Print On Demand Everything You Need To Know About It

Are you thinking to start a Print On Demand shop? But you do not have an idea of how to do it. Worry not in this post we will be discussing everything related to Print on Demand and how can you start a print on demand shop online. And how can you effectively make lots of money out of it?

Print on Demand is based on some of the business ideas which can be done online. If you want to read about the online idea to make money read here.

Today, we will be discussing starting a Print on Demand shop in WordPress. And how you are only required to build images and designs to get going without any inventory or shipping to care about.

What is Print on Demand?

Print on Demand is service or idea in which seller only design the product and is only printed on the merchandise when buyers opt for it to buy. Drop-shipping also follows the same path but here the product designs are made by seller. There is various Print On demand products such as clothes, bags, home-ware etc.

So if you are a small business owner or just want to start with nothing and all you have is designs or make one. Then print on demand is really cost-effective for small business and it is very profitable if utilized this opportunity properly.

So, basically here what happens you design the merchandise and keep it on your website. Once a buyer comes to your website and pays for the product it wants to buy then seller will contact print on demand companies and pay them to send the product to the buyer.

Hence, with this, there is no need to buy inventory, and you are not required to have any storage for raw materials. And you will have all the freedom to experiment with different designs to see which one gets popular. All you have to do is contact very good print on demand companies which allows the integration of there backend with WooCommerce.

In this case, we prefer or refer you Printify. They offer very great print on demand service and their integration with WooCommerce is also great. You can use it to sell your custom brand merchandise as you like from a variety of products such as t-shirts, hoodie, caps, hats, phone case, bags, coffee mugs etc.

Printify Account Creation and Start Selling your Products Now

First, and foremost you need to sign up to Printify. Simply go to Printify website and click on Start Selling as shown in below image.

Printify Print On Demand
Start Selling Using Printify

In the next page, you can signup using your Google Account or you can simply enter your email address and password and then click on signup. And you are good to go with a free account and there you have all the design things to keep and make a store out of it.

Printify Print On Demand
Signup to Printify

There can be some questions asked from Printify about the plan and services you are going to use. You can answer those as per your liking. And you will see the Printify Dashboard which will look something like the below image.

Also, note you may have to confirm your email account and may be phone number as well if you provide in order to get your account verified by Printify.

And now you are done with all the setting and you added all the data related to store name, personal details, and you have designed your first product. Now, what, now you need to connect your store and start selling the merchandise with the design which you have just made.

On Dashboard of my store you can see a wide variety of products to choose and make your designs on. Once you are done with the design you can start selling them. Just like in below image we have created a basic t-shirt design.

Choose the shipper as you like based on the ranking and profit you can make and then select start designing where you will be redirected to design center where you can design the basic t-shirts or other products which you want.

Print on Demand

As you can see in the below image. We have just made the new t-shirt design with very basic art on our t-shirt. Hence Printify provides great resources as such as shown in below images to start a company of your own. And you will be making minimum 20% on each sale.

Print On demand

And the next thing which all you have to focus on is setting up your website using WooCommerce and start selling products which you have just designed.

How to Connect Your Printify to Your website?

Next step is to connect your Printify account to your WordPress Site. And once you have the WordPress website install the WooCommerce plugin first and activate it on your site. If you do not have an online store or WordPress website then you can go to this step by step guide for starting a website or blog.

A domain name and a web hosting are basically required to get a website on WordPress. The domain is your website name basically and hosting is where you will be keeping your all the files and images.

We recommend SiteGround hosting. They are the most affordable and best service provider for web hosting related to WordPress. We alternatively also recommend Scala Hosting, they also provide the same features as SiteGround. So you can choose any one of them. Currently, both are running 70% off discount hence claim those offer of SiteGround and Scala Hosting.

Print On Demand

Once you are done with setting up a website on WordPress. Next step is to connect the Printify Store with the APIs provided by them on the WooCommerce Plugins. And once done you can create any products as you like and put it on your website. You don’t need to pay anything until you get orders.

Printify will handle all the production and shipping for you. Also, we would like to provide you peace of advice do not use the copyrighted design on any of the merchandises you use. Otherwise, if in case it gets popular you can be sued a very huge sum of the amount, which will blow your company in one go.

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