Sitechecker Pro Review: Should be used for Traffic Increase?

Are you looking for something which will help you understand your website SEO better? If Yes then today we are going to discuss a similar product and we will be reviewing it.

Sitechecker Pro is a Search Engine optimization-related website that basically helps you to grow your website traffic based on the statics and data provided by there tools that they offer on their website.

Sitechecker also provides a few of its features for free to use for their users such as you can get an on-page SEO score for any post or URL of the website.

Sitechecker upon giving the website to check for SEO does the analysis for 150 pages only as part of the free plan.

And gives you detailed insight about the website on what you need to update and what corrections are required in order to get your website ranked correctly on Google, Bing, and other search engine website.

technical seo audit

Sitechecker Pro Features

Let’s discuss the features which Sitechecker pro provides and should you use these features or subscribe to these features in order to increase the traffic.

Also, we will be answering the question does this actually increases your website traffic. Hence without wasting much time let start.

1. On Page SEO Checker

On-Page SEO Checker is a tool that checks your titles, descriptions, H1 to H6 tags, size of the page of your website. It also provides the HTTP status codes of the pages, their size, URL Friendliness, provides Google SERP data for your URL, information about filling of a meta title, description, and H1 tags.

technical seo audit

This information provided by Sitechecker is the important features or data required to know the quality of the website and what on-page optimization you should do in order to rank better on search engines.

It will also be shown to you the images posted on your website without title or alt attributes. Note that alt attributes are a very important factor to be included in the website post of images for the keywords to which you want to rank.

As images with better quality with small size and correct alt tags will improve and maintain the high speed, which will also increase the traffic of your website.

seo sitechecker

Find the errors in the technical search engine optimization of your website. If you are a newbie then finding error in a technical SEO is difficult and this is the most popular errors made on the websites.

Mistakes such as in robot.txt and 404 pages, pagination and canonical URLs, hreflang tags and 301 redirects, HTTPS vs HTTP, and www vs non-www versions can badly impact your SEO.

Hence Sitechecker provides unique data and a single place to fix all these issues using their tools which is great.

Scan the entire website and improve your overall website performance. Internal, external links and anchor text on your website also play a vital role in improving your SEO.

Hence Sitechecker provides a unique feature to get all the internal, external links and anchor text with status code scanned on one go from your website in one go.

So that you are correct the broken links and make the necessary changes according to your link-building strategy. Sitechecker will provide you with all the suggestions required to fix such an error which is a great feature to have.

The last one is the Google score for usability and speed on desktop, mobile versions of your website.

Sitechecker will provide the Google Page Speed test and will also provide exhaustive information about the quality of the page in one window.

Check the recommendations provided by them to make your website mobile-friendly and bring each page to an ideal look both for the users and for the search engines.

2. Website SEO Report

The second feature or you can say tool which is provided by Sitechecker is Website SEO Report.

Sitechecker will scan all the pages available on your website and create a report as shown in the below image.

With a variety of things by informing you what are you doing right in terms of SEO on your website and what are improvements required on your website.

I will discuss some of the important features in the next para which really help in understanding the problems on your website and correct them.

sitechecker title tag count

Test the speed of the website. Sitechecker will let you know what is slowing down your website so you should start with the “Test my Site” feature.

Sitechecker will conduct an audit for each URL and then provides you with the guides to find the files, codes, or images to be optimized aiming to increase the speed.

Since the last update from Google, the Speed of any website will now play an important factor in ranking Google Search pages. Hence maintaining a high-speed score for your website is a must and it’s a good feature that is provided by Sitechecker in one place.

broken links checker sitechecker

Make an audit of internal page rank. Sitechecker will analyze the weight of each page and let you know which are the internal links that are currently irrelevant.

As irrelevant internal links also do not make the SEO of the web page look good. Hence removing the irrelevant internal links are good to practice to improve your SEO rankings.

SEO Testing of URLs for your website. With a Sitechecker scan of your website, you can find URLs by types of technical errors or text. Sitechecker will detect it for you and let you improve those errors on your website.

As you can see in the above images where Sitechecker has provided various technical errors for the website URLs to fix so that you can improve your website.

technical seo audit

Visualize the structure of your website. You can build your website tree with the help of Sitechecker special tool for visualization.

The Structure of your website depends upon the structure of the internal links. With the help of this tool available on Sitechecker, you can make changes in the structure of the internal links to increase the ranking of your website.

Sitechecker Pro Review

Send crawl report to your vendor easily using Sitechecker. You can share the crawl report with your clients, contractors, and subordinates if you are an SEO guy to remove technical errors.

You can provide them access to the link where you store the crawl report. You can use email to send the report as well. And start the re-crawling process again once your clients have fixed the errors.

Sitechecker Review

3. Website SEO Monitoring

This is the most important feature of Sitechecker which is available to pro or premium members only.

And I think if you want to increase your website traffic by removing all the technical and other errors so that you can increase your traffic substantially then I would recommend you to subscribe to the Sitechecker Pro now.

I think you can try it for $29 for a one-month starter pack and if you think it’s not worth it or not useful to you can stop using the service.

Sitechecker Review

Check indexing issues on key landing pages. If you are having Landing Pages on your website then you know that it is a classified level of importance.

Most of the landing pages are important and if your landing pages are not getting indexed properly then that can lead to sales declines or your income can go drastically down.

So, Sitechecker will keep on monitoring your landing pages and you will get an immediate email notification in case your page is not indexed in the meta tags or robots.txt or there is a change in HTTP status code.

technical seo audit

Track the changes in content strategies of your competitors by monitoring their URLs also. You can track the changes in content strategy and events by using URLs to assess the history of the website and evaluate chosen content strategy. It’s important to monitor the content strategies of your website to get new ideas.

Sitechecker Pro Review

If you are working in a team and there are other members on your team who make changes to your website then Sitechecker can show you the evaluation of other people’s activities on your website.

A proper dashboard is provided by Sitechecker to check the dashboard and let you know which of your team members did what.

Sitechecker will also help in monitoring any unwanted website accessibility and prevent hackers attack on your website.

A great number of websites are hacked every day. According to a report of Sophos security threat, more than 30,000 websites are attacked every day as of 2020.

Hence Sitechecker will take care of the malware and suspicious redirecting links in the early stage of your website.

Sitechecker Pro Review

Compare the changes in pages to changes in SERP ranking. Using the Sitechecker tool you will be able to get the SERP changes made on your website.

Which will help you understand the changes made by you were having a positive or negative impact on the SEO.

By merging data from the report of Page Activity with the Google Search Console, you can define successful changes and whether they receive enough clicks in SERP.

Pros of SiteChecker Pro

Let’s discuss what are the pros of signing up for it in following bullet points.

  • It provides the most important on-page SEO error, which is limiting your website ranking.
  • It has a very intuitive UI.
  • It also provides a comparison of on-page SEO with other great tools such as ahrefs.
  • Provide page speed data for each URL in real-time.
  • Provide and detect duplicate content on your website which is affecting your SEO.
  • Issues related to Meta tags are provided in detail, as duplicate meta tags as well affect the website traffic.
  • Provides device data access related to your website. How it is performing on different devices is also very helpful.
  • Provides information related to Broken links and finds how to redirect those.
  • Great customer care support.

Cons of SiteChecker Pro

Now it’s time to discuss what is the thing we didn’t like about this website and how their competitor is doing a better job than them.

  • Website and post ranking is not accurately provided.
  • There was an error sometimes when crawling the Joomla-related website we tested.
  • Sometimes if the website is entered as “HTTP” instead of “HTTPS” then it not able to identify the website.
  • Some of the backlinks data were missing.
  • There are various tools that do the same work for Free.


Sitechecker Pro provides decent tools to improve the on-page SEO of your website at a reasonable price point.

It’s really easy to use and guides on the website are provided in detail to make you understand what each tool does.

Also, detailed errors and what improvements are required on your website are provided. Also, their world-class monitoring service is really good with that in mind they also have great support which is quick and 24/7 if you go into any problem with their service.

There are some areas it lags to provide proper information such as niche-related information but these are been overlooked.

And if you are an SEO expert or want to become and provide very good service to your clients then you can use its feature to tell your clients within seconds what improvements they need to do on their website in order to improve their website ranking and traffic.

Finally, I would tell that you should subscribe to the Sitechecker Pro if you are running more than one website and you do not have a big team of people handling different sectors of your website.

But if you are someone who does not have a large website and you are just running few small sites, all the SEO check Sitechecker does can be done for free using various other free tools.

If you want to go with the free SEO checker tool for your website then we recommend using Ahrefs. Ahrefs is a great SEO checker tool for on-page and off-page SEO

Haven’t yet started a website and want to learn about how to start a blog for passive income read here. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to write in the comment section.

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