MyIndigo Card Activation Guide (Indigo Platinum Mastercard)

You have received your MyIndigo Card and you want to activate it. In this tutorial, you will learn how to activate the MyIndigo card.

I will also go into greater detail and answer the most frequently asked questions about the MyIndigo card. Indigo credit cards are typically designed for people who want to improve their credit score.

MyIndigo credit card has a low limit for people with bad credit, but as you build your credit history, your card limit may increase.

How To Apply For Indigo Platinum Credit Card Offer?

MyIndigo Card Activation Guide (Indigo Platinum Mastercard)

To apply for the Indigo Platinum Credit Card, please follow the steps outlined below.

  • Make an application for the Indigo Platinum MasterCard, which is designed specifically for customers who do not have a perfect credit history.
  • Genesis FS Card Service is the company that is in charge of running the website.
  • Celtic Bank, a Utah-Chartered Industrial Bank and Member of the FDIC, is the credit card company that is responsible for issuing the Indigo Platinum Mastercard.
  • The Indigo Platinum MasterCard can be used for purchases as well as cash advances at any location that displays the MasterCard logo, which is over 33 million locations in 210 countries.
  • Those with poor credit who have trouble getting approved for more traditional credit cards should definitely consider applying for this particular credit card.
  • Please call this number immediately at 1-888-260-4532 in the event that the card is ever misplaced or stolen.
  • Please keep in mind that the payment may not reflect on the available credit of your Indigo card account for up to 14 days in order to allow time for the verification of funds.

You must be at least eighteen years old to be eligible for the Indigo Platinum Credit Card. Customers with less-than-ideal credit can use this card to improve their credit score by making on-time payments on the balance.

Please visit for more information on how to apply. To submit an application, you must have a valid email address and phone number in addition to your first and last name, address, and date of birth.

The applicant’s credit profile will be evaluated to determine whether or not they are eligible for the Annual Fee that is being offered.

It is important to note that not everyone will be eligible for the most affordable APR and/or annual fee. The following are the annual fees: No yearly charges at all 23.9 percent APR, $59 annual fee 23.9 percent annual percentage rate of charge, $75 for the first year, and $99 after that 23.9 percent APR.

How To Activate Indigo Credit Card (Indigo Platinum Mastercard)

There are primarily two ways for you to activate your Indigo Card, and those are online or over the phone. Every one of these activation procedures is uncomplicated and straightforward. Following the instructions that are given to you is all that is required to activate your card.

1. Using Indigo Website Online

Going online to the website is the first step you need to take in order to activate your Indigo Card. Any web browser will work to open this file for you. The following are the steps that need to be taken:

  1. On your browser open the website. Once you are on the MyIndigo website select the My Account button on the top right side of the browser.
How To Activate Indigo Credit Card (Indigo Platinum Mastercard)
  1. When you click My Account, a new browser tab will open, and you must now click the “Register Your Account” button on the registration page, as shown in the image below.
How To Activate Indigo Credit Card (Indigo Platinum Mastercard)
  1. Enter your MyIndigo Platinum Mastercard number, followed by your date of birth and Social Security number, On the registration page.
How To Activate Indigo Credit Card (Indigo Platinum Mastercard)
  1. Once you have entered the required data, select the button Continue to Next Step.
  2. You will be prompted to select a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for the card after entering your account information. So, pick a PIN that is easy to remember.
  3. In order to pay your credit card bill or view your balance on the Indigo website, you must now enter your username and password.
  4. Now that your card has been activated, you can use it online or in stores near you. If the problem persists, you can try the second method listed below.

2. MyIndigo Credit Card Activation Using Phone

If for some reason you are unable to activate your Indigo Card online due to an issue, you should call the customer service number to complete the process instead. The following is a list of the steps that you will follow:

  1. Please dial 1-866-946-9545, which is Indigo’s customer service assistance line.
  2. You’ll hear an automated voice welcome you (IVR). The Indigo Card activation will be one of the options available.
  3. To activate your card, select the appropriate option and follow the voice instructions.
  4. You also have the option of pressing the number key (#), which will put you in touch with a representative directly from the customer service department.
  5. Because you will need to provide the representative with the details of the card, it is important that you have your card on hand at all times.

You won’t need to do anything out of the ordinary in order to activate your Indigo Card if you choose to go with one of these three approaches instead.

How To Set Up Pin Number For Indigo Credit Card

How To Set Up Pin Number For Indigo Credit Card

Please call the number on the back of your Indigo Credit Card and request a PIN from customer support. Follow the below steps to set up a pin number.

  • Call Genesis Financial Solutions at 1-866-946-9545 or the number on the back of your Indigo Credit Card for assistance.
  • Request a credit card PIN from the representative.
  • Ask the representative to send the PIN to you via postal mail, text message, or email. As customer representatives are not authorized to tell you the PIN for your credit card over the phone.

If you used to have a PIN on your credit card but have lost or forgotten it, Genesis Financial Solutions may advise you to look for the old PIN first before issuing a new one to you. Credit card-related mailings and your online account both contain this information.

To sum up, the Indigo Credit Card has PIN capabilities, but it is still a signature-preferred credit card. This means that you may not be able to use it at unmanned kiosks outside of the United States, such as in a train station or parking garage, but you should have no problem elsewhere.

How Long Does It Take For Indigo Card To Arrive

When you apply for an Indigo Credit Card, the process typically takes about two weeks before you receive the card in the mail. This includes the time between when you submit your application and when it arrives.

In the event that you are approved for the Indigo Credit Card but do not receive it within 21 days, you should get in touch with customer service at (888) 260-4532. They are accessible at any time, any day of the week, and at any hour of the day.

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