What is Overwolf.exe? Safe? Cheat or Malware? Fixes

Have been using Overwolf for sometimes and you are worried if it is safe or it is a kind of malware or virus that keeps running on your system indefinitely?

Today I will be answering all these questions in this post. To make it simple, the answer to whether Overwolf.exe is safe or not? The answer is Yes.

What is Overwolf.exe? Safe? Cheat or Malware? Fixes

What is Overwolf.exe?

Overwolf Ltd is the company that provides Overwolf.exe as a platform for video gamers to create extensions for their games.

Overwolf is also present in application stores such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

These extensions are always used for creating in-game services that require users to expand their gaming experience. It is very popular in various competitive games such as esports, MMORPGs.

These platforms provide you access to use the native extension. Hence they operate exclusively on the overlay created by the main Overwolf program.

Is Overwolf.exe is Malware?

No, Overwolf.exe is not malware. And you need not worry about it if it keeps running on your system.

Also, Overwolf Ltd is having big investors such as Intel and they cannot support a company that creates malware.

To put more light on Overwolf, its business is for both games and application developers that enable each one of them to create tools for their games or applications to support.

And Overwolf was recently acquired by CurseForge. CurseForge is a very well-established hardcore gaming company that is again part of a big company named Twitch.

Malware would usually sneak into your computer without letting you know the place where it is sitting and eating your data.

To be secure, it is always advised to have an antivirus installed and if you do not have any antivirus installed on your system then you can always enable Windows Defender on your PC.

This sums up that Overwolf is not a virus and nor it is malware. It is completely safe to use this executable on your PC.

How to Uninstall Overwolf.exe or Remove Overwolf from your PC

It is quite easy to uninstall Overwolf from your PC. All you need to do is to go to Setting from the start menu and then select Apps.

Hence any program that you have installed on your own such as Overwolf should be present in the list of apps in the system and Once you select Overwolf from the list you will get the option to select Uninstall.

After you select Uninstall option, the system will remove all the required files and folders associated with the Overwolf.

You can also Uninstall or Remove Overwolf from Start Menu if the folder for the Overwolf application is created in the Start Menu. You will see the Uninstall option in the folder of Start Menu.

But before uninstalling any program you should have a proper reason that you no longer need that application on your system. This may affect the performance of other applications or games associated with Overwolf.

Also, you get the most out of any application and have it securely on your system you should update the applications as soon as updates are available. Make sure that the latest version of Overwolf is always installed on your system.

System Information of Overwolf

To check the system information for Overwolf, Go to task manager, select processes, and then search for Overwolf, once you find Overwolf right-click on it and then select properties.

Select the verified signer tab, and if the Verified Signer status of the process is “Unable to Verify” then you should immediately consider removing it from your system, as that can be a potential malware operating in the name of Overwolf.

Otherwise, it should show information as below:

  • Name: Overwolf.exe
  • Software: Overwolf
  • Publisher: Windows Software Developer
  • Expected Location: C:\Program Files(x86)\Windows Software Developer\Overwolf
  • Expected Full Path: C:\Program Files\Windows Software Developer\Overwolf\Overwolf.exe
  • SHA1: BD6B260EE11AB2F17148DE88EEC42A8B1DDE42B3
  • SHA256:
  • MD5: ec890b32abe0f045e144874367831523
  • Known to be up to 38600 bytes in size on most Windows;

List of Error Message of Overwolf.exe

Below is the list of most common error messages that can appear or pop out when you are using or installing the Overwolf application.

• “Overwolf.exe Application Error.”
• “Overwolf.exe failed to Start”
• “Overwolf.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
• “Overwolf.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”
• “Overwolf.exe is not running.”
• “Overwolf.exe not found. Searching…”
• “Cannot find Overwolf.exe.”
• “Error starting program: Overwolf.exe.”
• “Faulting Application Path: Overwolf.exe.”

Above system, errors can generally occur if your PC is not compatible with the application. Hence before installing the application you should always check the minimum system requirement for the application.

And if you do not meet the minimum system requirement, you should not install that application. Also, you may get these issues fixed with just a restart of the system after installation or try re-installing the Overwolf.exe application again.


Overwolf.exe is not malware or virus and it is completely safe to use the Overwolf software. This application runs always in the background as it acts as a supporting application for major games and applications that are already running on your system.

This is completely safe and should not be removed from the system unless the application or games that require Overwolf.exe are being removed first. 

Otherwise, you may encounter various system error messages while running those applications and games.

That is all for today. Let me know in the comment section if you have any queries related to Overwolf.exe I would be happy to help and answer your questions as soon as possible.

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