How To Tell If A Website is Using WordPress in 5 Ways

Are you looking for ways to know how to tell if a website is using WordPress or not as its backend? In this post, I will let you know various ways using which you will be able to know if that website is using WordPress or not.

Previously WordPress pages used to look exactly like other WordPress blogs. There were a lot of generic headers and footers on the site, and most pages had a two-column layout with identical widgets in each. In contrast, those days are long gone.

There are no longer many people who can tell from looking at a website’s design whether or not it is built using WordPress unless they are familiar with the theme. So, how can you exactly check if the Website is using WordPress?

Method 1: Adding /wp-admin after Website URL

This is one the by far and easiest methods you can do to check if the website is using WordPress or not. It’s common knowledge that visiting the wp-admin URL will lead you to the admin login page.

However, some sites employ strict security measures and may hide or block this page. Hence you may look for other methods to know if a website is using WordPress or not.

For example, if the site name is then type in the address bar of the browser and hit enter. Then you will come to or be redirected to the page as shown below.

How To Tell If A Website is Using WordPress

Method 2: Find wp-content In Site Source Code

Perform inspect element, Check the /wp-content/ folder in the source code to verify whether any crucial files are being loaded. The /wp-content/ subdirectory loads Javascript files as seen below.

How To Tell If A Website is Using WordPress

Search for “wp” in the page source. If you are able to find a lot of “wp” in the page source then the website is definitely using WordPress as its backend source.

Method 3: Check License.txt File of the Website

Some websites may remove or restrict access to this file, but if you append license.txt to the URL of a website, you may be able to access the WordPress licensing file.

You can get the details about the WordPress license in that file and this helps you know that the website is having WordPress as the backend and it is using WordPress.

Method 4: Check for Footer of the Website

this one is so self-evident that you can just skip it. Are you still with us? If you haven’t already noticed, a lot of WordPress websites have a footer that says something like “Proudly powered by WordPress” Why? Occasionally, because the site owner is genuinely pleased that WordPress is powering their website.

Others do not bother to change it, as they assume that the theme they are using already has/had this feature built-in by default.

How To Tell If A Website is Using WordPress

Method 5: Check Using Online Tools or Websites

There are various website that has created tools that can be used to verify if the website is using WordPress or not.

A variety of internet services (and even browser extensions) are available that will perform this function for you, including Built With and Is It WordPress (free) – all you have to do is input the domain in question and hit enter. What could be more straightforward?

You can go to the website and enter the required URL there to find whether the website is having WordPress as a backend or not.

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