What Is A Routing Number On A Debit Card?

The routing number is associated with each bank and it is necessary to make any type of transfer between bank accounts. When a biller or your employer has requested that you provide your bank’s routing number and account number, you’re not alone. And you might be wondering what is a routing number on a debit card?

For those of us who still use paper checks, you may have come across this mysterious code on the back of our checkbooks or deposit slips.

Bank transactions within the United States have an electronic address in the form of the nine-digit routing number, which is also known as the ABA RTN or “American Bankers Association Routing Transit Number” (international transactions require different codes such as the SWIFT or IBAN).

By using magnetic ink to print routing numbers on checks, the American Bankers Association (ABA) introduced this system in 1911 to streamline the processing of paper checks. To accommodate ACH and wire transfers as well as newer types of accounts like pre-paid cards, routing numbers have been expanded to include more information.

What Is A Routing Number On A Debit Card?

The routing number on your debit card is the same as the routing number on your bank’s check. Because routing numbers are unique to each bank branch, any account opened through this bank will have the same routing number.

What Is A Routing Number On A Debit Card?

If you are asked for your routing number on your debit card, simply enter the routing number that you have on your check, and if you do not have a check issued by your bank, you can ask the branch where you opened the account.

The routing number details are usually included in the welcome kit that you receive when you open a savings or checking account at the bank.

Where Is The Routing Number On A Debit Card?

Due to the fact that your debit card does not have the routing number printed on it, you will be unable to locate the routing number on your debit card. The routing number information can only be obtained from the bank where the savings or checking accounts were opened.

Where Is The Routing Number On A Debit Card?

None of the banks that issue debit cards or credit cards provide any information about the routing number that is printed on the cards or on the back of the cards. Despite the fact that it is always printed on the checks that the bank issues to its customers.

How To Find Routing Number Of Your Debit Card?

Most banks don’t use a single routing number to handle all of their different accounts. Many times, the state or branch where your account was opened determines your routing number.

Depending on the type of transaction you’re attempting to complete, the same account at some financial institutions may be assigned multiple routing numbers.

How To Find Routing Number Of Your Debit Card?

In other words, your checking account may have a routing number just for ordering checks, another just for setting up direct deposit, and a third just for sending money electronically, such as an ACH or wire transfer. When trying to locate your routing number, keep this in mind.

The locations where you can find your routing number are listed below.

  • On Your Check or Deposit Slips: Routing numbers are usually found at the bottom left or middle of the account number, enclosed in a pair of identical symbols (123456789). However, some account numbers are also nine digits long. There are a few things you should not do, however, such as checking the number on the back of your ATM/debit/prepaid card. The cards’ numbers are generated by a different algorithm.
  • On Banks Website or In your Account Dashboard Online: There is a possibility of seeing it on your user account page. There are, however, times when they are published in places that are difficult to find on your bank’s website.
  • Contact Your Bank Or Debit Card Issuer: Call your bank’s customer service hotline if you’re unsure.\

Wrap Up

I hope you were able to locate your debit card’s routing number and understand how to locate your debit card’s routing number and where to locate it. Basically, the routing number can be found on your check or deposit slips. Otherwise, you may need to contact the bank branch or search online for the routing number.

If you still haven’t found your debit card’s routing number, please let me know in the comments section and I’ll be happy to assist you as soon as possible.

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