  • Provide Powerful backend service at a reasonable price
  • Very high uptime for any website hosted
  • Various packs and customization options as per need
  • Great Customer Service for any nick picks occurred.

If we go in detailed of above points it always great to have a hosting site which provides you with a lot of options with easy to use user interface. User Interface of any hosting site is really important and it should be very easy to understand. And hence nowadays a lot of web hosting website provides one-click installations of various tools required to run website.

The best hosting website which I recommend is SiteGround Hosting. SiteGround Hosting is one of the best website hosting platforms I have ever used. And I have used various hosting website but the amount of support and freedom we get on Siteground is unlimited. But Also there are some drawbacks if compared with premium website hosting websites.

SiteGround Pricing

If you do not want to go cheap and start with premium website hosting then you can go with WP Engine – Get 3 months free on annual plans If you want to go with all the premium services on the go WP Engine – Get 3 months free on annual plans is the best hosting website to date. The amount of free tools they provide with there hosting services is really awesome and worth extra money.

WPEgine Pricing with Various Premium Plugins

You should think of blogging as business investment in starting as getting hosting can be pricey but if you serious enough to put efforts for this then you are good to use awesome service at premium prices as WP Engine – Get 3 months free on annual plans. And if you want to start slow and steady then you can go with SiteGround.


Both of them are great website hosting websites and can we used to get hosted your website there. But if you have still doubt about it I will be writing a detailed review about it soon and publish here. Links will be shared here.

Also, there are various hosting types available such as Shared Hosting, Managed Hosting, Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting. All these hosting get costlier one by one. But they have distinct features and requirement when these should be used. I will be writing a detailed comparison article here with all the information required.

In the next step, we will be talking about the tool required for the blogging website. What you should learn or install to get started. Its time to get on the main framework or tools which we can talk about.

Step Fourth: Finding Perfect Tool Such as WordPress

WordPress is the best complete framework already present to start with blogging. As almost 30% of the website hosted on the internet are made using WordPress. But there are various other options are also present such as Drupal, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Joomla, phpBB etc.

But since WordPress is the best blogging framework used till today you get one-click installation by your hosting provider. Also, most of the hosting provider gives direct WordPress hosting options at cheaper prices if you want

But note again that cheaper prices mean lower bandwidth and lower disk spaces which will lower your website speed loading time which can impact you SEO a lot. You might be wondering what is SEO I will discuss it later in this post.

Pic Courtesy:

WordPress dashboard looks something like in this as shown in the below image. As you can see it provides various options on the go to start posting and publishing your content right away.

WordPress Dashboard

As you can see I myself use WordPress for my website. This is because the various plugins and themes provided by WordPress are immense. And once you have completed the setup you can start publishing your article or post over the internet and start sharing your knowledge to the world right away. For Complete Guide on how to set up your WordPress Blog Read Here [In Progress].

Step Five: Finding Right Themes and Plugins

I think this is the last step in completing the setup of your blogging platform. What is a Theme, theme is actually the User Interface which you can use simply to start to write a blog without thinking of User Interface? As most of the themes have a better interface on WordPress.

But it always good if you use Themes which actually search engine friendly and optimized for speed. Such a great Theme which I can recommend is GeneratePress Theme. GeneratePress provides great feature and awesome search engine optimization at $50 for the first year but after that, you need to pay only $30 per year for premium themes.

How to Start a Blog
Generate Press Premium Pricing

You can also get free GeneratePress Theme with limited features and accessibility. But its always advisable to use the premium theme as it provides a lot of customization and you can really make you of WordPress as a whole with a premium theme. Since if any problem appears on the User Interface you will always get great customer support with premium account instead of a free account.

But in case you are finding GeneratePress as costlier or you want to change your theme after a few months or year and do not want to stick to single Theme provider then you should go with MyThemesShop.Com. This is also a great website which provides more than 153 premium themes at $99.99/year membership with various additional benefits. Read my article related to 10 best themes for WordPress here [Coming Soon].


And there are various plugins also required to make WordPress website more powerful, optimized and speedier. Let me list a few of them directly here and what are they used for with small description as the detailed article will be provided for each of them later on this website. So let see the most important plugins for WordPress.

  1. JetPack: JetPack is really good tools for Search Engine Optimization of your website. It also shows various stats of your website and let you adjust the display of your website how it will look on social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter whenever shared. JetPack comes as a free and premium tool. Premium has lots of advantages available Read Here why you should upgrade to JetPack Premium service [Coming Soon].
  2. RankMath: RankMath is a free SEO tool. These tools help you determine the SEO Score for your post and also lets you determine what improvement required in the post to rank higher on Google or any other search engines. It is must-have tools currently on WordPress. This tools also help you to set up Webmaster Tools of various search engines in order to get your website crawled immediately and get ranked on search engines.
  3. LiteSpeed Cache: This tool is very useful to improve the loading time of your website. This tool also comes as free and premium as premium with an extra feature. Read here for why you should upgrade to LiteSpeed Cache premium service [Coming Soon].
  4. AMP Plugin: AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. This plugin helps in improving mobile page load speed. As mobile page load speed is really important for your website to stand out in a bunch of other websites available. Again this is also free and premium but I think if you have a premium theme installed this feature will come already installed with your theme. But if you need detailed guide related to AMP themes and plugins let me know in comment sections.

I think above mentioned four plugins are major and most important but there are other various plugins also really required but initially, you can go ahead with above ones and once you got to know more about WordPress then you can go and start reading 20 Best Must Have Plugins for WordPress Here [Coming Soon].



Now since you have set up your WordPress website successfully. You can start blogging right away about your niche and start building your audience as you want. As you watched in this tutorial it was really easy to get started with the website and how to start a blog in India is really easy and can be achieved with five steps mentioned above.

But you must always do blogging in a subject which you really passionate about and has a handful number of audience that is people with the same interest who want to read stuff related to your niche. I will be listing below what are the further reads required after this guide so that you are completed in terms of all the technicality and I do not want to get you amazed with all the technicality required in one post. In case you have started a blog and require any help contact us using the contact page. Or simply comment down with your query so that I can help you guys with.

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Hence this is a complete tutorial for how to start blogging. As blogging is an art and it’s always valuable to know how to start blogging. If you liked my post please follow us on Social Media Pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, let us know if you have any suggestion and query in the comment section.

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