How to Uninstall Avast Driver Updater From PC

In this article, I will show you how you can uninstall the avast driver updater from your PC either Windows or macOS completely.

Avast Driver Updater is a Windows executable file that is part of the Avast Driver Updater process, which is included with the AVAST Software software.

If you will look into the program files of avast where it is installed then you will come to know that it is having a file name Updater.exe. Since files with extension EXE are generally executables files.

Avast Driver Updater is a tool that examines hardware for damaged or obsolete drivers and updates them, which should improve PC performance.

This type of action should help to lessen and prevent computer difficulties. The software should assist with driver updates, which is a critical issue when it comes to numerous system failures and performance difficulties. [1]

However, outdated drivers might lead to security flaws, allowing criminals or malware to get access to your computer. This is how hostile actors could gain access to personal information.

Driver and system file problems can also be caused by PUPs. It’s a circle, after all. To ensure that cyber viruses are not present, run an anti-malware program or use a security tool to look for intruders.

How to Remove or Uninstall Avast Driver Updater from your PC

Follow the below steps to remove the Avast Driver Updater from your system or PC completely.

  1. IIf you have installed Avast using Windows Installer then you can go to System Setting of Windows and then select to open Add or Remove Programs Option.
  2. Once Add or Remove Program Options are open then either search for Avast Driver Updater.exe or scroll down to select the Avast Driver Updater software.
  3. Then select Unistall button below the Avast Driver Updater software displayed on Add Remove Program pages.
  4. Once you have selected the Unistall button it will completely uninstall from your PC and to be completely sure please restart your PC after restart.
image 7

Note: If the file is part of a software package, it will also come with an uninstaller. Then, enter a directory like C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast Driver Updater or Avast Driver Updater\Avast Driver Updater uninstall.exe, run the Uninstaller.

How to Uninstall Avast Driver Updater From PC

Frequently Asked Question Related to Avast Driver Updater

Is Avast Driver Updater a Virus or Malware?

According to the information we have, the Avast Driver Updater could be a virus or malware, because even a good file can be contaminated with malware or virus to mask its presence. So, to check it out, follow the steps in our instruction above.

Is High Disk Usage is Caused by Avast Driver Updater?

You may find this by launching the Task Manager application (right-click on the Windows Taskbar and select Task Manager) and sorting and finding the disk usage of Avast Driver Updater using the Disk option at the top.

Is Avast Driver Updater using a lot of CPU?

By using the Task Manager tool, you can see if Avast Driver Updater is taking all of your CPU. Now look for the Avast Driver Updater.exe process and see how much CPU it is using.

Is Avast Driver Updater consuming a lot of network resources?

If the Avast Driver Updater is using a lot of data, check the Network Usage column percentage in the Task Manager windows app and find the Avast Driver Updater.exe process.

How can I check Avast Driver Updater’s GPU usage?

Open the Task Manager window and look for the Avast Driver Updater process in the name column, then check the GPU use column to see if it’s causing excessive GPU utilization.

By using the above method you should be able to handle Avast Driver Updater. It is not malware or a virus. It is just additional software that is used to check the updates for Avast.

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