Quick Fix: The site is under Maintenance Please come back Later

Is your website stuck in Maintenance mode? Are you getting the message “The site is under maintenance please come back later”? Fix it quickly by following the steps shown below.

This error usually occurs when you are trying to update a plugin or theme and you accidentally close the updating website, or something else goes wrong that leaves your website stuck in maintenance mode.

In this post, I will show you how you can quickly fix the maintenance issue having an error message as “the site is under maintenance please come back later”. You will also learn why this issue occurs and how you can avoid such errors in the future.

How WordPress Maintenance Mode Error Occurs?

This page usually occurs when you are updating the plugin or theme of your website in WordPress.

Hence during the update, WordPress sets the website in Maintenance mode and sets a message on the screen. To inform any user who wants to access the website during that time that this website is under some update.

Basically, this is not an issue but a message being displayed by WordPress. The kind of notification page is for the users.

That is why during updates major files or the website are getting updated WordPress issues a message as “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”

Quick Fix: The site is under Maintenance Please come back Later

This message disappears as soon as the update of plugins or themes on your website is completed.

A temporary .maintenance file in your website is created by WordPress in the root folder to trigger the notification that the website is under maintenance.

Why does this error or issue Occur?

This usually occurs because of the slow hosting service on which you are running your website. Hence because of low server response or low memory issue, the update script timeout and interrupt the update process.

Because of this WordPress is unable to get your site out of maintenance mode. And this leads to your website showing maintenance mode indefinitely. And you need to manually fix this issue.

How to Fix WordPress Maintenance Mode Error?

To quickly fix this issue you need to delete the .maintenance file from the root folder of your website. This you can do using the FTP. Or if you have a good hosting provider most of them provide a button to enable and disable maintenance mode.

My hosting provider, gives a maintenance mode button on the dashboard. Hence you can fix it simply by disabling it if it is enabled or enabling and disabling it.

Quick Fix: The site is under Maintenance Please come back Later

Once you connect your WordPress site which an FTP account using FileZilla, you will be access to all the files of your website and in the root folder, you should be able to see the .maintenance file, delete that file immediately to get out of maintenance mode.

If you are not too familiar with using FTP, you can use the File Manager from your hosting dashboard. And then you can easily delete the .maintenance file by accessing it in the file manager.

Quick Fix: The site is under Maintenance Please come back Later

How to Avoid WordPress Maintenance Mode?

As of now, you know why the “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check Back in Minute.” error is caused usually because of slow server response or low memory issues on your web hosting server.

Hence it is always advisable to get an upgraded hosting plan with better and higher specifications. I would recommend going with Managed WordPress Hosting companies that offer great hosting performances.

Our recommendation is Namecheap WordPress Managed Hosting. And if you are not planning to upgrade the hosting then you should update the plugin and theme one at a time. This will reduce the load on your current hosting provider avoiding the error in the future.

Usually, WordPress website owners select all the plugins in one go and select the update button. But if you are the one who is getting this error too frequently then always select one and then select update keep doing it again and again till all the plugins are updated.


You learned how to fix errors “The site is under Maintenance Please come back later” or “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance.

Check Back in a Minute.” on your website. To summarize it is usually the hosting company on which your website is hosted is the culprit that can put you in this mess.

That is it is always suggested to go with better hosting plans rather than the cheapest ones as little extra bucks can save you a lot of headaches you can have in the future because of your website.

That is all from this post on quick fix The site is under Maintenance Please come back later. Let me know if you are still not able to fix this issue.

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