How to update PHP in WordPress: Definitive Guide 2021

WordPress is built on coding and programming language PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). Hence it’s really important to take all the advantages PHP provides with its update monthly or yearly depending upon the cycle. So today we will learn how to update PHP in WordPress.

The Current latest PHP version running on WordPress is 7.3. And the Main purpose of updating PHP on WordPress is to make your website run faster, secure and have all the optimizations completed in the latest version of PHP on your website too.

So let’s take a step-by-step guide to Update PHP in WordPress. But in the first case, you need to have PHP or WordPress installed on your site.

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How to Update PHP in WordPress: Step by Step Guide

So now to have WordPress Install on your hosting is the first requirement. So if you have already installed WordPress on your hosting you are good to go and follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Take Backup of your Website hosted on WordPress

The first and foremost step is to take Backup of your website which is hosted on WordPress. In order to avoid any misfortune that happens during updating of PHP on WordPress such as server crash or deletion of data. This may happen because of some problem.

There are several plugins present to take the backup of WordPress Website efficiently and transfer them easily once the backup is completed in case of data deletion or any other problem. For a Detailed Guide on Plugins that can be used click here.

Step 2: Keep your WordPress, Themes and Plugins Update

The second step is to keep your WordPress, Themes and plugins updated. To update the theme and plugin go to the dashboard and then click on updates as shown below.

How to update PHP in WordPress
Select Update Option

Select Update All option if appeared. Else select all the options present in WordPress, Themes and Plugins and press update as shown in below image.

How to update PHP in WordPress
Select Update as applicable.

Step 3: Check Latest PHP Compatibilty

Now the next step is to check the compatibility of the latest version of PHP with the WordPress Theme you have installed.

If your theme does not support the latest version then this can break the WordPress installation and then you need to take the backup plan which is time-consuming.

To install this plugin (PHP Compatibility checker Plugin) and check the PHP compatibility. Now once you run this plugin and no error occurred then you can easily update your PHP version on the dashboard.

And it will get automatically update. But if any error is shown then, in that case, you cannot update the PHP Version yourself.

Step 4: Update the PHP

Now if compatibility checker didn’t through any error means that you have successfully updated your PHP version to the latest as done in Step 2. But if you go through any error on the page as below then.

How to update PHP in WordPress
Error while PHP Update

So when you get the above error then you cannot update the PHP version yourself at least from the WordPress Dashboard.

You may try going to CPanel and check if your hosting provider is giving any option to update the PHP version.

Also if the error is because of Theme which is installed is incompatible then you need to contact the Theme Developer and Requesting them to update the Theme to the latest version of PHP.

PHP version

As you can see in my hosting CPanel dashboard above is the PHP Version present in my WordPress. Hence Now I can check if my hosting Provider is providing any update of the PHP Option on the WordPress Dashboard of Hosting Provider.

So when I went to WordPress Dashboard on the hosting provider website then I saw the option to update the PHP Version as shown below in the image.

PHP version

So my hosting provider is providing me with an easy button to update the PHP version of my WordPress. Hence you can just click Upgrade and your PHP version will be updated.

Benefits of Updating PHP Version on WordPress

1. Faster Performance:

There are always benefits to update the PHP version of WordPress. So the first one is Faster Performance as each version update in PHP brings optimizations in the product.

And Optimizations are always made to get WordPress run faster which can improve the SEO of your website to a very good range.

2. Improved Security:

The second one is Improved security on the current PHP version. As there is always vulnerability in the previous version which is fixed in the latest version to make PHP and WordPress more security and secure it from the DDoS Attach, Malware attack, etc.

Hence security also plays a very important role in the improvement in your blog performance as any downtime because of these things can damage your website rank and traffic too much.

So it’s always advisable to get your PHP updated by the above-mentioned methods. To get your website faster to gain more traffic and sustain them.

Also to make your website more secure to prevent it from getting hacked or attacked. These benefits are good for you and good for your website’s visitors. These are the reasons you should update PHP today.

Hence, updating your PHP version of the WordPress account brings many new changes and features into WordPress and provides lots of customization options related to WordPress for its users.

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