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You thought of starting a website and still confused which hosting service should I choose. I will review Namecheap Hosting today. As this is one of the cheapest hosting service currently available in the market with great service and other features which I will discuss in details in this post.

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But if you already know what is Namecheap and you came here to utilize the deal then go ahead and Click Here or below banner to buy the Namecheap hosting with 80% OFF on various hosting services.

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So since you have decided to start a blog or website and since being a newbie you will always think to start with something very reasonable. And also its good idea to start with reasonably priced hosting service since once you will start growing with your blog or website you can switch to premium hosting services.

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Today we’ll discuss only the WordPress hosting provided NameCheap. So its better to start what is the startup options provided by NameCheap.

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting with Less than $1/Month

If you want to start a WordPress website or blog, NameCheap provides its startup website pricing at $1/Month which is provided by us. If you want it in less than $1/month Click Here or Below Banner and register.

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So in EasyWP Starter Pack, you will get 10GB SSD and 50,000 visitor/month bandwidth. But trust me it can handle 150000 visitors/month easily. But above that, you need to upgrade your hosting plan.

  • Less Than $1/Month for 1st year
  • 10GB SSD for super high-speed bandwidth for the website
  • Limited to 50,000 visitors/month

Hence the next one to offer is EasyWP Turbo Pack it will cost you few cents extra but its great pack if you want to start and forget about upgrading after some times when you increase your traffic as this pack will handle everything.

  • Around $2/month
  • 50GB SDD for super-fast bandwidth to website
  • More CPU and RAM capability
  • Free CDN and SSL required for SEO and Security of your website
Shared Hosting - from $2.88/mo

Now if you really want best of all then you need to go with EasyWP Supersonic Pack. But I think if you are newbie if becomes useless for 1st year at least. The Features provided in this as mentioned in below points.

  • Few Cent more than 2.2$/Month
  • 500,000 Visitors/month Limit but can handle up to Million Visitors/Month
  • More CPU and RAM by 2x increase.
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Free CDN and SSL required for SEO and Security of your website.

Features provided with any of the above plans:

NameCheap Hosting provides various other features for you to get you seamless experience in getting your website ready. Let me list the feature which is included by all other plans.

  • Easy to use the dashboard to manage WordPress Sites
  • Install the WordPress website in less than 90sec and start publishing your content
  • All the data of your website is hosted on NameCheap Cloud.
  • Get better deals when you grow your visitors to more appropriate upgrade.
  • Has 3x More speed than Traditional web hosting services
  • You can use any Domain Name you want with you hosting
  • Easy Backup and Restore button provided by NameCheap
  • SFTP, Database Access, CDN & SSL and many more things for free.
Build Your Website with Namecheap - Get Privacy Protection Free Forever

NameCheap Hosting provides the fastest load time than any other hosting sites. If you take NameCheap vs Bluehost or NameCheap vs GoDaddy or NameCheap vs WP Engine or NameCheap vs Kinsta.

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Below image will give you a better picture of various hosting services price and fully loaded time with response time in milliseconds.

NameCheap Hosting
Load Times and Comparison

Quick and Streamlined Service

You would always think that your site should go live in minutes, with everything ready to go. Which is what NameCheap hosting provides with EasyWP One-Click feature which will load everything with a click.

NameCheap Hosting Review

With EasyWP you can create and manage your website. As WordPress is used by 30% of the web all around the world hence NameCheap Hosting provides all the services required for better WordPress Hosting experience.

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Get Started in $0.01/Month

You will not believe the pricing mentioned above but if it’s real you can get started with NameCheap Hosting at as low as $0.01/Month which is insane pricing.

NameCheap Hosting
Best and Cheap NameCheap Vs GoDaddy

NameCheap also provides various tutorial on how to set up everything in a WordPress Blog or Website for SEO and other security stuff. NameCheap Hosting uses its own servers so that your data stays between you and NameCheap getting secured from attacks.

They also provide you with free WhoisGaurd which will hide your personal information and hence you will be saved from spammers from tracing you back.

Free Domain & 50% off Shared Hosting

NameCheap Hosting provides best customer service on the line with 24/7 helpline. So, there are no drawbacks for customer service. But let’s talk about the cons of NameCheap hosting.

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Cons of NameCheap Hosting

Its time to discuss the Const of NameCheap Hosting if compared to another hosting service. I am still thinking hard to find any major cons in NameCheap hosting.

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  • Some time customer service becomes Saggy.
  • If you are on a startup plan then there can be downtime in a week is what I noticed but it was always less than 1 hour.

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Pros of NameCheap Hosting

There are various Pros when I compare NameCheap Hosting with another hosting service. So I will list those Pros in order to get a better understanding and make this pose little short.

  • Use Any Domain. (If you want New Domain Click Here).
  • SFTP File Access and Simple Backups with one click from the interface.
  • One Dashboard with Maintenance Mode if you are doing any technical changes
  • Free PositiveSSL, Get Encryption, validation and trustworthiness provided by Sectigo.
  • Free CDN, get Free Access to NameCheap Content Delivery Network.
  • Free Private Email Service.

Get Domain Name in $1/year but Free Now

NameCheap Domain service is also great and it provides very cheap domain name registration from there website. Since you have already decided to buy NameCheap hosting it’s better to get NameCheap Domain also here. Click Here or Below Banner for Cheapest Domain Name.

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NameCheap Hosting
Free Domain


Hence with overall looking at the features of NameCheap Hosting Provided it has all the good services and supports to get started for anyone with websites or blog in less than a minute. The Pricing is also very competitive and less than all the competition with almost the same speeds and bandwidth. So I will suggest that you should Sign up for NameCheap Hosting and Free Domain Right Now.

Get a FREE domain when you buy Shared hosting!

I would Like to make an offer if you have bought the hosting using links from this website then I will share a great ebook for the guide to get SEO done for free for your website to get thousands of visitors in your websites within a month. Just Comment below and tell me your thoughts.

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Get a FREE domain when you buy Shared hosting!

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