Legit Ways To Make Money Online – 12 Ways

Do you want to learn and make money online in a Legit way without working in an office? If Yes, we are here to discuss the legit Ways to make money online today on the Internet.

Most people think that making money online is hard. And to answer that yes it is hard because to earn money online you need to work every day without fail initially. It may take you about 2-3 years to make a legitimate source of income from the internet.

But all said it is difficult but not impossible. If you are good at any skills and you know you can market that over the internet then yes, you will surely make money over here. But you are someone who does not have motivation and patience then you are in the wrong place, my friend.

You might be wondering if you can make money online without leaving your home and without going to the office then we are here to help you to understand that it’s possible, there are lots of legit online jobs available for people of which you can take advantage of.

What are 20 Legit Ways for Online Jobs?

So, basically making money online means you are searching for a job on the internet, where you can get paid for your work. So let’s discuss that here in brief ways.

Blog Writing At Medium

Medium is a big blogging platform now. And this platform has grown immensely in the coming years. Medium pays money to their blogger if their content or article are read over by many people. It’s free to join their partner program.

All you need to do is create an article about any topic in which you are interested and post it on Medium after becoming a partner there. Once you have joined their partner program any content you post on Medium you will be paid.

But note that there are various terms and conditions related to it. One such condition is that you will only be paid if your article is read by their paid members. But not to get demotivated as Medium has more than a million paid members on their website.

Legit Ways To Make Money Online

Generally, writers on Medium are making somewhere from 0 to $10,000 per month for the content they are posting there. But for passive work, if you want to do most of the average writers make around $100 per month.

Once your readership increases on Medium you can create a branch out of it to get your own personalized blog and you can individually as well start driving traffic to it.


Blogging is a great way to market yourself and create authority and presence on the internet. If you are passionate about anything and you are having good skills which you can share with the people which will benefit them then you can start blogging in those areas.

As its always good to start with what you are passionate about and if it is marketable stuff. For example, you know how to code and you have years of experience then you can share what are the required stuff a junior coder or developer should know so that he should not experience the same issues you faced in your career.

Make Money Online Blogging

If you want to become a blogger we have a guide related to how to start a blog. Top bloggers make six-figure earning salaries just by writing and creating content full time. But don’t think that if you will start then you will get those earnings immediately.

Blogging is a slow process it requires at least two years of work before you will start seeing any profit out of it. You need to know a lot of things to become a successful blogger, to do that you can keep following GuideEarn and learn.

Also, you need to stick to the topic in which you have started your website. As it is important to build a brand around the same niche you are writing about and create a decent following over the internet.

Performing Paid Surveys

There are various websites that are happy to pay you between $1 to $10 per survey performed on their website. If you are a college student or working professional and all you want to do is to share your opinion about any services or product you are using and earn extra side income out of it then paid surveys are for you.

Though you will never be able to make a full-time income out of Paid Surveys even if you start taking Surveys 8 hours a day. But still spending a few minutes or hours doing Surveys can get you paid for a coffee or certain entertainment expenses.

Make Money Online Doing Survey

We know one such website which is Survey Junkie. They provide paid surveys to get opinions related to big brands. So if you want to make money online doing surveys then Survey Junkie is the place to go.

Become Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is a real job nowadays on the internet. If someone is running a big forum or slack channels are they are not able to handle it alone they hire virtual assistants to handle each individual forum and slack channel.

And you get paid for handling and maintaining the channel on slack or forums on the website. Even there are some companies and professionals looking for someone who can reduce their work, some of the work which virtual assistant needs to handle are scheduling events, meetings, administrative functions, or customer support.

Make Money Online By Becoming Virtual Assistant

You can earn anything between $15 to $25 per hour based upon your employer and location. Search for remote assistant jobs on job boards or websites like Indeed or FlexJobs.

Become Freelance Writer

If you are really good at writing and really enjoy writings for the subject for hours then a freelance writer is the job for you. It’s a solid work-from-home job that really pays off and involves a lot of hard work as well.

As a freelance writer you can get paid for writing blog posts, articles, emails, landing pages, ebooks, and other sales collateral. Since Google always asks for professional articles as ranked higher in their search engines and if you have knowledge of SEO then you will be more demanding than others.

All you need to do is go to freelancing websites such as Freelancer, Upwork and search for the term “ghostwriting”. Ghostwriting means writing something on behalf of others. You will find lots of requirements for ghostwriters on the freelance website.

I will provide a case study for you, there was a lady in New York who started as a ghostwriter on Fiverr in the year 2017 after she lost her $45k per year job. Currently, she is making somewhere around $360k per year. Isn’t that insane.

I am not saying that you can reach the same earning but if you have the same passion as she has related to writing then you can surely make money being a ghostwriter. So, overall if you are looking for writing jobs go to job boards such as Fiverr, UpWork, and FlexJobs and search for copywriting jobs.

Become Proofreader

If you are someone who is very strong at English grammar, then the proofreading job is for you. In Proofreading, you are not required to be a great writer but you need to maintain strong attention to detail and work relatively quickly to proofread different copies for your clients.

You can work as a contractor proofreading for a large organization or business. But there are various freelance jobs are also available from the small organization that wants to hire a proofreader for their writing works. You can search for a Proofreader job at JournalismJobs, Freelancer, etc.

Become Transcriptionist

Transcriptionist is not so difficult job and it does not require any special skills to perform the job. A transcriptionist is someone who will be listening to a bunch of audio and video files and then writing that on paper or notepad.

Some companies hire transcriptionists, they can test you for your hearing and listening skills on the particular language you are going to write. But it is majorly English so if you are good at English then you can be a great fit for this job.

Also, this is a completely work-from-home job you can find over the internet. You will be paid for writing per minute or the number of words you have typed after listening to the audio and video files. For a Transcriptionist job, you can check websites like Transcribe Me, Go Transcript, or Scribie to start earning.

Data Entry Jobs

The easiest job you can find on the internet which you can do from your home is data entry jobs. You do not need any experience or certification to complete these jobs.

If you are having a basic knowledge of writing, and computer operations for example if you are able to operate Microsoft office easily then you can do data entry jobs very easily. There can be contract jobs as well so, you should read the contract what your employer wants before starting the job.

Your job will be to organize documents and input data into spreadsheets or company databases. Data entry jobs can be tedious and very repetitive so you have to have a lot of patience to complete the job and keep the motivation to complete more.

Become a Product Tester

You can get paid very well for testing the final product and providing your valuable input to the companies. It’s a fun and legit way to make money online.

As a product tester, you will receive a brand new item to test out and provide review. You need to provide a detailed review as the company will be expecting that from you. The more item you review and test more money you can make.

But there is a very large scam running in order to promise a large sum of money with this kind of work. You can earn around $10 per hour as a Product Tester.

Become Virtual Recruiter

Are you from those people who love the same work which is done by HR? there are lots of companies who usually outsource their recruitment process to other people.

If you enjoy meeting new people and learning about them then you can become a virtual recruiter. As a virtual recruiter, you need to find talented employees for businesses and companies looking to hire people.

If you are someone who has a large network on the LinkedIn network or you are already having a huge follower on the job board such as Indeed then it will be a really easy job for you.

Plus in this job, you will earn extra bonuses as well for each hire you make and you can make much higher earnings if we will be able to fill high-demand positions.

Become Forex Trader

Forex Trader is someone who does currency trading on Forex Market. There are many apps and websites where you can register and start trading from home.

But mind that forex trading requires you to have capital and involve lots of risks in which case you can lose all your earnings. So, before starting trading in forex do complete research, learn the basics and fundamentals of it.

Become Forex Trader

Initially do paper trading using the strategies you build up. And once you are proven with the strategy then you can go ahead and start forex trading with real money.

Become Online Chat Support Representative

Nowadays lots of companies run chat support for their products and services. And usually, these companies outsource their chat support. You can find most of the chat support from online shopping.

Being a chat support representative is not very tough. All you need to do is have a training of the product which you are going to provide the support on. And then you can help the customers by solving their queries, questions, and complaints related to your company’s product and services.

You can search for remote jobs related to live chat support on FlexJobs. It’s easy to get started on FlexJobs for remote jobs.


Finding jobs from home has become much easier in corona times. Hence it’s the right time if you want to go full time or part time over the internet. There are multiple options available as remote jobs based upon your skills you can choose any of them as mentioned above.

If you are good at what you do and those skills are salable over the internet then surely it will be very easy for you to make money online. Else, if you are someone who is not passionate about working hours on a computer at your home then it is not for you.

Working from home requires a lot of hard work and motivation to continue working in such jobs. But everything can be achieved if you are focused and want to earn money online.

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