Is Survey Junkie Legit? Detailed Review

Are you looking to get the answer if Survey Junkie is a legit website? Do they really pay their user or members when they reach the payout limit?

We tested Survey Junkie by doing surveys on its website for more than 1 month and in the end, we can answer those questions as Yes.

Yes, Survey Junkie is a legit website and pays for whatever survey you have been qualified for and completed. If you know about Survey Junkie already and haven’t registered yet then you should consider registering there.

What is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is an online market research community that is completely owned by platforms like DISQO. DISQO is the one that delivers data and analytics to the market research industry.

Survey Junkie currently has more than 10million members out of which most of the people are actively doing surveys.

It likes to collect the opinions of its member for various products and interests of its member to come up with data to show to its customer and get the views of the audience. How to register at Survey Junkie read here.

Your opinion and suggestions help Survey Junkie to get it reflected in the products and services for better tomorrow.

Most of the companies always value legit feedback from their customers and they always keep on trying to improve their services and product quality to reach a higher audience over time.

Survey Junkie follows the below-working bullet points for its users to get opinions and reviews for all the products and services they want.

  • First, complete your profile completely to get matching surveys.
  • You are allowed to take the survey anytime, anywhere and on any device, you want before it expires.
  • Once you have completed the surveys, points related to that surveys get reflected instantly in your account.
  • Once you reached the $5 redemption limit you can redeem it instantly for cash via PayPal or e-Gift cards or you can even get it transferred to your bank account.

How Survey Junkie Works?

Since Survey Junkie is a community and once you are joining Survey Junkie means that you are joining a community of millions of people who subscribed to it to share their and your opinion and behaviors in exchange for rewards.

Every day, hundreds and thousands of brands that most of you are aware of go to DISQO for consumer insights, and the information shared by the Survey Junkie community powers that research.

Ways to Participate in the Opinion and Suggestions on Survey Junkie

You might have opinions about the various products which you want to share. So, when you participate in Survey Junkie you get to choose from many options about which communities you want to join and what information you want to share.

There are 4 basics that Survey Junkie follow which are mentioned below:

  • Privacy Protection: Survey Junkie provide protection from any leak of privacy from there website. None of your personal data is shared with there customers unless you agree to.
  • Reward for Your Time: You get rewarded for the time you invested in providing and completing surveys online.
  • Multi Platform: Survey Junkie is available on all the platforms and on any devices whichever suits you better.
  • Brand Influencer: You can become a brand influencer and you are always called upon to do so.

Profile Matching

Survey Junkie always tries to match you with the studies that are relevant to your background and interests. Hence to improve on that it provides several profile questionnaires that you fill out.

Hence it’s always advisable to have your profile as accurate and updated to get more accurate matches so that you can earn and do not skip anything.

image 22
Pic Courtesy: SurveyJunkie.Com

Your participation in any of the surveys is solely optional and like whatever you do on the platform you will always be rewarded with points you earn. Most of the time whenever you will log into the platform you can get served with Survey Medley kind of questionnaire to complete the profile most of the time as in the below images.

image 23

To get paid higher surveys you will be asked to complete the profile as for me it was asked always to complete my health profile, Interest Profile, and Travel Profiles for which I would have received 10 pts each.

image 24

How Can you Contribute

Once you have joined Survey Junkie, you are allowed to choose your level of participation. There are two ways in which you can share your opinion one is by doing and completing surveys and the other is by installing SJ pulse extension to record your browsing behavior.

But the most popular way most people participate here is by sharing their perspectives and views in surveys. Survey Junkie matches your profile with the preliminary criteria of each survey it has for a particular study and those will be displayed on your survey junkie dashboard.

Any participation in the survey done by you is captured and information recorded only by the entity conducting the survey.

Share your behaviors

You can also contribute to Survey Junkie by sharing your behaviors by installing or joining the Survey Junkie Pulse community. This comes as extension installation in your browser or opting to install a mobile app. This lets you join the unique group within the SJ community that shares your digital activity on the device.

This activity can include such as what searches are you making, which websites you are visiting, what is your shopping activity, what are the various kinds of ads shown to you, and what is content which you are getting engaged to daily.

image 25

To note every time you log in to Survey Junkie, it collects information such as browser information, and basic device information with your location. You can refer there privacy page for more information. I think it’s fine to share this information as you are already as this information to Google free of cost then why not share with someone who can pay you as well.

Get Rewarded For Each Participation

As already discussed Survey Junkie rewards you points for each surveys completed and if you are stayed installed with the SJ Pulse extension for over a month. You can always see your progress on the dashboard and see the points you have earned and what is the amount which you can redeem right now.

You can earn anywhere from 500 points which constitute $5 to as low as 10 points which constitute 10 cents. As you can see as went in our testing we were matched to high-quality surveys which are giving $5 for its completion.

image 26

It also displays how much time it is going to take to complete a survey on Survey Junkie. Survey time may also vary from somewhere between 1 minute to 45 minutes. If you are not interested in doing time consuming surveys, Survey Junkie always provides you everyday a 1 minute Surveys to earn 10 cent.

image 28

It depends upon you how many surveys you can complete each day to earn money. We were able to complete and earn $10 in two days by only spending few minutes on its platform. And it was a very seamless process for us.

image 27

How Much Money Can you Make on Survey Junkie

hence to answer the question that how much money you can make on Survey Junkie is that it depends upon the time you are willing to spend completing surveys on their platform. In our testing, if on average you spend 1 hour each day on their platform you should be able to make around $5 to $10 per day but that still not guaranteed.

Tips for Survey Junkie

If you want Survey Junkie tips then you can follow the below tips mentioned in bullet points. Also, it’s a really good place to earn extra bucks for a day if you have time to kill then kill here.

  • Get your profile details filled in accurately and completely.
  • Install SJ Pulse on your computer and use it for at least 30 days.
  • Get your Payment method verified before doing any Surveys.
  • Try to complete the Surveys with higher points and less time mentioned in Dashboard.
  • Always try to be real. Since your data is recorded any incorrect information can lead to a ban.
  • Participate in a weekly contest or the 10-day contest to earn extra bonuses.

Is Survey Junkie safe for bank transfer?

Yes, Survey Junkie is very much safe for bank transfers. But note that you cannot redeem payment in any form unless you are verified by their customer service to remove fraudulent activity on their website.

Even if you are seeing that bank transfer is enabled as a payment option for the new user, but once you will reach the $5 payout mark and try to redeem it via bank transfer you will be denied and will be asked to contact customer care.

In the below section, we have written the ways how you can get verified with Survey Junkie to receive the money. Also, once you are verified you are safe to withdraw points using any payment methods available for you.

How To Get Verified on Survey Junkie

After you have started using Survey Junkie you need to get your profile verified in order to redeem your points you have earned. Survey Junkie does not allow its non-verified users to redeem their points. Hence, before investing your time it’s always good to get verified with Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie generally used two methods to get your profile verified. The First one is by contacting customer service and they will call on your local number and verify your identity. You need to provide your phone number and time when you can discuss with customer service to get verified.

Another method is to get a Survey Junkie Code posted to your home address. Once you choose this option Survey Junkie sends a postcard that has a 10 alphanumeric number which you need to enter on their website once you receive the postcard. I chose this method and I received the postcard within a week.

After I got my profile verified, I was able to redeem my point in whatever way I wanted. I think it’s good that they are requesting their customer to get verified, in order to get their survey data legit it a very good idea to get user verified instead of getting spammed by imposters.

Is Survey Junkie Scam?

It does not look like it’s a scam. As we were able to redeem $10 instantly as Amazon Gift Card. Hence Survey Junkie is a completely legit website that pays well to its verified user and members.

How much does Survey Junkie Pay?

The Redeemable amount is around $5. Once you reach this amount you can instantly redeem $5 in PayPal or as an e-Gift Card. Above that, it depends upon your earning potential that how many surveys and points you can make on its platform and you can redeem unlimited amount as you can.

Is Survey Junkie Legit?

Also, the e-Gift card option is only available to top online retail stores present in the US. So, this option is only available to people residing in the US. All other people apart from the US are required to redeem only through PayPal. So, before starting create a verified PayPal account and then start doing surveys on its platform.

Is Survey Junkie Safe?

As far as you are only doing surveys in our testing we found it completely safe. But it depends upon you how much personal information are you agreeing to share with it. There can be a survey that will pay you around $10 to $20 just to try their products but in that case, you need to have your address, mobile number, and face verified.

Hence in our testing, we only agreed to test the survey which does not require face verification. And we did not receive any unwanted activity on the internet. So, it is pretty much safe for all users. It is a big company with 10million users and we do not think it can take that risk to make it an unsafe place.

Also, unless a company builds trust among its users it would hardly grow in the userbase. This is not the case with Survey Junkie.

And we can see there are some questions around what do the colored diamonds mean on survey junkie? To answer this question we reached out to Survey Junkie and they confirmed to us that it is only for design purposes and it does not have any meaning related to color.

How to Redeem Money On Survey Junkie

You have reached the limit of $5 and now you have a verified profile then you will get an option to redeem the money in form of e-gift card, PayPal, or bank transfer.

So, Let me show you how you can redeem the money on survey junkie with this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Select Redeem Button

The first step is to select the redeem button present on the left side of the screen. After you have selected it, you may be asked to re-login on the website.

Confirm your login information and then you will be redirected to the redemption page.

Step 2: Enter the Verification Code

After you have selected redeem button, you will receive an email from Survey Junkie with the verification code, and you will be sent to a verification page.

You have to copy the code from your email and then enter the code to the verification page as shown below.

How to Redeem Money On Survey Junkie

Step 3: Verify the Email address

The next step is to verify the email address where you want to get your redeemed e-gift card to be received. Or the PayPal email address.

Note that you should use the same email address through which you registered on the Survey Junkie Website.

How to Redeem Money On Survey Junkie

Step 4: Select Redemption Type

We selected E-Gift Card, so all the tutorial below is related to e-gift card only. So, once you reached to below area, select the type of e-gift card you want to receive.

For Example, we selected Amazon Gift Card in this and then select the amount of the Gift Card you want to receive.

How to Redeem Money On Survey Junkie

Since we had only $5 to redeem, we selected a $5 Amazon gift card. After you have selected the value, press Redeem Now button.

How to Redeem Money On Survey Junkie

Step 5: Confirming you received the Payment.

Once you have selected, Yes, Redeem button. Then you will receive an email from Survey Junkie which will have a link to redeem the e-gift card.

How to Redeem Money On Survey Junkie

After you click the link on the email. You will be redirected to the page where you can see the 9 alphabet code which you can copy and paste in redeem e-gift page of Amazon.

How to Redeem Money On Survey Junkie

And then you will be able to see that your Amazon gift card balance will be updated to the redeemed value.

How to Redeem Money On Survey Junkie


Since we started with the basic question that is Survey Junkie legit? and we are answering it as Yes. It’s a completely legit website to earn a few bucks on your side time. Also, one thing to note that you can never make it as full-time income as it will not provide you that much opportunity to make income for full-time. So think of extra bucks you want for coffee or snacks.

There are many other ways to earn money online. We have written an article on that as well, Top ways to make money online. All in all, it is a fun website. Provides a good amount of Surveys for its user to complete and if you enjoy doing such surveys you will surely enjoy their platform and the way surveys are placed around its dashboard.

We read some questions as to how to hack Survey Junkie, so let me tell you, you cannot hack Survey Junkie. It is a pretty secure website that is built on the latest technology and hacking into their user database can lead you to federal prison easily if you get caught doing that.

Also, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Let us know if you have any comments or queries in the comment section we will be happy to help. Also, please subscribe to our newsletter to never miss any article related to earning money online.

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