How to Turn Off Bose 700 Headphone

Have you bought the new Bose 700 headphone and you are still not able to make out how to Turn Off the bose 700 Headphones? In this article, I will discuss how to turn off Bose 700 headphones easily.

Bose 700 headphones come with great noise cancellation features so you can enjoy your podcasts, music, calls, or audiobooks without interruption. The Bose 700[1] produces a very clear sound.

From the rich mid-range to the full, deep bass, this tune has it all. With these headphones, you’ll get a balanced sound at any volume. A similar solution that costs up to twice as much currently eliminates distortion. You’ll also get Google Assistant and Alexa for weather, navigation, and other services.

How To Turn Off Bose 700 Headphones Manually

To manually switch off the Bose 700 headphones with a double-click, you must push and release the Power/Bluetooth button on the headphones for a few seconds. Also included is an automatic shutoff mechanism that is activated after the device has been stationary for ten minutes or more.

So, basically, if you want to save your battery that may drain for 10 minutes when you are not even using then you can use the above method. But Bose does not recommend using the Manual method to turn off the headphones.

How to Turn Off Bose 700 Headphone

Since if the Bose headphones are not in use then it will not consume more battery and you should not worry about the battery of your headphones if your headphone is on and stationary for 10 minutes.

Reasons For Bose Headphones Not Turning Off Automatically

There can be a lot of reasons that your bose headphones do not turn off even after 10 minutes of no use. Since Bose 700 has a proximity sensor to detect the motion and whether it is wrapped around the head or not.

Proximity Sensor Issue

And because of wrong movement detection from the Bose 700 headphones proximity sensor detection, your headphone may not turn off at any time. And this can lead to an unwanted battery drain that can be very frustrating.

Check if your headphone turns off when you keep the headphone on the table where no movement can be achieved in any form. If it is turning off successfully then headphone is good and you need to make sure that your headphones remain stationary if you want automatic turn off.

Otherwise, you may need to visit customer service to get your headphones fixed immediately. Customer care can help you to troubleshoot the proximity sensor issue.

Stuck and Hung

There can be some scenarios in which your headphone can get stuck and stop responding to your touch and all you are required to do is either restart it manually or wait until it starts responding again. If these two methods help and your headphone start responding then you can wait for 10 minutes to make sure it is turning off correctly.

Or you may wait till your headphone battery drains completely and it dies on its own. Then plug in the charger and wait till it starts charging as it can take a few minutes to come out of the dead battery zone. Then make sure after it is stationary for 10 minutes it turns off immediately.

If it still not responding then you need to visit the customer care service as they can only help you in replacing the headphone with new ones.

Wrap Up

I hope you were able to turn off your bose headphones using the above two methods discussed. If you are still not able to switch your bose 700 off please let me know in the comment section I will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

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