How To Take a Screenshot On Windows 10 Advance Version

Since the inception of Windows 10, everyone is skeptical about how to take a screenshot on windows 10. In this article, we will discuss how can you take screenshots on windows 10. What are the various ways to do this?

So, now let move to each step required to take a screenshot on windows 10. It is quite easy to take screenshots on Windows 10.

By Pressing PrtSc Button on the Keyboard:

If you are on a Laptop or on the desktop on your keyboard, you can find a button on top key lines named as PrtSc or PrtScr.

Press that button whenever you want to take the screenshot. Note in this case the button press will take the screenshot of the entire screen.

In case if you have more than one screen then it will take a screenshot of both the screens.

How To Take a Screenshot On Windows 10

After you have pressed the button PrtSc or PrtScr then you can go ahead, paste the screenshot on emails, Paint Application wherever you want by pressing Ctrl+V.

If you want to optimize your screenshot then you can paste it on the Paint application and crop the screenshot to whatever size or area you require.

By Using Sniffing Tool on Windows 10:

There is another way to take a screenshot on windows 10 is by using the Sniffing Tool on window 10.

Sniffing tools lets you select a particular area on the screen and that you can copy and paste wherever you want to share that part of the screenshot.

How To Take a Screenshot On Windows 10 Advance Version
Sniffing Tool

Sniffing Tool is basically for selecting on particular screen as a whole or a selected area on one of the screens you need to take the screenshot of.

The basic look of the sniffing tool can be seen in the above screenshot. And hence this leads to the advanced version of the screenshot which you can take on the laptop or desktop which is running the Windows 10 operating system.

That’s it, above are the steps currently which you follow How To Take a Screenshot On Windows 10.

Let us know in the comment section if you have any more ideas or steps by which you can take screenshots on Windows 10.

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