How To Search Steam Friend Code and Add It

Are you looking to add your friend in steam and you are unable to find your friend with the name? Check this post to find how you can search steam friend code and then add it to your friend list.

Steam provides an option to add your friend with a unique code which is also known as Stream Friend Code.

As in steam, there is an option to keep your name as your id, it becomes difficult to search for your friend with their name which can be the same as their id.

Hence recognizing your friend with a name becomes a really difficult and time-consuming task unless it is very unique and no one else is using it. To help and resolve this problem in Steam there is an option to add your friend with a unique code.

Each friend code is an eight-digit long code that is found in the Steam client application on add a friend tab. Let me guide you through a step by step to add a steam friend code to your steam client.

Step 1: Log in to Steam Client and Select Friends and Chat

Make sure that you have Steam Client installed for your Windows or Mac on your laptop. Once you are signed in to the Steam Client and then select Friend & Chat as shown in the below image.

How To Search Steam Friend Code and Add It
How To Search Steam Friend Code and Add It

After you click Friends & Chat button below chat box will open.

Step 2: Select Add Friends Button

As shown in the image on the side you need to select plus friend. Once you select this button Add a Friend tab will get open.

Step 3: Either Copy your Friend Code or Enter your Friend Code.

Now once Add a Friend tab is open then you can see your 8 digits unique code. In the below image, I blurred the remaining last 4 digits. So, that 8 digit code is the unique code that you can share with your friend to add you.

Or if you have a unique code from your friend, you can paste it in the box marked by the red arrow and select add.

How To Search Steam Friend Code and Add It

You can follow the same step if you are willing to add any friends on steam using a web browser. All you need to do is log in to the browser application. You need to go to the URL

Do Steam Friend Code Expire?

No, your steam friend code will never expire unless you close your steam account completely. For example, if you go to the account setting and delete your steam account completely then your steam friend code may not work.

And the friend who has added you to their list may not be able to view or see you in their friend list.

Can I find my friend code online?

Nope, you may not find your steam friend code online unless it is shared by your friend. Since this is a unique 8 digit code, which is used only when shared or unless it is made public by your friend at someplace.

So basically, you need to connect with your friend and ask them their unique 8 digit code and then you can follow the above step to add them. There is no other way by which you can add your friend code unless it is shared.

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