ShareASale Review: Should You Become Affiliate Find Out 2021

You are a beginner in blogging and are you looking for some affiliate program that is easy to join? You Found out about ShareASale and you are looking for a ShareASale review? You are on the right page today.

We are going to discuss all details and how can you start a ShareASale account as a beginner without any experience and start earning money as an affiliate on this website.

To summarize in the start let me tell you, for me, ShareASale was one of the easiest and simplest affiliate programs to join. It has very little caveat and allows even beginners to join who are not driving any traffic to their website or social media pages.

What is ShareASale?

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing website that lets its users promote affiliate products available on its website. It also provides a platform to merchants who wants their product to be promoted by the affiliates available on the ShareASale website.

So basically there are two motos of the ShareASale website, first is to provide a platform to merchants so that they can increase their sales over time and second is the allowing its affiliates to monetize the products by selling and earning commission out of it.

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In 2019, ShareASale generated an estimated sales of 150m out of a total of 15,200 merchants and more than 211,000 affiliates promoting their products all over the internet.

Signing Up in ShareASale as Affiliate

Signing up in ShareASale is quite easy. You can follow start a signup process by using this link. Once you have arrived on the ShareASale website you can follow the below steps. One thing is for sure signing up on ShareASale is the minimal experience you will get.

Step 1: Go to the Signup Page and Select Affiliate Signup.

ShareASale Review

enter the username, password and then confirm your password, select the country you are living in and then select step 2 to proceed on the next page.

Step 2: Enter the website name, language and few questions.

In this step, you need to provide the basic information related to your website like website URL, in what language is your website post is being published? Also to make a note that ShareASale does not allow adult websites, hence if you are owning an adult website then your affiliate application will be denied.

Also, you need to answer a few questions related to promotional strategies in order to proceed to step 3.

ShareASale Review
ShareASale Review

Step 3: Enter the email address associated with your website.

It’s always a good idea to register on affiliate websites with the email address which is associated with your website as those provide a sense of brand and also provide authenticity about you.

Also, entering an email address with the same domain as your website will lead to a faster approval rate from the ShareASale website. And if you will use another domain email address it takes a lot of time to verify your application.

ShareASale Review

Step 4: Enter your contact information.

At step 4, you need to provide contact information such as your first and last name, payee name, phone number, and address with city, state, and zip postal code. You need consent if you are operating as an incentive site. Also, you need to consent if you are a domain owner or not.

ShareASale Review
ShareASale Review

Step 5: Confirm the Payment Information.

In the final step of sing up, you need to provide the payment information in which you want to receive your affiliate earnings. It is usually providing an option as a check which can be sent via postal mail.

ShareASale Review

Once you have completed this payment information then you can proceed to the affiliate dashboard where you can see your earnings-related information. Also, you will be able to get information related to merchants whom you can promote, which we will discuss further.

Step 6: Agree to User agreements.

Once you have reached this user agreement page if you want you can read the user agreement terms and conditions provided by the ShareASale company. Once you have completed the reading you need to go ahead and select complete sing up.

ShareASale Review

After you have selected the signup button, you will receive an email in which there will be a verification code. You need to click on that verification code to verify your affiliate account completely.

Find a Merchandise to Promote

Since you are now an affiliate to ShareASale you need to find a merchant or in another word a product which you want to promote on your website. ShareASale provides a great amount of selection which I really like about it and it does not let you down in terms of the variety of niche products available to promote.

There are almost more than 4,500 merchants currently available on ShareASale asking to promote their products by ShareASale affiliates.

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I think you will really hear very little about ShareASale as an affiliate as they haven’t made themselves really big enough to compete which huge affiliates such as ClickBank, Rakuten, etc.

Because it is a small organization it tends to approve most of the affiliates and that’s the advantage it has over big corporations as big corporations are very choosy about their affiliates they allow only people with higher traffic and reputation to join their network.

But do not take ShareASale that lightly as they have some of the very big corporations as promoters on their website to name them those are NameCheap, Semrush, WPEngine, QATAR Airways, Thinkific, The Princeton Review, Autopom, and many more.

So you can choose from large variety of merchandise to promote from their website and get approval for them.

Usability and Dashboard

Now after completing everything above and logging back to affiliate account the first thing you will notice on ShareASale website is the Dashboard. A Dashboard which looks quite outdated in design but it provides the most important information required for its affiliate to know.

The first thing you will see is Activity feed and for me this feed is really good and provide information if any of the signed up affiliate is closed or stopped. Or is there any news from the affiliate you are promoting.

ShareASale Review

You will receive a weekly or daily newsletter from your affiliate on their dashboard which is quite useful in order to understand the product and promote it in a more efficient way.

On the Right Side of the dashboard, you will get your total earnings being displayed. There you can also see what are the number of offline merchants currently and how many closed merchants currently from the total number of merchants you are following up.

ShareASale Review

You can also see the “Program of the week” picture of the top two affiliates from which affiliates have made most of the money this week on their website.

ShareASale Review

After this, there is a dashboard that shows top merchants which you have decided to promote and you can understand what amount of commission you have made from each of the affiliates and you can also directly click on the get links button to get your affiliate link to promote.

ShareASale Review

And on the dashboard, you will be see Trending Merchants on ShareASale with the category to which they belong to. You can join those merchants and start promoting their products once you get approval for it.

You can also see the recent transaction tab and the total number of clicks being made on the affiliate links which you are promoting. On the dashboard, you also see if there is any update on the links which you promoting and it should be updated to get the commission from it.

And in the last tab of the dashboard, you can see the offline merchants which you followed but now they stopped their affiliate program, maybe because they do not want any more new users or they are out of budget to give money to their affiliates.

ShareASale Review

Searching for the Merchants to Promote

Finding Merchant was a easy process for me on its website. All you need to go the upper left menu which says “Merchants”, hover over that then you can see the options such as search for merchants, merchant status, datafeed merchants, coupons and deals, black friday and cyber monday deals, merchant invitation etc.

Select search for merchants button on the menu to begin with searching any merchants you want to follow. After you have selected that, trending merchants on ShareASale website was displayed.

Their Modify search option provided a really good option if you are thinking to filter out some time while searching for promoting the merchants. As in this case, we thought of promoting merchants which were paying for “pay per lead”.

Creating Affiliate Links ShareASale Review

Similarly, there are other options are as well which are pay per sale, which means you will get paid upon a successful sale made, after that, there is a flat rate that pays you for per sale made only.

It also provides a search capability to search using the keyword for which your website is targeting. This helps you narrowing down the merchants which you would be thinking to promote. So, we have selected a merchant to promote.

After selecting the merchanting to promote, it take you to the merchant page and gives all the information related to commission, its terms and condition and all other information required.

Once you have selected the join program for any merchants, it will take you to apply to the program where you need to agree to the terms and conditions. And then write about the promotional strategies you are going to use to promote the product.

Creating Affiliate Links ShareASale Review

Creating Affiliate Links

Now you have decided on the merchants and joined their program, got approval. What next? you need to create the affiliate link which you can stuff in your website to get affiliate commission out of it.

Affiliate links can be of different types, first one is HTML Link which is text-based, another one is banner based where you can see the image of the product with the link on it.

image 19

Then all you need to select is “Get Links” button as displayed in below screen.

Creating Affiliate Links ShareASale Review

Below this link button, you will be able to find the additional ways to promote products and merchant’s bookmarklets, custom link tools, and other stuff such as explore make-a-page and product showcase.

Creating Affiliate Links ShareASale Review

Payment Information

Getting paid from ShareASale would be the most important factor for you right. Well payments on ShareASale website are pretty much streamlined. Once you reach the minimum payment threshold limit of $50 then you can ask for payments.

Though payment will be automatically made to you via PayPal or whatever payment method you have selected on the payment setting page. But unless you reach $50 payment threshold you will not receive any payment from ShareASale.

Creating Affiliate Links ShareASale Review

It should not take more than two weeks for your payment to arrive at whatever method you select. And you can also change the Payment trigger as displayed in the image from $50 to anywhere between $1000.

Pros of ShareASale

Let discuss what are the various pros of being an affiliate of ShareASale.

  • Very Easy approval for new users. They instantly approved most of the users.
  • They are a wide variety of merchants in almost any niche you know and can find something to promote
  • Merchants approval are also easy to take for most of them with Auto Approval options
  • Payments are streamlined and are done monthly without any delay.
  • They are now part of Awin Corporation which means they will be more accessible and will grow bigger.

Cons of ShareASale

Now Lets discuss the cons of ShareASale for being affiliate.

  • Payment is streamlined but a little painful for people who do not reside in the US.
  • Customer Service is almost non-existence if you went through some problem you will hardly get any solutions from them.
  • Still, they are not as big as ClickBank and Rakuten.
  • Most of the merchants present on their website are not well-established ones.
  • A little outdated dashboard in terms of technology we have today.


That all for the ShareASale review. Overall I think if you are a beginner or someone who has just started with affiliate marketing then you should join this program. As its easy and simple to promote various merchants available on their website.

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Payment structure and commission are also very placed keeping in mind that you are new to this affiliate program. You will also, receive in your email various tips and strategies you can use to promote the merchants.

And once you reach a point where you are getting more than 100k traffic on your website or social media pages then you can join the bigger players such as Click Bank, Rakuten, Amazon to make a pretty decent amount of earning from them.

Also, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Let us know if you have any comments or queries in the comment section we will be happy to help.

If you want to read more about why only ShareASale in beginning then read it here.

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