How To Make A Payment To A Milestone Credit Card

Have you recently received your new Milestone card and reached the end of your billing period? This tutorial will teach you how to make a payment to a milestone credit card. Also, be aware of the various payment options available for the Milestone Credit Card.

There are a number of different payment methods accepted by Milestone Credit Card. You have several options for paying your credit card bill, including online banking, phone payments, mailing a check to the bank’s postal address, and using Moneygram.

How To Make A Payment To A Milestone Credit Card In Different Ways

How To Make A Payment To A Milestone Credit Card

To pay your credit card bill to Milestone, you can choose from four different payment options, as previously discussed. Let’s look at the four payment options available for your Milestone Credit Card bill.

1. Using Online Banking Method

To make a payment or manage your account, you can simply log into your Milestone Credit Card online account. If you are a new credit card member, you must register with your new credit card in order to make payments or view any new bills and statements.

Once you’ve registered your credit card on the Milestone website, you’ll be able to see your current outstanding bills, the total amount spent on your credit, credit limit, and score information.

You can choose to make a payment from your account dashboard and then either pay with your debit card or link your checking or savings bank account with the routing number to complete the credit card bill payment.

2. By Phone

By Phone, How To Make A Payment To A Milestone Credit Card

To make a payment, contact Milestone Credit Card customer service at (866) 453-2636 and follow the prompt instructions.

Once you have verified your credit card information, you can proceed to provide them with your debit card number or bank account number in order to complete the payment through this method.

It is important to note that if you plan to use your bank account, you must have your bank’s routing number on hand because it is required for an ACH transfer.

3. By Mail (Sending Check)

By Mail (Sending Check) To Make A Payment To A Milestone Credit Card

You can also use the mail service to send or post your check or money order to the bank. Make sure you have a check in the name of your credit card bill payment, and then send it to the address listed below. To make a bill payment, simply send a money order in the name of a Milestone Credit Card.

Below is the address where you are required to send the check. (Make sure to verify the below address before sending your check on the Milestone website).

Genesis FS Card Services
PO Box 84059
Columbus, GA 31908-4059

4. Using MoneyGram

Locate a MoneyGram drop-off location. To find the location of the nearest agent, please use our locator tool. If you want to pay a bill at a MoneyGram location, have the following information on hand: Biller’s name or the name of the company, Account number, cash, the amount you need to pay plus fees, and the amount you need to pay.

Thousands of businesses can be paid online or at a MoneyGram location. Affordability is a MoneyGram strength. Paying a bill to a company is usually done within minutes of the payment being made.

How Much Is Milestone Credit Card Minimum Payment?

The minimum payment on the Milestone Credit Card is $40 or 7% of the statement balance, plus any fees, late charges, and interest, whichever is greater. The minimum payment on a Milestone Credit Card is equal to the statement balance if it is less than $40.

The minimum payment on your card is the minimum bill you must pay during the billing period in order to avoid any additional interest on your statement bill. It’s worth noting that if you pay the minimum bill, your original card statement bill is kept and added to your next month’s bill payment.

Wrap Up

I hope you understand how to make a Milestone Credit Card payment. I’ve listed four options for you to consider, and you can select the one that best suits your needs.

If you have any problems with your card payment, you can contact Milestone credit card customer service, who will assist you in making your payment easier.

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